100 Word Challenge – Croc at the beach.

5/6A are going to use pictures of a large crocodile swimming at an Australian beach to write a 100 word challenge.

The 100 word challenge should be more like a snapshot piece writing, meaning it should not have a beginning, middle and end. It should be a descriptive piece of writing based on one moment and include lots of sensory language about what can be seen, heard, tasted, smelt, wondered and felt.

The writing process will need to used. Each student will complete a seed on the topic, trying to use lots of synonyms to replace boring words and emotive words to describe feelings. You may imagine that you are swimming in the water or can see the crocodile from the beach/boat/surfboard. You may even write your 100 word challenge from the crocodiles perspective or from the perspective of a fish swimming nearby.

Once a seed has been completed, students will follow the rest of the process:

  • Draft
  • Proofread/Revise
  • Publish

When you complete this piece of writing, please copy it onto this post.

9 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge – Croc at the beach.

  1. I’m in the salty water happy and excited. when I see the croc right in front of my eyes .Scared and in danger hoping it does not eat me and my friend . I see it coming for me then suddenly my friend runs away and the croc chases her onto land . were there set in combat mode human vs. croc who will win……….4 seconds later my friend lay on the ground in pain I rush to her side and call an ambulance . the ambulance gets to the beach pick her up and rushes her to hospital . then suddenly the croc speaks “and start’s laughing will he sits there on the ground”

  2. Crocodile at the Beach

    On a boiling summer’s day, as the bright blue water looks like it’s about to boil like a kettle on a stove, excited people start to walk towards the glistening water for an afternoon swim. A humungous crocodile glides through the waves like a submarine shooting its torpedos at an enemy. Exponential fear grows among the crowd on the beach. An immense amount of people run across the squeaky sand because of what they think is an ancient dinosaur. I stood there, with my toes in the cold blue water, still as a tree in an open field, trying not be noticed by this horrible ugly creature. I do a little twitch and suddenly, the massive crocodile looks straight at me like a leopard watching its’ prey in the dead long grass. I begin to panic. I wonder to myself, should I run or should I stay…

    Author: Tristan Platt

    It’s a hot warm summer’s day and I’m finally in WA! I can never find waves like this! Just when I see a huge wave there’s a massive croc there! I’ve surfed with dolphins before but not with crocs! The crocs got huge green tennis ball eyes, big scales its about 4 meters long! I can hear people yelling at me from the shore, but I can’t get back! The currents pulling me out I struggle to regain my confidence I mean I could be lunch the croc is slowly swimming forwards I could be lunch for one mighty croc!
    I only came here to surf not to be eaten!

  4. During one foggy morning, as the powerful sunlight peaked through the thick mist, I woke up to the sound of people screaming like a pack of dogs being chased by hungry lions. The waves flared up rom the wind gusts that were picking up now. My long tail was flapping around like mad. The terrified people were all ranting and raving saying “help” and “save us”. All I wanted was for someone to play with. Every day of my life I have been isolated and miserable just because of the way I look. The lovely smell and the taste of the salty sea water comforted me and I only had one friend; my Dad. He was a crocodile too. He knew how I felt. The thing was, he was always out hunting all the time so I was alone, just looking for a friend.

  5. croc at the beach

    On the bright sunny day, as the colours of the sun start to rise out of the earth, the talented sea gulls sore through the sky. The dark blue wave smash into the bright yellow sand. I see lots of people… I feel scared what are they going to do? I freeze; a man spots me and yells “crocodile”. Should I run or stand still? I feel the water hit my foot I just let it go underneath my foot. All I could her was the waves. It sounds like the beach is closed. It feels strange I used to live hear all the time hearing kids and wildlife. I just keep on swimming imaging people everywhere when I’m in the water.
    By Doyle

  6. On a warm summers day. When the big bright sun just shone on me, I looked over the powerful waves. All I can see is a big black scaly croc. RAZOR sharp teeth just snapping at the waves. And all the annoying buzzing blow flies. As I telephone someone to tell them that there is a croc. Along come loads of photographer they arrived with their fancy cameras and all we could hear was click click click.
    The crocodile was getting annoyed so off on his sharp claws into the sea leaving massive foot prints on the soggy wet sand. Its flexible body just twirls around in the dark blue ocean.
    Now the crocodile is going out really far to the deep end now everyone is just taking quick photos click click click before it leaves for good. All a sudden the most powerful, muscular croc has just left. Leaving everyone groaning in a disappointing way now it disappearing now everyone is waiting and hoping for the croc to come back.

  7. Croc at the beach

    During a glorious foggy morning, as I swim in the glistering water, I bob up and down over the enormous wave. I was swimming on the share and the waves ware like an enormous tiger’s jaw I saw seagulls and they were like vultures circling above me. I got up and I saw some scales gliding across the water like it was ancient dinosaur. I went and had a look and it was an FOUR METER long croc. My heart was beating faster and faster, it was like a drum roll. I was feeling like a mouse getting chased by a cat, I was thinking what do I do?

    1. Good job with the description and detail in your work, but… You might want to read the text before you post it

  8. During the early foggy morning, as I glide through the crystal clear water, I bounce up and down as I’m swimming into the waves. The waves were as rough as riding bareback on an out of control stallion. As I swam closer to the shore I could see most of the people pointing and staring at me. I’m doing nothing wrong. This is where I live. I could hear loud, high pitched screeching coming from some seagulls that were above me and were forming a ring. When I was swimming through the waves I can taste the saltiness gushing through my pearl white teeth and trickling down my throat. I could also taste the fear. As I continued to swim through the crashing waves I could smell the salt from each wave that crushed on top of me then all of a sudden…I heard a gigantic splash that came from the shallow end of the ocean and I could see someone swimming towards me as fast as he could have ever swam before. I ask myself “Do I swim away from this weird person or do I stay and fight him?” I feel too frightened. What’s he going to do?

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