3 thoughts on “100 WC – All we could see was water…

  1. Where’s Our Cruise?


    One beautiful warm summer’s night, I’m on a wicked cruise with my two friends Rehart and Jake. I’m also with my girlfriend Mia. That night we decided to go swimming in the calm blue sea. We were all so befuddled we passed out and floated away. I woke up early next morning on an island with the sun in my eyes. I look at Mia and the others, Mia’s crying, Jake’s furious and Rehart’s worried if we’ll ever get home again. We tried to look for our cruise, but all we could see was water. I felt so hungry I could commit cannibalism, but towards who?

  2. All We Could See Was Water
    I was stuck at Kings Cross in Sydney waiting for my very late train, watching a small cruise boat in the rain, floating on the water. The boat hit the side of the bay and started to sink, the rain quickly pounded down on my head like I was in a cold shower. My train couldn’t be any slower. All we could see was water. There was a baby on the boat screaming. I felt bad I dialled the rescue people on my phone I kept dialling the rescue people on my phone. There was no answer. I soon realised my phone was dead.

    Author: Chelsea

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