Writers’ Gift

We are quickly coming towards the end of the year, which means we need to start preparing our writers’ gift.

Inside your writers’ gift you will need to include:

– At least 20 structured and engaging pieces of published writing.

– A minimum of 3 published reading responses, which will include the title, author and SL1S.

– 2 published science reports.

– Published maths investigations such as the measuring water investigation.

– Quality blog comments such as the look and learns we have completed this year (ensure you include a heading, read through your work so it is understandable and you may include a picture from the blog).

Every student will also need to post their best two pieces of writing for the year under this post. Think carefully about what makes a good piece of writing (structured genres, descriptive language, engages readers).

29 thoughts on “Writers’ Gift

  1. Ned Kelly
    Ned Kelly was a famous bushranger because he killed three police man and robbed banks and he was a horse stealer and a criminal. He was a bad person and he was a hero because he saved a 7 year old from downing criminal when he was eleven years old.
    Ned’s father John was transported in 1841 for seven years for the crime of stealing two pigs. Apparently he had also been involved in the theft of seven cows.
    Ned’s mother was Ellen Quinn, who was married in 1850 in Melbourne. She ended up having a total of 12 children.
    Ned Kelly was born as Edward Kelly in June 1855 in Beveridge, Victoria.
    Ned was arrested for highway robbery, theft and drunkenness.
    Ned and his gang were also in trouble for holding up a bank in Jerilderie. They were involved in a shootout at Stringybark creek. Three policemen were killed there on October 1878 by the Ned and the gang.
    Ned Kelly was at Glenrowan Hotel surrounded by police .Ned was wounded in the leg on the 27th June 1880 with the rest of the gang killed.
    Ned Kelly was hanged at the Old Melbourne Gaol on Nov 11-1880
    He was only 25 years old
    Author: Jamie

  2. Louis Tomlinson

    Louis was born on December 24th 1991 in Doncaster, South Yorkshire England. As a teen he acted and sang On the X-factor in 2010, the judges teamed him up with four other contestants to form One Direction.

    Birth Information: Louis Tomlinson was born in Doncaster England on December the 24 1991. His mother is Johannah Poulston and his father was Troy Austin. When Louis was young his parents got divorced then his mother got together with Mark Tomlinson. Louis was too disappointed in his father to even carry his name so Louis changed his name from Louis Austin too Louis Tomlinson.

    X-factor life: When Louis performed on the X-factor, he stunned the judges by playing “Hey There Delilah” by the Plain whites T’s. When he finished his song the judges gave him four “yeses”. After he finished his second audition the judges thought “we can’t waste his talent” so they decided to put him in a group with four other competitors Niall, Zayn, Liam and Harry which invented One Direction.

    One Direction life: Louis has enjoyed his world wide success as a part of one direction. There first song was “What Makes You Beautiful which was realised in September 2011. In the United Kingdom it became a no.1 Global hit. Their first album is “Up all Night” which was realists successfully in 16 countries.
    Accomplishments: One Direction has won hundreds of awards during their time like Harry won the award as the best choice male hottie. They were also announced for the choice song awards which are “Live while Were Young” and Louis won the best choice smile. One Direction has also been nominated as the song of the summer “Best Song Ever” and it was nominated as the best song ever to most people.

    In the future Louis Tomlinson wants to be a real life actor because when he was in school he played a brilliant role in Grease. The school decided the theme for the play. Louis Tomlinson and One Direction were able to pull off a documentary called “This is us “In their movie.

    Author: Brittney


    Katy Perry is a world famous singer that writes songs and performs concerts all around the world.

    Katy Perry’s real name is Katheren Elizabeth Hudson, she was born on October 25th 1984 in California and she is a middle child in her family. She has an older sister and a younger brother and she was raised by a deeply religious family.

    Katy Perry’s first experience of performing was singing in her parent’s church. She started singing lessons at the age of 9 and learnt guitar at the age of 13. Her passion for music grew stronger and at the age of 15 Katy began visiting Nashville gaining experience of being a song writer and recording demos.

    She signed a Christian record label to Red Hill and recorded an album under her birth name Katheren Elizabeth Hudson the album was not a success. At the age of 17 she moved to Los Angeles and collaborated with producer Glen Ballard, but was not able to secure a lasting record deal. Katy sign to Columbia record in 2004, but she was dropped.

    An executive at Columbia recommended Katy to the chairman of virgin records, Jason Flom which resulted in her singing for capitol Music Group. Her second recorded album was “One Boys” and in spring 2008 she released the lead single “I Kissed a Girl”. The song proved a smash hitting the number one slot in several countries. Her other hit singles followed and albums were a success. Katy Perry was now a pop superstar and she stayed in her position with the release of her next album “Teenage Dream” which spawned more huge hits including “California Girls” and “Fire Works”. Many awards and music industry records followed and in 2012 Katy Perry made a move into movies, releasing the film Katy Perry: Part of Me (2012).

    Katy Perry’s most popular songs are California girls, circle the drain, dark horse, I do not hook up, I kissed a girl, last Friday night (T.G.I.F), not like the movies, the one that got away, part of me, peacock, pearl, Roar, rock god, teenage dream, waking up in Vegas, walking on air, who am I living for? And wide awake.

    In the future Katy Perry wants a baby and a family but she is still going to carry on with the rest of her career of singing songs and writing songs until she can no longer sing anymore.
    Author: Shani

  4. Don’t Enter The Tunnel
    Yesterday, as I was wandering through the extremely stunning forest collecting apples for my amazingly handsome father so he could make his delightful apple pie. All of a sudden I spotted someone walking into a tunnel with a cart filled with what looked like frightening and ferocious EXPLOSIVES! I decided to hide and spy on this unidentified person, as I was thinking who the mysterious person was when I heard something. I thought to myself I think it’s a TRAIN! As the gargantuan train entered the dangerous tunnel I think to myself everyone in the enormous train is doomed forever.
    By: Reece W

