Look and Learn Task

– Describe what is happening in the image.
– Why do you think this surfer is doing this?
– Describe the dangers of surfing in a place like this.


6 thoughts on “Look and Learn Task

  1. In this image the surfer is jumping off a huge cliff into the ocean.I don’t think the surfer is real it looks fake to me it looks like they just put him/her there,But if it is real I think he’s doing it because he doesn’t want to waste a second of his life maybe he wants to do the impossible.He could hurt himself just jumping off because he doesn’t know what’s down there,He could fall the wrong way,there could be a shark or something that kills hurts you.It looks like it is edited because it’s meant to be stormy and it’s looks sunny.and where you see the surfer is the cloud but the cloud is going into the water so what is it?

  2. In this photo the man is jumping off the cliff because he wants to go surfing through the river. He is trying to avoid the big wave that’s splashing and smashing over the cliff. It is dangerous because he might hit the side of the cliff.

  3. In this photo the man’s jumping in to the water trying to avoid the smashing / splashing wave by jumping off the cliff. The dangers of surfing in a river / creek is that you can kill yourself or Parana’s can eat your body.

  4. The image is about a surfer jumping of a huge cliff into the ocean to surf a giant wave. I believe that the surfer is doing hat to attempt to break a world record for highest jump into a wave. The dangers of jumping off a cliff into the ocean are falling and hitting the rock side of a cliff, falling to deep and drowning or land badly and get injured.

  5. This is an unusual image because the person is jumping into waves what happens if there are rocks on the bottom and he jumps onto then this looks like he is trying to spier something like a fish or ssomething

  6. The thing that is happening in this picture is a guy is jumping off a cliff.
    I think that the person is jumping off the cliff for a charity or just for fun.
    The dangers that could happen to this person is they could die or if they are lucky they could brake a bone.

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