Transition – 100 Word Challenge

Today you are going to be following the writing process to complete a 100 word challenge. A 100 word challenge is a descriptive piece of writing that can only include 100 words. You should try and include as much descriptive language as possible to try and form a picture in the minds of readers.

Your topic today is…

This prompt is an illustration from The Crystal Mirror,by Tim Malnick, illustrated by Katie Green. Click on the link below to see what the illustration is about.

The Crystal Mirror Illustration for 100 Word Challenge Week#15

What story will you write on it? What adventures will your characters have?  Make sure it is the most creative you have written this year. Let your imaginations soar!

The link will be open until 14th December and the showcase will be published on 17th December.

– Unpack a seed, displaying your ideas, feelings, etc.

– Write a draft.

– Edit and revise.

– Publish

One thought on “Transition – 100 Word Challenge

  1. On a hot, gleaming summer’s day, when the birds sing on the wonderful green trees, I am trapped in a dark mysterious brick well, while seeing a huge bright and fluro paint set.
    It was a glorious as a beautiful, orange sunset. What if I effortlessly paint a colourful picture? As I silently think, water is dripping, and made tiny wet splashes. I am delightfully joyful because I see all different marvellous colours and brush sizes. I approach the white paint board. I’m about to start hopefully painting this spectacular piece of art. Suddenly, I magically appear in my bed. I say in a confused voice, “it was just a dream”.

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