  5. Ned Kelly
    Why is this person important?
    Ned is important because he saved a seven year old boy from drowning in a river. Ned is also important because he was a bushranger . Ned is also known for his life story.
    Ned birth and Siblings
    Ned was born in Beveridge the date is June 1875 Ned’s fathers name is John Kelly and his mother’s name is Ellen Kelly. Ned has 2 brothers James and Dan Kelly he also has 5 sisters.
    Ned’s important events.
    Ned killed 3 police men in a gun shootout . The Kelly Gang was planning on taking over a train. The police found out and stopped them. Ned and the gang got caught 1 gang member got shot. The other 2 gout shot and burnt. Ned got hung at the Old Melbourne Gaol.
    What were Ned’s accomplishments?
    Ned’s accomplishments were being a bush ranger. When Ned was a 11he saved a 7 year old boy from drowning in a river. Ned was also a ring barker he sold cattle to. After that has was a sheerer.
    Some more of Ned accomplishments.
    The Kelly Gang.
    The Kelly Gang was made up of Ned and Dan Kelly, Steve Hart and Joe Byrne. Joe Byrne was clever every time the Kelly Gang had plans Joe wrote them down. When Steve joined that gang in 1878 he felt like his life was cut short, he was right 2 years later he was dead.
    Personal information
    By the Kelly Gang
    McIntyre, Scanlon and Lonigan they were all tough men. They were all Irish to Thomson Lonigan was well known to Ned Kelly. One day they had a fight out -side of Benalla Court House. Ned swore one day he was going to kill Lonigan. In the police hunt that followed 3 police men died and one survived. In the early days the Gang lived in a hut near Mansfield. They spent their time planning for gold.
    Murder at stringy bark creek.
    On the 25th October 1878, 4 police man Sergeant Kennedy and Constables Scanlon, Lonigan and McIntyre, camped on the banks of Stringybark Creek, waiting for Ned and the crew. There hut was, less than a mile away from the bank. Late that afternoon, McIntyre shot at a kangaroo which was near the camp. The shot ranged through the hills to the Kelly camp which prompted Ned to send Dan to investigate. On his return, Dan reported that there were four troopers wearing civilian clothes, and they were heavily armed. An hour later that crew showed up and the shoot-out happened Ned and the gang hid behind trees Ned shot first because he thought the police were going shoot he shot one police man dead he shot 4 bullet and killed another police man dead and then he shot Lonigan in armpit Ned heard him scream Ned walked over and put him out of his pain.
    The long drop
    On the 11th of November out-side of the Old Melbourne Gaol thousands of people wept they were waiting to hear that the famous bushranger Ned Kelly was dead. Judge Barry had sentenced Ned to hang. He had just been found guilty of murder inside of prison. Ned had spent relentless he had said good bye to his sisters and brothers. Early in the morning Ned saw his priest. Slowly Ned made his way to the gallows a man walk over and put a white cap on Ned’s head Ned went through the prison garden he said how lovely. Ned walked back inside of the Gaol and the rope went around his head the hangmen pulled the lever and the rope jerked then the famous bushranger Ned Kelly was dead.

  6. Hawaiian Volcanoes
    The Hawaiian volcanoes are the most active volcanoes in the Ring of Fire. The Ring of Fire is made up of all the volcanoes on the Island circling the Pacific Ocean.
    1500 volcanoes are classified as active in the world. 90% of the volcanoes rest in the Ring of Fire, a band circling the Pacific Ocean. A few hundred years a go scientists believe that volcanoes were burning mountains of fire but they are hot interiors of the earth.
    The location of volcanoes is no accident. When the countries or continents move often volcanoes are formed. Volcanoes are made by friction of the moving plates melting the earth’s crust coursing the rock beneath the crust to liquefy the magma then form it into a volcano.
    50 to 70 volcanoes erupt every year. We only hear about them if it impact human lives. Volcanoes are not all bad. The gas that volcanoes make is good for crops and any other plantations because the gas makes better soil and helps the plant grow faster and healthier. Volcanoes make more land because its gas helps the soil grow which makes more land.
    Volcanoes can be very deadly. Some volcanoes gas is so hot that it kills everything in its path. The good thing is that hot sticky lava doesn’t travel as far but it releases a steam call compulsive steam. The steam the n shoots out hot lava and ash over 7 km out into the air. The youngest volcano is in the Ring of Fire. It’s called Kilauea; it’s located in Hawaii on the southern part of the Island but it’s the most active on the Island.
    The Dangers of volcanoes includes the laver can kill people or seriously bourn burning. The ash and the dust can cause breathing problems and it stays in the air for a long time. Volcanoes also give out poisonous gases. The Kilauea gives off 2000 pounds, the same weight of a car.
    Volcanoes are good and bad. It’s good because the gas is good for the soil. It helps it grow and make more land and it helps crops grow faster and healthier. The bad thing about volcanoes is that some volcanoes gas is so hot it kills everything in its path and the gas is toxic. It courses breathing problems and other illness. The lava is dangerous as well.
    Author: Guguei 5/6A.

