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22 thoughts on “Homework-Week 9- O.W.I.

  1. I observe canoes. Who do they belong to? I think they belong to the owner of the town.
    I observe boat houses. I wonder if they move around or do they stay where they are? I infer that they go away because I can see other house boats moving away.

      1. I think the same Max. I think that Lusanda you need to have a traffic writing what has else 2 or 3 paragraphs. Maybe have some headings like Observe, Wonders and your inference in paragraphs though you writing.

  2. I can observe that their are lots of tiny houses.
    I wonder who owns these tiny houses?
    I infer that these tiny houses belong to the person how lives their and I think that that person has lots of people in their family.

    I observe that these houses are boats but they are floating.
    I wonder why the houses are floating on the water?
    I infer that these houses are allowed to move because I can see that some of the houses are in front of other hoses.

    1. Amazing, fantastic and traffic job Abby-lee you have though about the interesting picture what Mr Andrew have put on the blog. I wonder why Mr Andrew have put a ordinary picture on the blog. When I looked at the picture I was Observe, wonders and my inference. I Question my-self what am I going to type on the blog. Disgraceful Max you need to have caps lock at the first of your word. Like a example: fantastic. first letter of your word should be. Fantastic. you should know bye now!

  3. Observation: glittering water. . a small island.
    with boats on the island.
    boats in the distance
    floating huts in the deep dark water.

    Wonderings: they can be any ones hut for all we no they could be new people in the huts floating on water.
    who lives in the huts on water
    how they get to the land
    how stable the home’s are.
    how long the huts have been floating Are the huts even moving.

    Inferring: I infer that tiny huts are floating on the water.
    I infer that they use boats to move around from place to place.
    I infer that they are any ones huts.
    I infer that it’s a model because it looks a Picher.

  4. 1) Houses on water – Observation
    why are there houses there in the first place? – Wonder
    I think there are houses there because it’s easier to have a house there and there is a island there aswell. – Infer

    2) Island with houses surounded – Observation
    how come there is a island there? – Wonder
    I think there is a island there they the people in the houses can go on the island- Infer

    3) Houses lined up with other houses – Observation
    How come there is houses on water? – Wonder
    I think there are houses lined up on water because then the people can get food easier – Infer

  5. 1) Observe- It’s a stranded Island with lots of wooden house on the ocean.
    Wonder- I wonder how did the houses get there? Why are they on water?
    Infer- I Infer that it is just a picture from a fancy palace or something like that.

    2) Observe- It’s just a fancy painter that has just thought in his or she’s mind and have Imagined a fancy unusually place.
    Wonder- I wonder if anyone painted it and if they did how did they think of that.
    Infer- I Infer that they have gone up in a plane and took pictures of some weird little huts.

    3) Observe- It’s just a mysterious forest in the middle of the earth.
    Wonder- I wonder what this mysterious thing is, is it an island or is it not?
    Infer- It is just a magical picture from a fancy restaurant?

  6. I observer that those thing in the ocean are houses made up by someone and. i wonmder if they move out in the ocean or do they stay still and why are they is there a reason that to be there. Infer that there tring so if there was something bad in the land they would worry about it.

  7. In class we have been working on O.W.I. responses in our reading. This week we would like you to look at the image above and write an O.W.I response.
    You need to write 2 Observations, 2 Wonderings (questions, that are linked to your observations) and 2 Inferences (linked to your observations and wonderings.)
    Make sure your observations are descriptive and use emotive works to describe what you can see. Observations are factual. Only describe what you can actually see.
    Please make your questions ‘deep thinking’ questions.
    Please remember your inferring are like predictions that MUST include evidence from the picture. Eg- You think ..?..because you know…?…
    Good luck.

    I observer houses in the water.
    The houses are like tents.
    I think the houses are there because it is in another world.

  8. I observer that those thing in the ocean are houses made up by someone and. i wonmder if they move out in the ocean or do they stay still and why are they is there a reason that to be there. Infer that there tring so if there was something bad in the land they would worry about it.

  9. Houses everywhere-observation
    1I wonder why there are all these big houses everywhere.

    2.I wonder who lives here.

    3.I wonder why they live here.

    The hoses are there because people might not have anywhere to live.

