Below is a link to our kidblog page, where you will be posting lots of your work for this term’s inquiry project.


Today’s Expectations

– Complete mind maps (draft and published copies) – Post to kid blog.

– Complete your inquiry question and after a conference with Mr A, post it to kid blog.

– Complete a Venn diagram, you may choose a to use a program such as Kidspiration. Your Venn diagram will be based on comparing your city with a city or town in Australia.

– Individually, unpack a seed on question by researching. Take a photo when you have finished and post it to kid blog.

– If time, you will be able to post your pics (saved from last week) onto the kid blog.


– What have you learnt about structures in your chosen country and Australia?

– What have you learnt about your country?

– What have your group achieved?

– What could you and your group improve?