Together we will use this article to construct an OWI by identifying key pieces of information, asking thick questions, which will be answered by an inference with support.

You will the have a go at coming up with your own OWI from your own independent book.


2 thoughts on “OWI: OBSERVE, WONDER & INFER

  1. This missing Malaysian Airlines Plane has been gone for a while. I really do hope that they find the plane and the passengers soon. Even if the passengers did survive, atleast the families will know what has happend to their beloved relatives.

  2. How did the plan go missing? It could have been high jacked I hope they find the plan and all of the people in the plan. If someone high jacked the plan they should feel really sad because all of those people have relatives what if it was them. They would feel sad that the plan went missing and don’t know what happened to them. I would feel stressed if that was me on the missing air plan. Where ever they are I hope they are all right.

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