100 Word Challenge

Today you are going to complete a 100 word challenge. Your writing must be as descriptive as possible. You may like to use a snapshot to assist you in improving your descriptive writing. Your writing must included at least 3 adjectives, 1 emotive word and 1 simile.

Your writing prompt is below and it needs to be included in your writing.

…some of the words sounded like a foreign language…

Think about what your story could be based on. Maybe you are lost in an unknown location, people are screaming at you and you can’t understand or maybe a loud speaker is warning you of an emergency but you’re struggling to understand it. It is up to you what you write about.

Think carefully about your writing and read through it thoroughly before posting.

3 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge

  1. Some of the words, he was saying, sounded like a foreign language from another country. The country he had come from must have had an incredibly bad literacy rate! I was trying to lip read his lips, but then I thought, what is that going to do to help me. It all started on a completely normal day, where you stood in the bright brown dust and feel it crumble between your toes. It was a place where you look around and stare at all the trees, bushes and flowers waving at you in the wind. The fresh sent of animal dung comes towards you in the calm soft wind, although it makes you want to vomit. It was all great until there was a massive earthquake. I tried to keep my balance, but it was nearly impossible to stand up straight. It was like I was a little doll being shaken around by a beautiful young girl. Rocks began to fall off the immensely tall mountains. I saw a near-by village over on the bright green hills. I sprinted over as fast as I could. I personally thought I was a little too late. I saw no one at all. I checked all the buildings but one. I checked. There sat all the villagers in a little pile trying to stay safe from the falling boulders. This was the problem. A man was talking to me but I couldn’t understand him though. What could I do? I was clueless!!!

  2. One lonely winter’s day. I was walking to the park. My shoes were filled with rough soft snow. I look over a huge bridge and then……… I saw loads of people. The lonely park was filled for once in a life time. I walked over there people were talking and some of the words sounded like a foreign language. I couldn’t even understand one word. I was thinking what was going on. Then I was feeling quite left out because everyone was speaking a different language then me. So then I decided to go back to my boring old house.

  3. I was just walking on a bright sunny day when I see a box I didn’t want to open it because when I was younger I opened a box with stuff I wouldn’t want to dill with ever, here I go I open it then I see a fluffy monster with one huge eye I was going to say something to him but let him do the talking some of the words sounded like a foreign language it was wired but I didn’t want to be rude so I didn’t leave until it started getting late so I didn’t care if I was rude so I put him back into the box and thrown him into the bin.

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