9 thoughts on “The Purpose of Social Media

  1. What is the purpose of social media?
    social media has the use to send Videos, texts, podcast, photos and content. A good social presence app is Facebook, the most popular wiki is Wikipedia social media is also a good way to send videos YouTube is a great example for this. The purpose is to share things to friends/family
    Do you think social media is good or bad for society?
    Its good and bad the positive is you can send up to date photos, videos and texts to your friends and receive them back. The negatives are if you share your phone number or house address people can find you, you need to be 13 and over to have a social media account.

    Social Media Sites-
    -My Space
    – LinkedIn
    and alot More

  2. What is the purpose of social media?

    Social media is a wonderful and
    fantastic to use on the internet.
    Internet is what people used for
    work and homework and it is also
    used for sharing and information.
    Social media is Facebook, Google and
    blogs and the most one is Facebook.
    Social media is internet marketing.

    Do you think social media is
    good or bad for society? Explain.

    Yes, because you can meet new
    people, and talk to those you already
    know. You can talk about social media
    to you friends like movies, games, photos,
    birthday, thing about you and
    your life.
    No, because they could be people
    you don’t know and you can get bullied easily.
    It can hurt your feelings. It can affect the way
    I see myself.

  3. Social media is about sharing information each other. I think social media is a good thing because you can talk to family and friends. They might live away from you and if you can’t talk to them you can text or twitter to them.

  4. What is the purpose of social media?

    The purpose of social media is to connect with your family and friends. You can also post TEXT, IMAGES, AUDIO and VIDOES. If you TEXT you can post your opinion on the topic that is chosen. If you post IMAGES, it can show other people what you have done in the past recently or what you think about something. AUDIO is when someone copy writes a bit of music and posts it on a social media website, they can also get in really BIG trouble. And VIDEOS you can show people what you have done recently and also something that may interest you or other people online. Social media websites such as, Facebook can be bad. They can be bad because people have recently been cyber bullied. AND THAT’S WRONG!!!

    Do you think social media is good or bad for society? Explain…

    Social media is incredibly bad for society.
    Firstly, social media is bad for society because it allows kids, that aren’t even 13, to go on and Cyber Bully. One of my friends has once told someone a secret, which they were meant to keep to themselves, and that had been spread throughout everyone. But now he is becoming more popular each day.
    Secondly, social media is bad for society because children get on and see pictures or hear about things like naked pictures, copywrited songs, inappropriate videos and more things. You can get a really trouble for doing things like that.
    Finally, social media is bad for society because peoples communication socially is becoming more weaker and weaker every time they go on a social media website. It makes people become more overweight because they’re not getting off there lazy bottoms and going to talk to the person… in person.
    To sum my persuasive piece up social media is bad for our society because it causes a lot of fight’s each day from cyber bullying, it shows young children inappropriate pictures and videos and finally it is bad for the persons health because they’re always on social media.
    Author: Tristan

  5. What is the purpose of social media?
    I think the purpose of social media is to talk to people that you don’t have to do anything or go anywhere but type or video call. Then you can use social media to research the web and find out facts about your topic. SHARE.

    Do you think social media is good or bad for society? Explain…it’s good and bad because you can keep in contact with family or friends. Then it’s bad because people are under age and then end up being abused from signing up like there was a fight at school that was posted on social media. Then there’s bullying on social media that ends up on somebody crying. Some of the social media websites are Facebook, instant gram and twitter most people see Facebook your account.

  6. I think people should be social with other people because you can share things other people or with family. Social media is great for talking with friends and getting to meet other people around the world and get to learn about other people. I think social media is good because you can catch up with people that you haven’t seen or talked to for a long, long time. Sometimes it can be very, very bad when talking with other people because you can get into a fight or they might take it the wrong way. Social media can be bad because what happens when you have a virus or other people can look at your work and laugh at the things you have texted?

  7. Do you think social media is good or bad?
    I think that social media is bad. For example like if you were talking to a stranger and you told them where you live they can murder you and your family. And people can track you down.

    What is the purpose of social media?
    People just get Facebook because other people have it and they think it’s cool to have it.

  8. what is the purpose of social media social media is made because so people can keep up with others like friends and family and make videos do you think social media is bad or good for society? I think its good because you get to keep up with family friends that you haven’t met for a very long time and you can also share other people around the the world to see what your doing like google, kik, facebook, snapchat, myspace, youtube, skype, Tumblur, bebo, Flker, LinkedIn, Instagram

  9. I think social meadia is good and bad because it’s a way of texting and it’s bad because people can hurt your feelings online and can track you down and hurt you physically.
    It’s a way of posting information on the internet. People can post pictures for example like your child have he or her birthday. Something like Facebook is used for texting.
    Other things like you YouTube are used for looking and posting videos

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