Open-minded portrait using media

Today you are completing an open-minded portrait using media. You need to put yourself in James Arthur’s shoes and take notes on what he could be thinking and how he could be feeling throughout his journey on the British X Factor.

You will do your open-minded portrait in the reading response section of your book.

15 thoughts on “Open-minded portrait using media

  1. I live in a flat.
    My mum and dad had brocen up when i was little and they have never talked since then but the smorning they sopck so i am happy.
    Today i am nervouse because i am going onto X factor and performing tolisas yung.
    I am fealing exited because i am thinking of am i going tto pas the next round or fail.
    5 minits later i sang and it was time to do the guge and i felt awseome because i have pased.
    Then i went to my mum and dad and they said well done and they started to cry so am i.

  2. Title: X-Factor
    Author: James Arthur
    SL1S: James Arthur auditions for the X-Factor and wins with shock!

    Open Minded Portrait:
    Years ago, I used to be a horrible student at school and I was always getting suspended. When I started growing up I had to sleep on the streets. And from sleeping in the gutter to winning the X-Factor is incredible.

    When I get angry or sad, I play music to myself to calm me down. It helps me settle. For example, if I got suspended from school, I would come home and pay soothing music to myself.

    When I stood up on that stage I felt so nervous. I felt so nervous because I have never shared my music with others, and now it’s time… I just wonder if they will like it.

    I felt so worried because I didn’t think I was going to win, but that moment when one of the judges said I had the best performance of the day I was amazed with myself.

    But why did my mum and dad have to bring so many family members. I didn’t even know I had that many family members! The other thing I can’t believe is that my mum and dad are finally together for once. When I was playing, I was wondering if I had been playing good, and I guess I was. I’m so lucky to have a talent like this. When the judges came and jumped on me and the streamers come down I felt extremely ecstatic and shocked at the same time because I never imagined getting here in my life.

    Author: Tristan Platt

  3. Title: X-Factor

    Author: James Author

    SLIS: James Author auditioning for the X-Factor wins

    Response: I can’t believe my eyes I am finally at Britain’s X-Factor, about to perform live in front of about 200,000 eyes I am really nervous what if I get stage fright or get scared and run away? I had no time to think as I was already getting forced onto the stage me, James Author! Before time it was over tears of joy flooded my face, this could change my life. The crowd was roaring the judges stood up and clapped and each gave me a “Yes” I was speechless.


    This tremendous day has finally come! I’m thinking about all of the months it took me to get to this. I sung my last song on the X-Factor when it finished I waited for the answers alone. I was clutching my fist and biting my lip for the news. “And the winner is” When they said my name I was dreaming, well I thought I was dreaming, but soon after that I realised it was real… I had won Britain’s X-Factor.
    Author: Chelsea

  4. Author: James Arthur
    Sl1s: A homeless boy tries to won x Factor

    I`m feeling blue because I have nowhere to live and my parents are not talking to each other I was kicked out of school. I think that I should go to x factor and improve my live. I`m feeling emotional because I went on the stage and got 4yess from the judges. I`m feeling proud because I got in the x factor. I`m feeling fantastic because I came off the stage and saw my mum and dad talk to each there. I`m feeling so excited because I made it to the end and I won the x factor.
    Author by aaliyah

  5. Tittle: XFactor
    Author:James Arthur
    SLIS: James Arthur went to the XFactor hoping to make it onto the show.

    I got kicked out of school, which made feel sad and I feel like I have let my family and friends down. I slept on the streets. My mum and dad were split up and I felt devastated. I went to the XFactor hoping to make onto the show. When I was singing I felt nervous because everybody was looking at me. When I saw the judges smiling with surprise I knew something good was going to happen. The judges all liked me and said yes, so I made it through the first audition. It made me feel excited

    I won the XFactor and I became famous so I never slept on the streets again. I
    had so much money because every time I made a song I got paid for each one. I felt overwhelmed when the judges announced I won the XFactor.


