Homework Week 8 – Story Start

Your homework this week is to write an introduction for a narrative piece of writing. It needs to be VERY descriptive as you are introducing the character and the setting. Your audience should be able to picture it in their heads as you are in your head! Think about some of your snapshot writing skills, as a snapshot is a great way to start a narrative. Be creative with your opening sentence, you want to hook in your audience right from the start (anything that starts with one…. or once…. does NOT hook me in!)

Choose ONE character and ONE setting below for your story and then write an INTRODUCTION:


– An Alien

– A school nerd

– A lizard

– A transformer

–  A doll that came to life


– The principal’s office

– A swimming pool

– A magical forest

– A cave

-A show with a big crowd.

13 thoughts on “Homework Week 8 – Story Start

  1. I was at the swimming carnival when out of know where a dragon sized lizard jumped out in to the water. It was a magnificent site and then I screamed it started to come to me so I swam as fast as I could. when I jumped out of the water I was petrified as I saw the lizard come out of the water.
    I picked it up shacking because I have never seen a lizard before. It was magnificent.

    1. Please put lots of describing words about your characters. I think that’s how you spell describing. I’m not sore.

  2. I have my homework on Mr prices classroom blog and I have described my person. My persons name is Mr Bossy. I said” Mr Bossy was the Bossy person with brown hair and wearing a black and white suit. Mr Andrew, If you look on Mr Prices class blog on the homework week 8 you can see my homework on his blog. At the place I have choses magical forest.

  3. After the principal confiscated my WWE figures he took them to the office and put them in to a tiny square drawer. The room was empty it was clean and tidy, Just then my WWE figures started shaking the tiny drawer. The drawer pushed open so my WWE figures got out of the drawer. They had big strong muscle’s, some blue thick shorts, black boots and tights. They had an idea to mess-up the office. They started wildly throwing paper on to the ground and they cheekily put super glue on the principal’s expensive chair. They looked around the office to find some more trouble.

  4. A swimming pool
    One sunny morning I decided to go for a swim so I went to the pool. I could smell the chlorine going threw me noise and sum happy kid splashing about in the water. I hoped in the water and it was as cold so I started to shiver the water started to get warm as moved around. I saw a person profusely show off he’s good swimming moves so I ask her so many times to show me so he. She showed me the back stroke the torpedo and how to swim with a nodal it was the beat time.

  5. I am a school nerd I have an angry teach name mr andrew he always gives me homework because im the smartestin the grade like they all say he is angry because he thinks the angyerhe gets the harder I work I would always say no it is you have to listen in class to learn but he would always ignore me and say keep working not that im a nerd I am funny I make everyone laughf and thats me and my life thanks

  6. – A doll that came to life- There was once a creepy doll, her name was Sally. She lived far far far away in the woods where no one would appear. The only sound that she could hear was wolfs howling up above the big, round, bright and white moon at the night. She was so sad and lonely and had no friends or no family. She did not know what it felt like to be loved and cared for. She would wonder around the mysterious scary woods. All she could drink was the dirty disgusting water. All she could eat was yucky rotten food or what she can find. All her days she was gathering up food and seeing what tracks she can find to a better place. Her life was pretty unusually for some people. But to her it was quite adventuring. She always wishes if she can have someone or something to stand by her all the time. She wanted to just to know someone.

    Hope you like it 🙂

  7. I was swimming in the crystal clear water. I was doing a very important diving test. I whent for a dive i dident notes
    it was a the shallow end i dived and hit my head thank
    god i dident die.

  8. Hi! I’m a nerd. And I’m LIVID!!!! Just in case you want to know why I am LIVID is because I have DETENTION! 😦 😦 And in case you want to know why I am livid is because I created a robot (which is what school nerds do) and it accidentally destroyed the 5/6 building. Yes I commanded the robot to do it so there could be no more school but no one has proof because nobody saw it! So as I entered the principal’s office he had an evil smile on his face. Suddenly, he turned his laptop around and showed me a video of me commanding the robot to destroy the school. When the video finished he said with a cold smile: I installed surveillance cameras all-around the school on the weekend. After that he said: you are SOOOOO busted!!!!!! I gulped and waited to find out what he would say next.

  9. A school nerd
    One day at school there was this annoying boy name nicki he was the biggest nerd in the school everybody call him nerdy nicki because he was such a nerd. He had glasses and pimples witch where so yuck. He always was acting so smart do you no

  10. As the humangest crowd head towards the finally show they see a huge transformer pop out out of nowhere and start the show with it’s blue and red coluars and it welcome the band to the stage and they rock the rest of the night and blow the audiences minds with their amazing music then they had to go.
    By Doyle

  11. A doll that came to life, once their was a small village. Their was a family and their was something strange about that family because there was a little girl and she had this doll. One day they went to the village and this strange girl said do you want me to tell you what your fucher is going to be and she said yea please ant she said that your doll would come to life only if you go to the woods. The next day they went for a walk out in the woods and when they got to this big circle in the middle of the woods something strange happened the doll did come to life so they all went into shook and they ran home and the doll couldn’t run so she cried.

    Hope you enjoy.

  12. One windy cold night I heard a bang I didn’t care what it was until I heard it again so I went through my spooky cave a little bit more until I heard it more so I ran faster than ever and then I seen a lizard
    He looked just like me I told him about it then we both went into the cave we went all the way though the cave and then we realised it was my dog. He said “don’t worry lizards do that everyday I love being little lizard.

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