  7. Ned Kelly is a very famous, talked about bushranger, from the 1870’s. He is famous for all the bank robberies he took part in as well as him murdering three police men, with his gang, called the “Kelly Gang”. He was the eldest of his 7 siblings. He was born June, 1855, in Beverage, Victoria.
    Ned Kelly’s family were wild rednecks. They gave birth to Ned on June 1854/1855 (depending on which story you hear) in Beverage Victoria. His mother was Ellen Quinn Kelly, and his father was John (Red) Kelly. He had 7 brothers and sisters which were Dan Kelly, Anne Kelly Gunn, Mary Jane Kelly, Grace Kelly, Kate Kelly, Margaret Kelly Skillion and James Kelly. This leaves him with five sisters and two brothers.
    When Ned Kelly was between the ages of 5-11, he went to a school called “Avenal”. But at the age of 11, Ned Kelly’s father died, leaving his family poorer, so he had to leave school. A year later, he saw a seven year old boy called “Richard Shelton” falling into a powerful creek beside the Kelly house. Edward (Ned) immediately jumped in to save him. After saving Richard, Richard’s parents gave him a special green silk sash as an award for his bravery. Ned then lived three years doing honest hard work.
    In 1869, when Ned was 14, he assaulted a Chinese pig farmer. He was also reported for stealing the pigs. Ned Kelly spent two weeks in custody. Two years later, as his criminal life went on; he was arrested again, for assault. But this time, he rode a stolen horse, which he didn’t know was stolen. He had an argument with a police man, and got sent to jail for 3 years.
    When released, in 1879, Ned Kelly went out hiding with his gang, for being accused for assaulting a police officer. The police got a notification that the Kelly Gang were hiding somewhere out in the Wombat Ranges. So, in order to find them, the police organised two groups of four armed men to go in different directions and find them. On the 25th of October, late that afternoon, a police sent a kangaroo to look for the gang. Ned saw the kangaroo go past and thought something was suspicious, so he sent his brother, Dan to go look at what’s happening. Dan came back, saying that there were heavy armed men, wearing civilian clothes. After a while of searching, the police found them. The gang shot three police, and continued to hide out in the Wombat Ranges.
    On December 1878, Ned Kelly and his gang did a hold up in Euroa. Before robbing the bank, Joe Byrne (one of the gang members) forced all customers to go in the store room, while the rest prepared to rob the bank. They changed their clothes, so that there was no suspicion. They forced the manager to open the safe, leaving them with 2414 pounds.
    On Sunday, 8th of February 1879, the Kelly Gang went to N.S.W, but this time, for the Jerilderie robbery. The first thing they did was lock the police in their own gaol, so no one knew it was going to happen. Later on, the gang stole the police’s uniform, so they were undercover, and got prepared for the robbery. Starting on Sunday, Constable Richards, Ned and Joe introduced themselves to Mr Cox. While this was happening, the gang were robbing the bank of N.S.W and stole 2441 pounds.
    Before the last showdown, Ned wanted to kill Aaron Sherrit, who was a great friend until he turned on him. They killed him on June 26, 1880 while the police were under the bed the whole time. The gang then quickly headed off to Glenrowan for their “last stand”. The gang had a friend that helped them flag down a whole train. The gang were outside a bar, loaded with Ned Kelly’s famous titanium armour. Ned was wearing the green sash that Richard Shelton’s family gave him, and wore it for good luck. As the fight went on, Ned was badly wounded, and bleeding. Joe got shot, as he was drinking a shot of whiskey, while the rest of the gang members died side by side, as they were shot. Ned was still alive, but got shot in both legs, he couldn’t move, and the police took his armour off, and found 28 bullets in his body. This battle lasted for 12 ½ hours.
    On October 28, 1880, Ned was taken to the Old Melbourne Gaol. Before he was hung, he was in the mini hospital beside the Gaol to recover from the 28 bullets inside his body. He didn’t really have a cell because he spent most of his time in the hospital. On November 11, 1880, he was sentenced to death, and got hanged.
    Some people believed he was a hero for his bravery, but most say he was a villain for his robberies and crimes he committed. His last words were “such is life” but others believe it was “Ah well, I suppose it has all come to this”.
    By Jay

  8. Have you seen the amazing graffiti in Melbourne? I believe that graffiti should be allowed every
    If you’re doing graffiti you have to be creative and know how to do it like a 3D picture you have to know where to put the shady parts, dark part, light parts and everything else and it makes the place where you are going to a better place instead of a dark alley way it will be filled with art.
    When I do art I think of something that is unique like something that nobody has done in the world like my name, it’s German so I might do it in German letter if I know German or other to make it Unique, or the owner of the place face on the wall just make it unique.
    If you are doing graffiti you have to get a permit and then after that you could ask someone if you can graffiti whatever they want to do but nothing offence on their wall or fence and then if they allow you then do what you do with your graffiti but if they say no then just walk away and look at another place.
    I strongly believe that graffiti should allow in any place because it describes the emotion.

  9. The bush fire
    How could this bushfire start: People might have done it deliberately so the forest grows into a secondary forest. It might have been too hot and the warmness of the sun might have made the sunlight go through a piece of glass which formed a flame. A lightning storm could have hit the piece forest and a lightning strike could of hit the ground making it spark form the lightning Bolt. What damage could the bushfire do to the environment: It could have killed a few animals and harm them but if it was on purpose the people would have known that the animal could survive the fire. If the forest was a primary forest it could survive and grow into a fully grown forest so new animals can go and adapted in their new habitat. How could the bushfire affect people: This bush fire would have affected the people that live in the country or nearby that forest. It also could have affected a town nearby because the flame could of spread across the forest to the town. Could the fire help the forest: It can because the forest can thrive if it was a certain type of forest it blows out the flames making it become a secondary forest , the forest will slowly grow flowers, mini trees, pine cone trees and then it becomes a becomes a secondary forest.
    Author: Brittney

