13 thoughts on “Remembrance Day

  1. Why do we have Remembrance Day?
    We have Remembrance day to remember people that fought in the wars, to celebrate the moments that they had and to remember how they sacrifice their life so others could live with freedom. People went to war so they could protect their country and freedom.
    By Thalia

  2. Remembrance Day is a day to celebrate all of the woman and men that fought\died to save their own countries. It is on the 11 of November, because that’s when the World War I ended. Our country was one of the country’s that sacrificed ourselves to save the country from getting ruled by Japan. It was very small, until some other countries wanted to help, and join, until it became a huge war around the war around the world. The war was so terrible that everyone thought that another one wouldn’t ever occur, which is why it used to be called the ‘Great War’. Today, people have a big parade to celebrate everybody that fought\died, and we all have a minute of silence to think about everyone that dies! and all the experiences that they had.

  3. We have Remembrance Day because it’s to celebrate the brave war people for sacrifice their life’s to save their country and other peoples life’s and we also celebrate Remembrance Day because the people who fought for our country made peace for everyone and we respect all the people that fought and lived or died (R.I.P).

    Author: Shani

  4. I think we have remembrance day because to remember the the people that fought in the war to claim our country and so we could live in freedom and so that no one can take our country away from us.

  5. We have remembrance day on the 11th of November every year. Every year on the 11th of the 11th at 11 O’clock we have a minute of silence to show our respects to the people that died in world war 1 and world war 2. In the First World War 60,000 Australian died. At that time Australia had only 5 million people as a total population. Millions of people died fighting for there country and their allays country’s.

  6. Remembrance is a day that when we thinking about the people’s who served the country in times of war. Many peoples in Australians stop what they are doing at exactly 11am in their local times on November 11 each year to dedicate a minute of silence for remembering peoples that die for a war around the world.

  7. We have Remembrance Day because it celebrates the people who died in the war and people who helped us and now it is celebrated on the 11/11 every year and we have one minute of silence of those that died for our country, they will never be forget’ n and they have made our world a better place.

  8. Why do we celebrate Remembrance Day?

    We celebrate Remembrance Day because the war was a small war that began with Germany, Hungry and Turkey invading Serbia but it was just a small war between them. Later on through the year the world started to interact with the two teams. The war grew through flinders field in Europe which created the war poppy. In 1965 on the 11th of November at 11am and finally it was over.

  9. Why do we have Remembrance Day?
    We have remembrance day is for all of the people who was fighting for freedom on the 11/11/18.Some people have forgotten them who have fight tern and Remembrance Day is also because we have know got the freedom back.they where always being far but the japan people wasn’t and they where declaring war and then America got in involved and then they got a boom and then they unleashed the boom in Australia and then they declared war and then they did this contracted saying that they have to stop the war and then they did the war again 2 decades later the war started again and then it all happened again.

  10. Rememberance day is about all the Australian people that sacrificed their lives to defend Australia so that other countries couldn’t get their unfair ways. When World war 1 finished it was the war that was supposed to end all wars but it didn’t because decades later Adolf Hitler commences war and starts another world war.

  11. Why do we have Remembrance Day?
    We have remembrance day is for all of the people who was fighting for our freedom on the 11/11/18. It was called the world war, 2 decades after they wanted to have war again most countries where defending there boarders not letting any one in to there country it was also the war against Germany and someone else who had Hitler in there war.

  12. What is the meaning of remembrance day? I believe that we have remembrance day to honor the people who fought in the war to protect our country and our rights of freedom. They fight to protect us from people who would abuse us. They also fight to stop other countries from changing the way we live.

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