Homework Week 7 – Persuasive Introduction

Your homework for week 7 is to use the topic below to write an engaging persuasive introduction. Remember your introduction must have a hook-in, your opinion and may contain a sentence that defines the topic.

Should children eat fatty and sugary foods?

A prize will be organised for the unit’s most engaging introduction.

You may choose to complete the piece of writing by adding strong arguments that are supported and a conclusion.

28 thoughts on “Homework Week 7 – Persuasive Introduction

  1. Do you want your beloved children becoming so obese that they won’t be able to help you with anything at all in your life. My personal opinion is that kids should be able to eat sugary and fatty foods occasionally because it could make them become a total fruit freak. Also, it is bad for children to always have healthy foods because our human body should be able to have a reasonable amount of sugar and fat, it is GOOD for the body… MOST OF THE TIME! This exact reason is why children should be able to have fatty and sugary foods.

    Author: Tristan Platt

      1. And I like the thing About being. A fruit freak I think that that’s an important part of the sentence.

    1. A massive job Tristan! Lots of powerful language in your writing. Maybe you should put paragraphs thought your writing so people got a better understand what you where saying 😀

  2. Do you want to get diabetes? Well your going to get them if you don’t stop eating fatty and sugary foods all the time- diabetes isn’t a thing you want to have, my opinion is that children shouldn’t eat fatty and sugary foods.

    1. Chelsea, I really liked how you said ” Well your going to get them if you don’t stop eating fatty and sugary foods all the time”! Maybe next time you could have expanded a little more on you question.

  3. Are there any good things about junk food? Yes and no. A good thing about junk food is that it tastes good. People have it at party’s and celebration’s because it would be boring with water and fruit it makes people happy.
    The bad thing about fatty and sugary food is it has nothing good that helps your body. If we have too much it makes us feel tired and drowsy.

  4. Do you want your beloved ones to get diabetes and get very sick from eating way too much sugary foods such as chocolates, lollies and any other confectionary?

    The good things about junk food is that you can have some at birthday parties, functions and celebrations.The worst things about eating junk food is that you may find that lots of types of junk food can have lots of kilojoules like Mc Donalds burgers have like 3500kjs. Even though it tastes good you can have too much, then you can make yourself very sick and then possibly get a very sore stomach.

    In recent years I have witnessed so many people eating so much junk or sugary foods and ending up being obese. Then they’ve realised that they won’t be able to do anything to help their parents with anything such as bringing in the washing, doing shopping or playing sports.

    The bad thing about fatty and sugary food is it has nothing energetic to help your body. If we have too much junk and sugary foods it makes us feel very, very tired and drowsy and having to much fatty foods and sugary foods doesn’t help completing and work thats to be done around the house and outside the house. Most doctors have explained that the number of many problems that they have have to deal with are related to obeseity is digusting.

    This is why I strongly believe you and your beloved ones should not eat too much junk foods and sugary foods.

    Please just think about what your about to eat!!!

    1. Good work Mahnee liked your statement of belief very strong and makes people stop and think about what they eat and say to them self is this going to make me fat or is it healthy !!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Sorry Mr. Andrews I thought I should complete the Persuasive Writing Structure instead of just doing the introduction.

  6. Tired, crabby, or unfocused in class? It could be the food you are eating. The lack of healthy and tasty school lunch has recently become a problem in almost every school, middle and high school across the nation. Most schools sell junk food to students and I think this is wrong. There are many good reasons to remove junk food from school lunch menus, and creating a healthier student body is number one. Junk foods should be taken out of school lunch menus because they affect your body and mind in negative ways. Junk food is a major cause of childhood obesity. 32% of youth are overweight and nearly 74% are unfit. School lunches have a very high fat due to the lack of fresh and flavourful food, many students will choose to buy the cheap junk food offered instead.

  7. Would you like your son or daughter to die before you? They have a high chance of dying before their perents. IF YOU DONT STOP EATING FATTY FOODS. Children should not eat fatty foods because they spend more time eat the bein active.If we have too much it makes us feel tired and The bad thing about fatty and sugary food is it has nothing good that helps your body. If we have too much it makes us feel tired and drowsy.drowsy.

  8. I believe that kids should not eat fatty and sugary foods because do you want your child to be overweight. Do you want your child teeth to be all yuck because they have eaten to much sugary food? Your kids should have one sweet a day. Do you want you child dying of obesity? Do you want your kid missing days of school because they have ate too many sweets? Do want you kid have diabetes.

  9. Should children eat fatty and sugary food?
    Do you want your child to be over weighted? Do you want your child to lose all there energy and have a rough life? No I don’t think so, so we should stop this. Eating fatty food can cause diabetes, bad asthma it can also cause a bad life and lots of harsh effects to your life. So I suggest no more fatty fruits because it can wreak your life and your corer.

    Do you want your child to be fat all their lives?
    1.You should always mack shore that your child has these five things all of the time so they don’t get fat, breakfast, morning tee, lunch. Afternoon tee, and dinner these are the thing that you should follow so you don’t get fat.
    2. when you go to have a snack you should always go for a piece of fruit because if you get chocolate and you eat it you will have to beern of all of the calleres that you have eaten.
    3. If you want your child to go to sleep after they have had something to eat like something that ha sugger in it they will be to existed to go to sleep so you will have to yell and try and get them to sleep.

  11. Children shouldn’t eat sugary and fatty foods because they can get really obease and sick, do you want to get sick?

  12. Do you want people around you to eat fatty and sugary foods all of the time and see them get diebetes? I believe people and young kids shound not eat fatty and sugary foods because all of their life they would just keep on getting fat and have that fat just building up on their body.

  13. Should any age children or adult and teenage eat fatty and sugary foods or just go outside and have a massive game and have a huge excise run?

    Hook in- Why do people eat gross and HORRIBLE fatty food and sugary food?

    Opinion- “NO” I think that children eat DISGUSTED fatty and sugary food and these are the things what could happen to you if you eat to much junk food. You can be over weight, fat people, cant run, cant lift things, cant walk fast and body problems.

    Argument and Support:
    1> People should have EXCISE every day outside and not eating SUGARY and FATTY food and people need excise every day because you need to be a FANTASTIC fit.

    2> I strongly believe that people should quit junk food really speedy way because JUNK food is not good for our excise with body weight.


    Sugary and fatty foods are not good to eat all the time as it can cause health problems.

  14. Do you really want your kids to be unhealthy and fat? I strongly believe that you should only give your children sugary and fatty foods very rarely. By rarely I mean once every 10 days or something.

  15. Do you want to be fat? I think that they should ban fatty food it makes every one fat and the will go obeise.

  16. My 7 week homework 5/6A

    I believe that your child should not have fatty food or sugar food because would you like your child being not healthy and being the opposite too healthy?

  17. I don’t think people should eat faty food because they can die and get really fat. which wont be nice and look really bad. I now they tast so good like choclate but it makes you reallyand i strongly belive that fat people should loos what.
    some people look like they need to exercise every day some people don’t even lift a finger and just sit in bed and eat fatty food all day every day.
    people how are fat have sore legs every day and carn’t walk.
    i would hate to be someone fat when i’am older.

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