  10. Kevin Durant
    Kevin Wayne Durant, 1 of 4 children to Wanda and Wayne Pratt, is a professional NBA player representing the Oklahoma City Thunder as a small forward wearing number 35 and earning about 17.83 million dollars a year. He wears the number 35 in honour of his AAU coach and child mentor Charles Craig who was sadly murdered at the age of 35.
    Kevin was born on September 29, 1988 in Suitland, Maryland just outside Washington D.C,, but just before his first birthday his father left his family but returned about 13 years later. Wanda and Wayne both worked for the government. As a child growing up, Kevin was always the tallest kid in class, and extremely self-conscious about his height. His mother asked to put him at the end of lines so he wouldn’t stand out so much. His grandmother, Barbara consoled him, constantly telling him his height was a blessing, and she was right. He now stands 6’9 foot tall with an incredible arm span of 7’1 feet.
    Kevin and his older brother Tony participated in a wide range of after-school sports at the local boys and girls club. Despite their incredibly strong relationship, they never played on the same team. Tony transferred to St John’s Military school in Salina Kansas.
    Kevin was and outstanding young basketball player. His first taste of serious competition came as a member of the Prince George Jaguars; the Jaguars won 2 national championships with Kevin in their uniform. His first championship came at the age of 11, when he scored 18 points in the second half of the final. He was so proud after the game that he told his mother he wanted to play in the NBA. That was his ambition in life, and a few years later, he turned it into an achievement.
    He was selected 2nd overall draft pick of the 2007 NBA draft to the Seattle Supersonics. Kevin was healthy for the NBA opener of the 2007-08 season. He scored 18 points in a loss against the Denver Nuggets. Only a few weeks later he hit his first game-winning shot of his pro career, a 3-point bomb against the Atlanta Hawks in a double-overtime.
    Kevin’s offensive game fit the NBA perfectly. He was a nightmare match-up for most players and his ability to score from anywhere on the floor opened opportunities and space for his teammates. His final averages as a rookie were 20.3 points and 4.4 rebounds a game. He was also awarded a once in a life time chance award, the ‘Rookie Of The Year Award’. Kevin’s major improvements were at the defensive end of his game. Bigger stronger players overpowered him near the basket, while smaller, faster players could drive straight past him. He learned to use his length, quickness and nose for the ball as his advantages. Kevin definitely had the skill to improve defensively.
    The Sonics only won 20 games in the 2007-08 season, but it wasn’t only losing that made the headlines. Seattle owner Clay Bennett lobbied unsuccessfully for a new arena. After some legal wrangling, he made a deal to move the club to his hometown of Oklahoma City. In 2008 the team was given a new name… the ‘Thunder’! The club still struggled to win, but their talent began to show towards the end of the season. The Thunder improved from their previous years record by a handful of wins. Kevin averaged more than 25 points a game and increased his rebounding to about 7 each game. The Thunder began their season with experts saying they’re on the verge of something very special. Meeting those expectations were extremely important to everyone associated with the Thunder.
    In the early part of the season, the players held their end on the expectations by playing great solid basketball. Oklahoma City had decided to build around its core. No major players were added through the free agency or trades. That decision began to look smart at the second half of the year. A nine-game winning streak boosted the thunder to a potential 50-win territory; they eventually hit that number, making the playoffs in the process. Kevin soon found himself named “the NBA’s most dynamic young player, hitting huge, clutch, game-winning shots game after game creating hot streaks for his teammates. During times of crisis, Kevin had amazing confidence, he believed no one could stop him. He broke a 38 year old record of 6 consecutive games with 30 points or more.
    At the young age of 21, Kevin came 2nd to LeBron James in MVP honours; they were both selected to the All-NBA 1st team, also with Dwyane Wade, Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard. A month later he went to china as a promotional tour by Nike, in July he signed a 5 year contract with the Thunder. In August he was the main man for team USA in the FIBA world championship, helping the team to win their first gold medal since 1994.
    As the 2010-11 season opened, Kevin wanted to maintain his scoring title and coach Brooks did a great job coaching again. At the end of the season, Kevin and his trainer Justin Zormelo spent the whole time off beginning workouts each morning at 6:00 and sometimes finishing after dinner. Kevin entered the season in the best shape of his life.
    Finding and creating young talent in the NBA is hard, but there is little doubt Kevin is heading to be the best.

    By Zach

  11. Children should be playing sport
    Do you like to see your children full of joy? Don’t you like to see your children playing happily? I strongly believe that children should play sport. Children need to exercise and sport is the absolutely perfect way to do that.
    Firstly, children make lots of friends through sport. Don’t you love seeing your beloved children come home and they tell you that they made a new friend? I know my parents absolutely adore that. For example, Bailey from 5/6C came to my house and invited me over to play with him. I left at 12:00 and got back at 6:00. I was meant to be home at 5:00 but I was having so much fun I lost track of time. My mum asked me what took me so long to get home and I told them what a great time I had with Bailey, after I finished telling her she was happy and said to me “ I’m glad you made a new friend.”
    Secondly, sport is magnificent, every time I play sport I have extreme amount of fun. For example, research shows that 9 times out of 10 everyone has fun playing sport. The question is do you have fun?
    Thirdly, children love to compete, and they also love to win. For example, I love to win. But sport also gives children a chance to learn how to lose gracefully. I know for a fact because my soccer team one year lost 5 games in a row and the first 2 games my team was all sulky and angry, but eventually we learned how to lose graciously. We learned how to lose gracefully because we realised that we can’t win every single game we play in, so we try to make the best of it.
    When you are gracious when you lose you get a reputation for being nice when you lose. For example, when my team lost, we were gracious, and because we were gracious we got reputation of being polite when we lost. That year we were awarded the nicest team in the league medal.
    Sport gives children a massive chance to develop teamwork skills. I know because I used to play soccer and my team got extremely good because we worked together really well and we didn’t lose a game in that season. We only won because of our teamwork.
    Given a chance sport can help further develop children’s sportsmanship. For example, after every game of soccer (win or lose) we had to shake our oppositions hand. Sport helps develop sportsmanship because every time you shake someone’s hand when you win or lose most of the time you feel good about shaking your opponents hand and especially if they are nice to you about the game, and if you are nice to them back they can become your friend, and that gives you a good feeling about the game you just played.
    Sport gives children a chance to learn how to deal with humility. For example, when I was playing baseball my team lost an extremely close match against our rival who have beaten us every time we versed them. Most of the other team
    Finally, sport can be one of the only ways to get children active. Also being fit is important for health reasons. For example, most kids these days are fat and chubby, they don’t exercise or play sport, and they just lounge around all day. Take a good look at your children. Do you want your children looking like that? Do you want your children lounging around all day?
    In conclusion, I challenge you to persuade your children to play sport and keep fit, healthy and active, I challenge you to make your children happy, let them play sport, they need to learn how to win and lose gracefully sometime, give them a head start, give them a head start with social skills.
    Author: Logan Flynn of 5/6A

  12. HOLDEN
    Do you want to drive the best car in Australia? I think that all of the people should drive HOLDENS.
    You want to drive a HOLDEN because it has a magnificent engine and superior body.
    HOLDENS have magnificent parts and it has magnificent driving abilities.
    I drive a HOLDEN and it is the greatest car in the world.
    I think that all people should like the HOLDEN because it is a magnificent car. The greatest car in the world.
    By Jamie Johnston


    The Eiffel Tower was built in Paris France because it was an exposition in 1889 and also a celebration for the French. It was going to get pulled down after the exposition in 1891 but they didn’t because the people around the world loved the Eiffel Tower.

    In 1889 the Eiffel Tower was the tallest building ever built, it is 300 meters high and weighs 7,000 tonnes. The Montmartre Church was built at the same time the Eiffel Tower was built but it looks much older than the Eiffel Tower.

