Making key observations

Today we will read this newspaper article from The Courier Mail and make some key observations together, before completing wonderings and inferences.

Whitsundays family find bulge in scrub python’s belly, believed to be their pet Maltese-Shih tzu cross


Michelle Grigg

4 thoughts on “Making key observations

  1. That this dog and the owner was disappointed that a PYTHON eaten a whole dog. I think that the owner would be petrified and panic. What will you feel if a PYTHON came and eaten your whole dog and had know dog to play with in piece and quietness?

  2. What I feel about the dog going missing?
    I feel incredibly sorry and shocked that the dog had been eaten by a scrub python. I know that if people knew you had been eaten by a python, a lot of people would feel so sorry because of your horrifying and sad death. Also, I know that most people would feel shocked about your death because the size of the python eating a full grown man is completely different… BY A LOT!!!

    My own story?
    During a cold winters morning, where the sun beams come down with bright yellow colours right into your eyes, and where the clouds are white and fluffy just like you pillow before you go to bed at night. I wake up, still wondering where my precious Maltese-Shih tzu cross, Walter, went running off to. I get out of bed, with all the kids and their dad sleeping. I chuck my blue monkey slippers on and walk down my dark and glooming hallway towards the front door. As I open the fly wire door to walk outside, something incredibly mysterious caught my eye. It was a humongous scrub python curled up on my wood planked porch. I look at how big it is from it’s head down to its tail. Suddenly, there appeared to be a massive bulge in its midsection. I slowly began to amble towards it stealthily so it couldn’t detect me to see what it looked like. I shout out to my husband to come outside and to check this out. He rushes down the hallway and straight out the front door. He stood there so still with shock, just like a leopard ready to leap on its delicious prey. He had a look at the python, he said, “I’m so sorry honey but I think that’s Walter”! I stood and cried. Was it Walter or a pythons other massive meal? TO BE CONTINUED…

    How long would it take the python to eat the dog whole?

    How were the parents feeling when the dog was missing?

    How come the parents didn’t keep the dog inside if there was another case of dogs being eaten by scrub pythons?

    Author: Tristan Platt

  3. OMG!!!! That is horrifying to see that a PYTHON has eaten a whole entire dog! Eww! How distraught would you be if you walked out your back door, only to see a python with a dog sized bulge in it’s stomach!!! YUCK!!

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