Narrative Writing Prompts

Pick two of the narrative writing prompts below to unpack two fantastic seeds that you will be able to turn into powerful drafts.

Two of the prompts are images, one is a writing prompt.

# I looked everywhere, but there was no sign of it anywhere.

In your seed you will need to leave room for your topic, write a brief description of what your narrative is based on and then plan your beginning (characters and setting), problem (interesting problem) and solution (with suspense). Remember to include powerful language and descriptive words in your seeds that may be used in your draft later on.

3 thoughts on “Narrative Writing Prompts

  1. Look and learn-Big foot
    What could you hear- I can hear the beautiful sea as the waves crash. I can hear the rocks bag together as the wind blows slowly. I can hear people talking nice and quiet. I can hear the seagulls squawking not to loud but perfect. I can hear the music playing quietly. I can hear a big thump. I can hear people screaming.

    What can you see- A massive THING!!!!!!. I can see the sand lifting up beyond the things feet. I can see a massive foot print. I can see loads of foot prints going through the beach. But this one was special. I can see people running away. I can see people in fear.

    What are you feeling- I am feeling scared because I do not understand. I am feeling petrified because where is it heading. I am feeling wonky because I a big thump. I am feeling really worried because where did this thing come from.

    What are you thinking- I am thinking where it came from. I am thinking how did it get hear. I am thinking where it is going to go. I am thinking why it is so big. I am thinking what it is. I am thinking what on earth what happened. I am thinking what happened to that humungous thing.

  2. I looked everywhere but could not find it anywhere
    There are three teenage girls and they are best friends. Their names are Abby, Taylor and Alana. One day they were standing beside a little shop at the corner of the street. Just chilling. Then Alana went to go get money out of her pocket. Her phone slightly slipped out of her pocket. With a bang. The girls did not know what it was. So they did not pay any interest and just kept on walking.
    Then they went to go get lunch the three of them. Then Alana was going to put music on her phone but it was not there she felt shocked really shocked. Then she asked the girls have you seen my phone. They both said no. So we looked everywhere around the corner but it was not there. So they said you might of left it at home. Alana said yeah I think I did. I must of.
    Then they went home Alana looked everywhere for it. She was so worried. So she told her dad and her dads said go and find it you can ring up yours friends to help if you like. So Taylor called me on my phone. We heard my phone we all looked at each other and said oh no. Its down the drain that what that noise was.
    So I went home with my friends and told my dad. So he went to the shed and got this big toll. So me my dad and my friends showed him. Taylor rang again just to make sure and we were right. So me my dad and my friends had a toll each. All we done was just pulled so hard and grunted grrrr.
    Finally me my friends and my dad have took it off there it was a bit of scratches but no cracks. I am so thankfull for these tolls. Now I have to be more carefull,

  3. During one beautiful sunny afternoon, as the waves hammered against the sandy, white beach, I bounded into the crystal clear water and I could feel the waves as they crashed on top of my shoulders.

    As I squatted over a rock I felt the rock give a little rumble… followed by a rattle. The rock never stopped shaking so I raced out of the water and onto the sand. I said to myself “I’m sure rocks don’t move around at ALL!! I stared down at the rock and the rock started to rise. It rose and rose until it stood taller than a single palm tree. He had wide blue bulging eyes that stared down at me, a giant patch of green hair which looked like a patch of green moss living on a rock, he had 2 teeth sticking out. He walked from the water and onto the sand as he walked the ground shook live an Earthquake. I tapped him on the shoulder and asked “Who are you? And where did you come from? “My name is Gretchelan and I came from the bottom of the ocean. I was hoping to find a giant bush to shelter from this raging storm” STORM!! WHAT STORM. I yelled “There’s a storm coming and I don’t want to be under the sea while there’s a storm. “You’ll find lots of giant bushes in the forest.

    That night there was a storm. I walked to the window and watched the lightning flash and objects being carried away in the wind. Suddenly something caught my eye IT WAS GRETCHELAN’S BUSH!!! I saw something fall from behind the bush and I started to worry. When the storm had passed I raced down to the beach and saw Gretchelan sitting down by the water’s edge. I asked him “Are you all right” NO!! Not really. He told me that his bush was swept away during the storm with him trapped inside and he said that he fell out of the bush and landed on the beach. He then stood up and walked away into the thick bush followed by 100 MORE!!

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