    Located on the Champ de Mars in Paris, France, the Eiffel Tower is one of the most well-known structures in the world and around 50 tonnes of paint are added to the Eiffel Tower every 7 years to protect it from rust.

    Millions of people climb the Eiffel Tower every year and it has had over 250 million visitors since its opening and The French name for the Eiffel Tower is La Tour Eiffel, it also has the nickname La dame de fer which means the iron lady.

    Being so popular, the Eiffel Tower design has been recreated around the world, including the half scale replica at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel in Nevada, USA and the full scale Tokyo Tower in Japan.
    Author: Shani

  14. The lonely troll.
    In the bright sunny morning when the beautiful birds were singing, I walked outside to see a giant hot air balloon! There was a crazy, weird man in front of it asking if anyone wanted to have a fabulous ride. So I walked up to the man and he says, “It’s 5 dollars!” So I pay the man 5 dollars and he takes me for a ride. I walked over to the edge. Looking down I was amazed to see a huge troll all alone crying. The strange man said,” We are going to land here.” I ignore him and still continue thinking about the hideous troll.
    Author: Loki

  15. Katy Perry
    Katy Perry is important because she is a famous singer that has released 6 albums and another is coming out soon. She is a worldwide famous singer.
    Birth Information:
    On October the 25th 1984 Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson (Katy Perry) was born in Santa Barbara California. She has an older sister Angela Hudson and a younger brother David Hudson.
    First experience of singing:
    Katy Perry’s first experience of singing was at church and her passion of singing grew at the age of 15. She began visiting Nashville and started to gain an understanding of song writing and recording demos.
    Becoming famous:
    Katy Perry became famous when she signed with Capitol in year 2007. Later that year released an album called “Ur So Gay” but still her career wasn’t didn’t take off until she released her next album “I Kissed a Girl”, which was flowed by Teenage Dreams which was released in August 2010.
    Katy Perry has had a role in smurfs 1 and 2 as Smurfette. She has had her song in Rust and Bone, The Ugly Truth and Madagascar 3. Katy Perry has her own movie called Katy Perry Part of Me.
    Hit Song:
    Katy Perry’s firework is her best song so far! Firework is about letting yourself be happy, letting you know that you can start again if you ‘always going there that want to it’s also about telling you that there’s always a door opened that leads you to a great life.
    Awards and achievements:
    Katy Perry was nominated for 5 Grammy awards. Katy Perry has won 3 People’s choice awards (USA) and got nominated for 2 people’s choice awards (USA). She has won 1 teen choice awards and got nominated for 2 teen choice awards.
    Katy Perry is one of the all times favourite singers around the world.

  16. Pink is one of the world’s best singers, and performers. She is known as a pop rock singer!
    Birth Information
    Pink was born in 1997 in Doylestown in America, to her mother and father, Judith and Jim Moore. She has one brother named Jason Moore.
    Personal Information
    Pink’s nationality is American, she is aged 34. Her hair colour is blonde and her eye colour is blue. Pink’s daughter’s name is Willow Sage. Pink’s real name is Alecia Beth Moore. Her favourite colours are blue, pink and green.
    How did Pink become famous?
    Pink enjoyed singing at an early age. By the time Pink was 13 she was a singer at night clubs. She sang in 2 different bands and sang her first hit song in 2000. People weren’t expecting her song to be so popular. She was so talented that people couldn’t stop noticing her.
    Pink’s awards
    Pink has won three Grammys, five video music awards and both a kids’ and teen choice award. At the end of the 00’s, Billboard, named her the artist of the decade. She has sold over, 10 million albums in Australia, and far more around the world. Some of her most popular songs are So what, Fun house, Raise Your Glass, Who knew and Just Like a Pill.
    Roles that she plays
    Even though Pink is known as a singer, she is also known as an actress. The roles that she has played, are Mean Girls, White Chicks, Derailed, and Moulin Rouge. She is an Animal rights activist, film actress, dancer, singer, guitarist and pianist.

    Pink has performed in concerts around the world, including Melbourne’s Rod Laver Arena. She is one of the people that is most loved and sells heaps of CDs/ albums in Australia. Pink raised money for cancer, and cared for people with the awful disease. Pink visited people that were in hospital that were dealing with cancer, and raised money by doing the world’s greatest shave, by shaving some of her hair.

    Pink will be known as one of the all-time famous singers in Australia and world-wide.

    Author: Tahlia

  17. Help save the orang-utans!!!!
    How would you feel if your home was destroyed? How devastating would that be? You have no food or water and you can barely survive. Honestly, how would you feel? That is what is what we are doing to our precious orang-utans, we are obliterating their homes. We are thrusting extinction upon them. Don’t you think it is enough that we are destroying their homes and throwing them into chaos and madness, now we are taking their lives and putting them at the brink of extinction? How would you react? How can your bear to see the cute little furry orang-utans die in such a manner. Look at them, just look at them. Have you ever thought that orang-utans are intelligent? What has the orang-utans ever done to us? That is why I strongly believe that deforestation should be banned.

    Firstly, orang-utans are facing extinction, we need to protect them, not kill them. For example, there are between 45,000 and 69,000 left in the wild, and there is a few thousand orang-utans in sanctuaries across the world. Compare that to the several billion humans. We are basically sentencing orang-utans to death. Do you really want to do that? Do you want to kill these cute friendly creatures?

    Secondly, orang-utans are intelligent. Have you ever thought about that? Have you? For example, orang-utans can be taught how to do many things like climbing. Orang-utans know where danger is, they have great instincts. Orang-utans are self reliant and only need the mothers for several years before going out on their own. For humans we need well over a decade. Since orang-utans are intelligent they will figure out that humans are extremely dangerous and they will stay away. We won’t be able to see the cute fuzzy orang-utans. Do you want to spoil seeing orang-utans for the entire human race? I know I wouldn’t, how about you?

    Finally, orang-utans are a different type of species. Do you like to kill humans? Killing orang-utans is basically killing humans. Killing orang-utans is just cruel. Can you bear to see a cute little baby Orang-utan killed? I can’t.