  6. TITLE: X Factor
    AUTHOR: James Arthur
    SL1S: A man who’d had a hard life, tried out on X Factor.

    I was feeling sad because my mum and dad didn’t talk much to each other. I’d had a bad life because I used to get kicked out of school, which made me feel horrible. I was living out on the street feeling depressed until I wanted to go to the X factor because I knew I was a good singer. I bring all my family. I’m felling nervous but I sing in front of everyone. I thought I was not going to get through but I did. All of the judges said yes. I kept on singing until I became famous. Now my family are talking to each other. I live in a big house and I’m very proud of myself.


  7. Title: X Factor
    Author: James Arthur
    SL1S: James Arthur was naughty lazy man when he was younger used to sleep on the streets.

    I feel nervous because what happens if I fail, I would look like a disgrace on the stage. I am feeling happy because my Mum and Dad never used to talk together, but that never got in my way when I have a career to go on on X-factor. The only thing that I have is my family. When I went up onto the stage, I was feeling terrified of all the people staring at me. I feel like a star when the audience and the most of all the judges stand when I finish my song and then I feel famous. By Brandon

  8. X Factor open mine of portrait
    Tittle: X Factor
    Author: James Arthor
    S.L.1.S: It’s about a homeless man that wants to show his talent on X Factor and he does and he blows their minds away.
    I am a homeless man. I have no house or no money. I use to sleep out in the city, on the grounds outside. I had a rough life when I was little. My mum and dad would get into fights and not even talk to each other’s. I got kicked out of school from being very naughty. My life was terrible. When I was homeless I felt all sad, lonely and left out because I had no one near me I was a loner. I felt freezing sleeping on the cold, wet, dirty ground. I felt angry when my mum and dad split up because I wanted to have a wonderful family with all of our family members. When I got kicked out of school I felt really sorry and bad for my parents because they had to pay loads of money, to get me into a new school. Now I am going to make a big change. I am going to perform on the Factor. I am feeling really nervous because when it is my turn to go up on the stage I am wondering will the judges and audience like me or will they not like me. I am about to make a new change. I am going to prove the judges that I can win the X factor. Also have the right to stand up bright and be confidents and stand up brave on that big X. As I am about to walk on stage I hear my heart beating 24.7. I also hear the loud crowed roaring for me. I feel really ecstatic. As I stand on the big X I am about to start a new life, and show my talent. But wait in my head I am thinking if I am good enough. So I have just started singing I am feeling proud and nervous. I hear everybody cheering. I am so happy because it sounds like they love it. Now I am finished the song yay. I am in tears of happiness. The entire crowed. Just standard up. As well as the four judges. As they all applause for me. Now it time for the judges to vote. They all say something amazing. I have already got three yeses I am waiting for the fourth one. Oh my god I made it in. I am so excited because the judges passed my through to the next round. I have all these feelings in me I am so overwhelm. I cannot believe this I am so proud.

  9. Tittle: x factor
    Author: James Arthur
    SL1S: I had a gift of passing through X factor.

    Open Minded Portrait: I slept out in the street. I got kicked out of school I feel like a failure. I am feeling happy because I am going into X factor to make something of my life.
    I’m thinking am I going to pas X factor and go to the next round?.
    I am feeling happy because I have achieved my gol.
    I love to play music because it is my thing and I have been playing since 9years old.
    I am thinking I went out their and my mum and dad was their to seaport me and that was all I wanted. I think that mum and my dad could show me they cear about each other and talk.
    At they end of my shining and listening to the judges I got four yeses so I went to my family and said I got for yeses and I made it through. And my hart was broken and nawit is peaches again.

  10. Open Minded Portrait.
    Title: X FACTOR
    Author: JAMES ARTHUR
    S.L.1.S: James Arthur auditions for X Factor.

    I used to be really sad because I was always getting suspended from school and sometimes I had to sleep on the street. But now I am hoping that is going to change because I am going to audition for X Factor. On the day I auditioned I was delighted because my parents spoke to each other for the first time in 24 years. I am really scared because going on the X Factor is a really scary thing, singing in front of over 15 million people. During my audition I was terrified that I might forget some words or that the people might not like me. But I put that thought aside and kept on going. Finally when I finished I felt relieved that it was all over and I hope that I win.

