Inquiry: Asia – Checklist

5/6 Unit Inquiry Checklist Term 2 2014 – Asia

Mind Map/Question Web: Individual

Mind map on your country and Australia > branch off to topics such as food, culture, weather, money, tourism, history, recreational activities/sports, clothing, animals, landscape, population, language, employment, religion, government, education, etc. > Branch off each of the topics and ask 2 questions for each.

Hypothesis to inquiry question: Individual

Predict an answer for the inquiry question.

Venn Diagram: Group

Use 5 of your topics and questions from the mind map to construct a detailed Venn diagram, comparing your Asian country and Australia. You will need to inquire and research into your Asian country to be able to make comparisons with Australia.

Map X 2: Group

o   Map of the country showing key areas such as capitals, provinces, etc.

o   Map of the country showing its place in Asia and comparison to where the country is in relation to Australia.

Planned Asian Holiday: Group

You will have $15,000 to plan an Asian holiday for 10 days (2 people). You need to also plan to visit three tourist attractions.

o   Budget (calculate how much the holiday will cost)

-Flights, Accommodation, 3 tourist attractions & $20 per day for food

o   Mapping

-Detailed map of the country, showing the location of the accommodation, airport & tourist attractions.

o   Time-zones

-Time and time difference at the time of arrival and departure.

Brochure: Group

  • Information report > Linked to the your research from the Venn Diagram.
  • Information/images about three tourist attractions.
  • Information/images about accommodation including cost.
  • Information/images about airfares including cost.
  • Map of the country > you can use the map from the holiday task.
Results and conclusion: Group

Answer the inquiry question in detail.

Presentation: Group

You will present this project to an audience. They will ask you about your inquiry question, so make sure you know how to answer it well!


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