    In conclusion, I challenge you to rise up and stop deforestation to save our beloved orang-utans, I challenge you to save a precious gentle cute friendly harmless species. Save the orang-utans, it is definitely the right thing to do.
    Author: Logan Flynn of 5/6A

  18. Do you want to be unfit and sick most of the time? Then be fit and healthy and not get sick so you don’t carry it on ok.
    When you play if you lose it doesn’t matter, don’t get angry and frustrated because that’s why they made up GOOD SPORTS-MAN SHIP all around the world because at the end of every match of football, soccer and AFL etc. they shake the persons hand that they played the match against.
    If you don’t know any strategies, then if you do sport you might know some strategies so you can play with your friends you might play tigi and dodge past them when you play if you go up to a person that is “it” and they believe that you want to be it then that when use your strategies by dodging them.
    Some people are stuck inside doing there work in the house or what ever and people are outside and that’s why you have school so you can learn and get all the work done and play all you want till you mom says “come back”.
    Do you want to be unfit and unhealthy than pass it on to other people? Than be fit and healthy so you can’t carry it on to other people and they carry it on to other people.

  19. Melbourne camp!!
    Day 1:
    My favourite part of the day 1 was when we went to the movies to watch “Grown ups 2” because I thought that the movie would be boring because I had already watched it twice but it was twice as funny as the first time I watched it. My favourite animal at the zoo was the seal because it was really talented and showed us how we could help the seals be able to live better in the wild. I liked when the seal play acted the story.

    Day 2:
    My highlight from day 2 is was when we went to mini golf and I ended up in 5th place because I learnt how to play mini golf. I nearly hit Mr Andrew in the face with the putter, (which is a golf stick), and nearly hit Reece with the golf ball. I liked the MCG. I learnt that blind people can play cricket as well because they have a rattly ball that gets rolled along the ground. I saw how the referees know when to start.
    Day 3 & 4:
    My highlight from days 3 and 4 was when we were going home because Rennae, Bhvivca and I were playing with Tristan’s hair to make look it like girl’s hair and it was really, really funny. The best part about Science Works was the Planetarium because it was awesome and we got to lie down to see the screen because it was in a dome.
    Author: Chloe Holmes!

  20. The Eiffel is a famous building in France; it is 124 years old and was built in 1887.
    The Eiffel tower is a large statue that is extremely pointy at the top. The height of the tower is 324m all up. The tower can grow (expand) 15cm taller in the heat, and also sway up to 7cm in strong winds. The tower was the tallest building in the world until 1930, which means that it was the tallest building for 43 years. There are 20,000 light bulbs and I665 steps on the tower. The Eiffel tower is painted every 7 years, using lead free paint. Around 50 tonnes of paint of paint are added to the tower to protect it from rust. It takes 18 months to paint the tower, they paint it with 3 shades of brown, light brown on the top, medium in the middle, and dark on the bottom.
    They finished building the Eiffel tower in 1889; it took 2 years, 2 months and 5 days to build it. The man who built the towers name is Gustave Eiffel. Not everyone liked the tower when it was first built, it was planned to be torn down after 20 years. A con artist sold the tower twice to unknown buyers in 1925.
    Millions of people climb the tower and it has had over 250 million visitors since its opening. Over 7 million visitors come a year, which means half of them climb the tower.
    The tower in French is called la tour Eiffel, the word “tour” means tower.
    By Tahlia

  21. Night Zoo
    There it was. A ferocious spider figure standing in the foggy glare of the moon. It had 3 frightening red eyes, with its twisted head stuck in position as if it’s neck had been superglued in a horrible demonic position. Slimy tentacles, break through the abdomen, growing high into the dark sky. As its jagged tail raises into the white fog, a hole begins to leak with tiny spiders, locating your position. Its four sharp legs expand, until spirits freely fly out with evil joy. Blood drips from the pointy legs, as it chases you when you’re not watching. It’s been waiting for you…

  22. NeD Kelly
    Ned Kelly was born in 1855 in Beveridge. His mother and father’s names were Ellen Kelly and John Kelly. He had two brothers and five sisters.
    Ned Kelly was important because he was a hero to some people and also was killing police which was terrible. He is known as Australia’s most famous bushranger.
    When Ned Kelly was a 11 he jumped in a river to save a 7 year old boy from drowning .
    Ned Kelly left school and worked as a shearer, ring barker and sold cattle before getting in trouble with the police.
    The Kelly Gang:
    Ned Kelly was the leader of the gang. The gang was a group of four who were on the run from police. The Kelly Gang was made up of Ned, Dan Kelly, Steve Hart and Joe Byrne. Joe was clever when the Kelly gang had plans he wrote everything down .When Steve joined the gang he felt that he’s life was cut short. He was right! Two years later he was DEAD
    The murder at Stringybark Creek:
    In the early days, the gang lived in a hut near Mansfiled. They had no plans of murder. At best, they hoped to make grog to sell. After Ellen Kelly was put into prison a reward of 1000 was offered for the arrest of Ned and Dan Kelly. On 4th October 1878 policemen were sent out to find Ned and Dan Kelly. Mcityre, Scanlon and Lonigan were tough policemen and they were all Irish born too and the Kelly gang shot him at Stringybark Creek. Thomas Lonigan was well known to the Kelly gang. Ned swore that he would kill Lonigan because he was providing information to the police.
    When Ned and the gang went to Glenrowan they got all the town people and made them go into the hotel and they had been warned that there was a police train. Then the police came and they had bigger numbers. Joe Byrne was the first member of the gang to die Ned went out and he got shot in the leg. Dan and Steve got burnt and Ned got captured.
    Long Drop:
    Judge Barry sentenced Ned to hang. He had been found guilty of murder.
    Inside the jail before being hanged Ned had a restless night. He had said goodbye to his Mum and sisters.
    On the 11th of November 1880, outside the jail thousands of people wept. They were waiting to hear that the Australia’s most famous bushranger was dead.
    Early in the morning Ned saw his priest. Then his leg irons were removed. Slowly, Ned made his way to the gallows. A white cap rest on his head. On the way to the gallows Ned went through the prison garden. He said how lovely flowers were. Ned Kelly was then hanged.
    Author: Cody Macdonald

  23. Why Is Gaming To Much Bad
    Gaming too much is very bad for you, do you agree? You need to take my advice and use it.

