Senior Unit Work Expectations

Below is a list of work expectations that need to be followed by all senior unit students at LRPS throughout 2014.

– All work will be edited and revised by students before being submitted to a teacher.

– Blog comments need to be checked thoroughly before being posted.

– ICT equipment will be used appropriately at all times.

– Students will take responsibility of their own equipment and ensure they are always prepared with their workbooks, student diary, blue or black pen, red pen, grey-lead, eraser and 30cm ruler.

– Workbooks need a ruled red margin.

– The date will be written at the top of each piece of work.

 – Headings, sub-headings, questions and problems will be written with a red pen. All other pieces of writing will be completed with a blue or black pen.

– Writing must be legible.

– The use of textas and gel pens in workbooks is not permitted unless teacher permission is given.

– Work needs to be spaced out neatly in books.

– Work will be completed in order within student workbooks and all pages are to be used.

– Mistakes can be corrected by using brackets or a single ruled line.


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