5/6A are going to use pictures of a large crocodile swimming at an Australian beach to write a 100 word challenge.

The 100 word challenge should be more like a snapshot piece writing, meaning it should not have a beginning, middle and end. It should be a descriptive piece of writing based on one moment and include lots of sensory language about what can be seen, heard, tasted, smelt, wondered and felt.

The writing process will need to used. Each student will complete a seed on the topic, trying to use lots of synonyms to replace boring words and emotive words to describe feelings. You may imagine that you are swimming in the water or can see the crocodile from the beach/boat/surfboard. You may even write your 100 word challenge from the crocodiles perspective or from the perspective of a fish swimming nearby.

Once a seed has been completed, students will follow the rest of the process:

  • Draft
  • Proofread/Revise
  • Publish

When you complete this piece of writing, please copy it onto this post.