    Firstly, you will get fat and lazy if you play games too much. You won’t stop playing the game and it will make you fatter and lazier then you were and you would keep getting fatter and lazier as you keep playing the games.

    Secondly, you will get grumpy and won’t cooperate very well with the people like your best friend or your own family. You will use all your energy when you are grumpy and then you won’t play as good and you will get grumpier and grumpier as you don’t STOP PLAYING THE GAME!

    Finally, you will get bored of the games that you are playing and won’t want to play them anymore and have forgotten what you would normally do when you weren’t able to play the games and you would be bored of doing everything.

    I will say this once more, gaming is very bad for you so DON’T GAME TOO MUCH or you will become what I have explained to you.
    Author: Reece Watson

  24. Turtles should be cared for more because they are endangered species and they are purely harmless, plant eating creatures that help the environment not harming it at all.
    Firstly, turtles should be cared for more because too many turtles have been poached and captured and are near extinction right now. Turtles are poached for many reasons. One example I know of is for turtle soup which is used as a liquid to fill our bodies up like water normally does.
    Secondly, people sometimes get confused that turtles and tortoises are the same. They’re similar to each other. Turtles like to go into and can swim in it but they are small and tortoises are a little bit the opposite. They can’t swim but they live on land. They’re huger than turtles and they’re much slower than turtles. Turtles help the grass shorten like a lawn mower does. So do tortoises. Tortoises do the land and turtles do the sea green sea turtles are more the seas lawnmower than what other turtles are. Green sea turtles have help from an animal called ‘mentees’ to cut down the sea weed to make it spread across the sea floor instead of it being long grass blades.
    Thirdly, turtles should be cared for more because the factories, cars and other technology that releases gas and speeds up the water cycle kills these turtles because they are cold-blooded and can’t withstand a lot of heat. If we are allowed to kill turtles and destroy their environment how come they can’t do it to us? Turtles are harmless, that’s why. What would you do if you were exploring the sea peacefully and when you come back home a bulldozer is demolishing your home?
    Conclusion, turtles are getting killed and captured and deserve to have freedom turtles help the environment by making sea beds for the fish so they can lay nests and increase population. Turtles can’t withstand enough heat because they are cold-blooded. This is why turtles deserve to be cared for more.

  25. Graffiti
    Some people do not know why people do graffiti and some people want to show off their amazing work.
    I think only people with a permit should graffiti because people that don’t have a permit will write bad things and will threaten other people.
    Graffiti is a form of stunning artwork but can sometimes be a messy and disgusting form of artwork. This would make people feel angry and annoyed.
    people with a permit should graffiti because some of looks amazing and funny. However , it should only be done by professionals, who own a permit.
    Graffiti should be legal because some people do things that are wonderful. For example the cultural dinosaur in china town was fantastic.
    Graffiti should be legal because some people like to decorate the streets and make them look inviting for tourists.
    Only people with permits should graffiti because people without a permit might create a disaster.
    Author: Cody Macdonald

  26. James Cook was born on the twenty seventh of October 1728 and he died at fifty one years of age in 1779. James Cook was famous for mapping the Pacific Ocean, Australia and New Zealand.
    James Cook was born in a small village near Yorkshire. When he reached the age of seventeen he found a job as a coal merchant. In 1755 Captain Cook enlisted to the navy in North America where he learnt to survey and map oceans. In 1769 Cook was sent down to the southern part of the world because Venus was going to pass the sun so they were going to study it.
    Cook’s secret orders were to find a rumoured land that was near New Zealand which is known as Australia now. Captain Cook failed seeing Venus passing the sun but he succeeded in finding the mysterious land that was rumoured to be in the southern part of the world. He landed at the east coast of Australia which is now New South Wales so he claimed it and named it New South Wales. Cook then went home in 1771.
    When Cook was at New South Wales he encountered two aboriginals who were threatening to kill him with boomerangs so he ordered one of his men to shoot near them and they both went running for their lives. Then Cook started to setup his colony to claim Australia for Great Britain.
    In 1772 he went down further south and explored Antarctica. But he was forced back because of the freezing weather there. Cook’s last voyage was at Hawaii. He was stabbed and killed for trying to take a local leader hostage and because he stole a ship there when he was younger.
    Captain Cook was a coal merchant apprentice for three years until he got his own barque which was the Endeavour. Cook was in command of it. When Cook went to Hawaii he took two ships from England to ensure his safety but he still got overwhelmed by Hawaiian people.
    The Endeavour was built in 1764. The Endeavour was not known as a ship. It was a barque because Captain Cook was a Lieutenant and because the barque was a treasure mine for coal which made it slow and heavy. The Endeavour weighed three hundred and sixty eight tonnes and the length of it is one hundred feet.

  27. Global Warming
    Global warming is changing our economy, health and communities in very diverse ways! With record heat, drought, floods, fires and storms I think the earth is saying something. It’s time to take action; there is plenty we can do!
    Carbon pollution is the main reason our planet is getting hotter, increasing the chance and intensity of natural disasters, but, there is solutions. If we don’t do more to reduce heat-trapping greenhouse gasses that are making heat waves more intense, more than 150,000 additional Americans could die by the end of this century due to excessive heat.
    Heat is just one of the deadly side effects of weather tied to global warming. Extreme storms can cause drowning, contaminated drinking water and result in outbreaks of infectious diseases. Heat and ozone smog increases diseases like asthma and worsens the health of people suffering from cardiac or pulmonary disease. There are solutions to address the health effects of global warming. For starter, we need our lawmakers to quit ignoring global warming and start limiting carbon pollution that is heating our planet and increasing the intensity of extreme weather disasters.
    Between more intense rainstorms and rising sea levels flooding will only increase if we don’t do anything about global warming! Some places are already taking action and some are yet to begin!
    Floods and droughts are also a huge part of global warming. Tropical storm Debby brought record rainfall and extreme flooding to Florida in the first half of 2012, killing only 7 people but destroyed over 100 homes and causing tens of millions of dollars in damage to beaches, businesses and homes. In the Midwest, storms that dump nearly over 3 inches of rain in a day have more than doubled in the last 50 years! Meanwhile, drought causes reduced food and water supplies, which is rapidly raising prices on everything from corn to milk. Unfortunately, drought conditions are expected to become the new normal.
    Take action and do something about global warming, now! By Zach

