7 thoughts on “The Shark

  1. I was sitting on my kayak thinking it was a beautiful day when i get closer to shore and see no one is in the ocean. They were trying to tell me something but i couldn’t hear what they were trying to tell me. When I finally look behind me, I see the point of a shark. The shark gave me fright what course me to nearly fall out of the kayak i tried to get away but it just kept falling me. I couldn’t get away when finally a boat came up and killed it I was relied that i didn’t die I don’t think i was going on the kayak for a while.

  2. I think the man in the kayak was wondering what people were yelling at and what they we’re saying. Most people would have a look around them if they where yelling. Most of the nets are acutely capturing other creatures then sharks. I wonder what the man was feeling. I think he was feeling scared after he got to shore. I would be afraid if I was being chased by sharks.

  3. The guy in the canoe was very lucky, but people were calling out to him from the beach side but he didn’t hear them, how did he find out that a great white shark was tailing him?
    If he did hear them he was probably wondering what they were talking about, I mean if people were yelling at you when it’s your first time in a canoe THERES A SHARK BEHIND YOU! I would think it would be a joke so I could get out.
    I would be feeling afraid if a shark was filling me I would be thinking, “I’m gonna die”

    The nets in Australia are causing damage to other creatures but sharks like sea turtles and seals it’s also killing some of them.

  4. If I was that person in the water and I turned around, I would be feeling my life flash before my eyes.
    I would not go back in a canoe for quite a while, and if I saw no one in the water and everyone saying quick, quick or hurry I would be looking around and if I saw the shark I wold be canoeing as fast as I can.
    I would not be caching sharks because I think it is cruel.
    what would the shark be thinking. if I was the shark I would be wondering what is going on. I would feel scared. also imagine if you had a net around you and when they take you out of the water and can not breath I would think I would die.

    The sea is the sharks home try to keep clear of any sharks passing by and try to keep out of the deep water because that is there home.
    when I got out of the water I would feel like ow my god I am archly alive I can not believe it.

  5. To Chelsea I really like your post on shark it has sentences that make sense and it has capital letters at the start of each sentence. You have folllastops at the end of your sentences.

  6. I think the man would of felt very scared once he found there was a shark following him! I know that if I was in his position I would feel absolutely terrified and I would scream with all my might!

  7. If I was that person in the middle of the ocean but no where near shore. I would speed away in my kayak like a disgrace hungry shark what is going to eat my kayak. I know that if I was that person I would feel terrified, disgraceful and I would be “SCEAMING” my lunges out if a disgraceful shark creep up to me and going to eat my beautiful kayak and me. I would be going back to shore in a “FAST” and “QUIK” way hurry so I don’t get eaten by a massive, huge and humungous wide shark swimming around me and my kayak.
    My ending is…
    What am I going to do?… find out next time…..

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