    I think that people who live here are on a holiday.

    They might live here because they don’t have anywhere to live.

    1. Houses are surrounded by a body of water.
    2. There is land in the middle of the “village”.

    QUESTIONS (open ended or thick):
    1. Why are the houses surrounded by a body of water?
    2. How is that piece of land not covered by water?

    1. I think that the houses are surrounded by water because there might have been a flood. My evidence is that there is fully dry land about 4 kilometers away so if that is dry land then the water village would have been completely dry as well. But at the moment it is covered by water.
    2. I think that there is dry land in the middle of the village because it might have been a hill before the ”flood”. My evidence is that when a flood occurs usually unless the water rises to at least 10 meters then you would be able to see the top of the hill which is probably what happened in this image.

  11. Observations:
    1. The little piece of land wasn’t flooded.
    2. The village has had a massive water rise or a flood.

    1. Why wasn’t it flooded like everything else?
    2. Was the village flooded or was it a water rise?

    1. I really think that it wasn’t flooded because the rest wasn’t flooded I can see the doors of what I think is meant to be a café, but the little land could be a landing point for some of the canoes or the boats.
    2. Its a bit too big to be a flood so its probably a water rise because if it was a flood it is extremely rare for the ‘flood’ to get up to the roof.

  12. 1. Little villge
    2.Water that surrounds the place

    1.Why is there a little village out of no where surround by water?
    2.Where did all of the water come from that surrounds the houses?

    1.I think there’s a little village to help people live if they ownly have boats when they’re on a holiday or people live there and go to the main island for for for their family.
    2. I think all of the water came from the ocean or a river that helps everyone that is on vacation when they go over seas if they go to that place since the villages are so big they must fit lots in them.

  13. Observations
    1. The small and tiny village was in a very deep flood.
    2. The village had a heavy rainfall or some type of flood.

    1. How did the village get flooded?
    2. How did the village flooded?
    3. Did the village get heavy rainfall?

    1. I think the village was flooded because there is only 1 diminutive patch of land which is in the middle of the village. But the doors of the houses or the cafés are just showing beneath the calm and lapping water. I think this because if it was it a water rise then the water would have been up to the top of the roofs.

    2. It’s a would have to be a flood because there is no sign of a flowing river nearby the village and floods occur whenever there has been very heavy rain or if a river over floes. I think this because in the photograph there was no sign of any rivers so it must be a flood from heavy rain.


    Occur: Means to happen or come about.
    Diminutive: Means very small or much smaller than usual

  14. Observe: I can see an oval with grass on it in the ocean with a lot of cages.
    Wonder: Why did they design this place with all these cages on the ocean?
    Infer: I think they did this to get more people come and visit this place. They will try to get more people so they get more money so they can upgrade their places.
    Observe: There is a county where you can see at the back of this picture.
    Wonder: Why did they make this place so far away from the county?
    Infer: So they have to spend more money on boats and that to get there. They did it to get more money for their self’s to just expend on it.

  15. Observation: the homes are floating. On the water

    Wonder: why are the homes floating on the water how can they stay on top of the water.

    Infer: the homes could be floating on the water on their own. Or the homes might have some think under it.

  16. O: I can observe lots of tiny houses floating on water.
    W:I wonder why there are lots of tiny houses floating on the water?
    I: The houses might be there because they are homes for people on water.

    O: I can observe a small island
    W: Why is there a small island
    I: The island might be there because people living in the small houses might want to go for a trip to the island.

    I can see sharp, pointy things that look like roofs off a house and the water has flooded the town.
    I can see little bits of green land sticking out of the blue blooming water waiting for breath.
    I can see very tiny canoes, gliding through the dark glistening water, looking for a nice bit of land to sail upon.
    I can see people on the little bit of grassland with their canoes trailing behind them, waiting for another ride around, in the water, to yet find another bit of land.
    I can see the greenness of the trees being ready to be sucked up as the water grows higher and higher exponentially.
    How did the water raise exponentially waiting to suck up all the dry land?
    How will the people survive without having to go out to sea?
    I think the people will eat the fruits out of the trees and boil the water for it to become clean.
    I think that the canoes will float away with their resources and they will end up dying of starvation or no water.

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