  28. Save the Orang-Utan’s
    The humans have made Orang-Utans endangered because they keep on poaching the Orang-Utans by cutting down their homes and they keep on trying to kill them and scaring them from their own habitats. The Orang-Utans have been getting taken away from their natural habitats by people that use the wood and trees and make them into palm-oil. The people that use the trees and wood just use them to get money as a job because the palm-oil can make a lot of money and it can help you get a job. I think that the people that get a job by the money they get while they are cutting trees is just really cruel because if you are using animals for a job it means you are taking advantage of the animals and you are just trying to hurt them by taking down their habitats. The humans have been hurting the animals and they have also been poaching the Orang-Utans into endangerment and that is really horrible to the Orang-Utans since they are soon going to go to extinction because of people that don’t care about the environment. I think that people should stop thinking about them and should start thinking about how the Orang-Utans feel about having their habitat being taken down. If the Orang-Utans habitats weren’t being taken down they would be really delighted and they would have a safe and really amazing habitat.

    The Orang-Utans had a really beautiful habitat before people started to break down the Orang-Utans habitats and their trees. I think that the way that the Orang-Utans habitats looked before people started cutting the trees was just amazing because there were a lot of trees and that was what made the jungle a jungle and if there were no trees just wood that would make it a place full of wood that has been cut up into pieces. The jungle looked really disgusting at the end because the view of the picture was just really disturbing because the picture was really horrible since all the trees have been cut down and the trees looked really bad by the way they were just lying on the ground scattered everywhere. I think that the Orang-Utans deserve better because if these animals keep on living a life like this they will automatically go into extinction because lots of people like to poach animals for their own good and that is just really cruel since lots of animals have been dying because people have been poaching animals and killing them as well.

    Do you think that people should be stopping poaching and deforestation? I think that people should stop poaching and deforestation for their own good because lots of people think that poaching is cruel and that deforestation is not good for animals.
    I think that the more times people get told to stop poaching animals needs to stop because people should be finding out what they are doing to poach animals and they should know that they need to stop because they are making the Orang-Utans endangered is just really horrible because at the end of the video all the Orang-Utans that get taken back home are really excited to come back home and they were just running and climbing up the tree because of their happiness to come back home. The Orang-Utans were really jumpy and they just kept on climbing up the trees and swing from vine to vine.
    My second opinion is that people shouldn’t be selfish and only care about themselves but they should really care about the environment and they should care about how the Orang-Utans feel about getting poached because lots of people love animals and they would love to be taken care of instead of being poached just because people think that they could earn lots of money just by poaching Orang-Utans. I think that people shouldn’t be taking advantage of the Orang-Utans because they are part of nature and they should be taken care of like people take care of their children because if you take care of Orang-Utans they won’t go into extinction because animals are as important just like humans are. People should be really friendly to animals because they are just taking advantage of the Orang-Utans and they have had enough of the people poaching them down a lot.
    My last opinion on why people should stop poaching Orang-Utans because Orang-Utans should be able to live in a place that they don’t get poached because poaching Orang-Utans is horrible and people should care about Orang-Utans as well as they take care of themselves. Orang-Utans have been getting poached for a really long time and they have been trying to have a normal life without having to get poached because they have been getting poached and they have been having their habitats getting cut down and getting used for palm-oil and they have been making people a lot of money so lately because of the palm-oil and because of the wood. Orang-Utans should be living happily and peacefully so they don’t get poached anymore because that is really horrible for the Orang-Utans.
    In Conclusion, I think that people should stop poaching and deforestation so then Orang-Utans can live a really normal life without getting poached and so that they can be loved and taken care of by people that care about them. I think that deforestation should be banned because when people stop cutting down the trees it would make the Orang-Utans really delighted and if they get given what all of the Orang-Utans wish it would be really delighting and people should start listing to what animal lovers think so than if something is going on with the animals all of the people can help the animals with their problems so than if they are starting to get poached again lots of people can help with the problem to help the animals. I think that everybody in the whole world should care about animals so than all animals can be kept really save and sound without any problems.
    I also think that poaching animals should be illegal because if people keep on poaching the Orang-Utans they should get told once to stop poaching animals so then the people that take care of the Orang-Utans don’t have to keep on telling people to stop poaching Orang-Utans so then they don’t get hurt. People should stop cutting down the Orang-Utans habitats because if they cut down their habitats they will have nowhere to live and they will have to go to other places to live because they can’t live in their natural homes without getting poached by the people that are poaching Orang-Utans. People have been hurting and poaching Orang-Utans just because they think that they can get a lot of money just because of cutting the trees and making palm-oil for shops and they don’t understand what they have been doing to the Orang-Utans habitats because they are just worried in making money and making their boss proud but when they find out what they have been doing, I think that they will start taking care of the Orang-Utans because they will feel sorry for what they have been doing to the Orang-Utans in the first place. The Orang-Utans have not been having a really normal life because people have been wrecking their habitats and they have been making them have to find another place to live because of the people that try to make palm-oil out of the Orang-Utans habitats and their trees. I think that everybody from the world should be taking care of Orang-Utans so then they don’t need to get taken away from their natural habitats.
    Author: Nyetap Ruach

  29. Balon Rockets
    Purpose: Make a ballon rocket.
    Materials: Straw, Ballon, string.
    Method:1. Connect a string from a chairto a ballon.
    2.Blow up the ballon.
    3.Tape the ballon to a straw which is over the top of the string
    4.Let go of the ballon
    Hypothesis:: I think that the ballon because will go up the string after you let go of the ballon because all of the air will push it up.
    Results: The results were that the ballon diddn’t go the first time because it wasn’t on a high point so it was harder to go up than down the seconde time we did it with a smaller straw and it didn’t move but then we did put it so so it was at the top and then it moved.
    Conclusion:You could make it go up by using one of them long ones.

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