    Author: Jordan

  11. Title:X-Factor
    Author: James Author
    SL1S James Author.
    I was really nervous to go on the stage thinking my whole life was depending on it was I wondering I will be good or bad. I was on stage and everyone was looking at me.I hesitate for a minute,Then I closed my eyes and sang.I felt like I felt great for once in my life.I was getting the four judges saying yes. I was really proud of myself.
    Was here the end of the path? Will they pick me or my friend? I was waiting it all felt like it was in slow motion.The man moved his mouth and then I heard James author.
    I was relived but sad for the other contestant. I can’t believe after all that time I actually won the X -Factor.


  12. Title: The X-Factor
    Author: James Arthur
    SL1S: A young teenager James Arthur was used to sleeping out on the streets and he’s dreams went wild to be on the British X-Factor.

    When I was at school I got bullied and told that I didn’t belong here. It’s been 24 years since my Mum and Dad have talked and since then I’ve been sleeping out on the streets and I got kicked out of school for not behaving. When I got told that I was able to audition for the British X-Factor I felt. Like there was no hope. I feel so happy and overjoyed that I can cry. I felt so nervous and pressured when I was up on stage because I had never sang in front of millions of people before. I now feel so proud of myself because I got 4 yes from each of the judges. I’ve made it through the first elimination. I’m doing so well through out the X-Factor and had made it through all of the eliminations and I’m now up to the Semi-Finals.

    I feel even more pressured than my first audition because there is way more people this time its my first and last chance to make it all the way to the finals. When Luke Jacobs read out the winner of the X-FACTOR 2010 he told me that I was the winner of the X-FACTOR 2010 I was so happy. I now think that I have the confidence to sing in front of millions of people and another good reason is now my Mum and Dad are so proud of me that they will now talk to each other without me having to start the conversation. I’m so famous because I have millions of fans who will guide me throughout my entire life, 10,000 dollars in prize money.

    By Mahnee

  13. Title: X Factor
    Author: James Arthur
    S.L.1.S it’s about a young boy who had nothing until he’s life went upside down and going on the X factor………and then he..becomes famous.

    My life was nothing sleeping on the streets, no money my family not talking and kicked out of school…..couple of years later I own my own flat where I lived and then I went on the X factor to audition for the X factor I sang one of the judges song that they had sang once. I was really nervous and happy at the same time, when I was on stage while I was singing I felt better than before now that my mum and dad are here and supporting me and I’m proud because my parents are talking now and my friends and family are here to support me with this huge event for me. After the audition for the X Factor was relieved because I have finished the song. I am feeling nervous now because what the judges are thinking and what they are going to say. I was feeling hopeful that they are going to say that I’m good. The judges answered and they all said its a yes from me and that I have 4 yes from all of us and then I became famous.

    From Abby Siddle

  14. Title: ‘The Impossible’- X Factor
    Author: James Arthur
    Sl1s: He is sad but now he is happy on the X Factor.
    I feel sad because I used to get suspended at school all the time. When I got older I used to sleep in the streets so my mum and dad told me to stop being a child and grow up. I say I am doing the best I can do so I make a song and go to the X Factor. I get on the stage, I feel so nervous but I sing my song and at the end of the day they say I have done the best song today. My mum and dad don’t talk to each other but now they are. At the end of the day I felt excited because I won after all of the shows I have done. It was worth it. Lots of streamers were coming down from the roof. I feel proud that I was able to turn my life around. Now I am living a happy life.
    Author: Max Simpson

  15. Candace’s Open Minded Portrait

    Title: X Factor

    Author: James Arthur

    SL1S: James Arthur’s life was changed completely when he auditioned for the X Factor.

    I was as silly as ever when I was little. In school, I always got suspended and I never had a lunch break because I was always in stupid detention. I feel so ashamed but I am glad that I put a stop to it and auditioned for the X-Factor. I was so nervous but delighted to walk out onto the gigantic X-Factor stage and perform in front of that massive audience. I was so overwhelmed when the four judges all said yes! It was a dream come true! And the best part is, my mum and dad never speak to each other they both came together just to watch me! That was the best day of my life! And, I won the X-Factor! Just to clarify, before all this, my parents were split up and I was living on the deadly streets. But the X-Factor changed my life because firstly, my parents came to watch me, secondly, I think my parents got back together and thirdly, I won! I felt so proud when all of those bright and colourful streamers came down just for me! Yay!

    Author: Candace

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