Homework – 100 Word Challenge

For this week’s homework you are to write a descriptive piece of writing by doing a 100 word challenge!

The prompt this week is 5 words. They can be put anywhere in your writing and in any order but you must use them all. Please use your highlighting, ‘BOLDING’, skills to help us see where you have used the words, or if you are handwriting this challenge, perhaps you could underline the words in red?

Good luck!

… Gateway, Cold, Running, Black, Friend…

Those who complete a descriptive piece of writing, which is well edited, will be able to add it to their writers’ gift.

19 thoughts on “Homework – 100 Word Challenge

  1. Her I am in the darkness in a cave with no one around I think! A few seconds later I see this dark figure in the dark it was my friend and he was very cold he was running for a wile my friend was really black in the dark. I think I can feel a sharp pane in my back I touch it I feel blued and then I scream out to my friend as loud as I can RUN AWAY QUIK or you won’t make it to see the sun. I think it was some think with claws.

  2. I woke up really active ready to do my run I started running when it started getting cold. But I didn’t really care that mush but what I didn’t know was that it was trying to tell me something, It started getting way to cold for me so I called my friend I wanted him to pick me up I waited at the gateway of the park I started getting annoyed because he was taking so long until I seen heaps of people running towards be I didn’t know what was going on so I ignored it until I see a huge wave coming right for me I was trapped.

  3. It was a cold night in the dense jungle. The sky was completely black and speckled in stars. My friend Tyler and I were running through the jungle trying to get away from a ferocious tiger. then out of the corner of my eye i saw a gateway so i pointed it out to Tyler and we ran towards it. The gate looked really old and looked like it hadn’t been used in years! The lock was so rusty we couldn’t open the gate! The tiger was getting closer so we ran to the right hand side of the gate and we jumped the fence to find ourselves at a dead end. The tiger approached and cornered us…

  4. It was coldest night this year it made me feel like I was in a freezer! The night skies made it pitch black when I was running I could see a humungous gateway right in front of me I opened the gates to the house and I was mysterious so I went inside there and I could feel someone around me but I couldn’t see them all of a sudden a friend appeared out of nowhere, I asked him where did you come from he didn’t reply but he went down the corridor and disappeared out of nowhere so I was scared now and afraid.

  5. One evening I was sleeping when I saw this ugly thing that looked like bloody marry with black hair she touch me and she was cold I shouted go getaway you ugly beast get away cold running black thing she is one of the scariest ugliest dead woman in the world I went in my room and locked the doors but then I just realised that she can go through walls I hid under my blanket so she wouldn’t find out where I was if I make one single noise she’ll kill she dint know where I was and when she went out the door I open the window and sneak out and went out that country and never came I survived and lived the end and there it was crazy story I know the end.

  6. It was a dark and stormy night I was sleeping very peacefully. Suddenly this scary ghost appears right in my face I start scramming and yelling getaway u ugly beast. I stared running away and right after me come’ the ghost. On the corner of my eye was a fridge so I sprint to the fridge and hide in there it was the coldest thing I ever experienced in my whole life. I hear silence I thought it was gone so I got out and there it was so I start sprinting again to the outside door. I got outside and it was pitch black I tried to find my way to my friend’s house. In my pocket was night vision goggles and then I found my way to my friend house and I was safe.

  7. On a COLD MISTERIOUS day. I was on the HARD jetty catching some fish. WOOOOOOHHHHHHH with a big WIBBLE and a WOBBLE. I caught a fish. I relled my rod in fast like the cars go on FAST FURIOUS. I was overwhelb. I even texted my family that we are having a big WOPPER fish tonight. My hands were shivering from the COLD rod, but I did NOT care AT ALL.
    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.How can this happen it was a small fish. I went home and they were exited with there plates set up. I DID NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO.

  8. On a dark stormy morning the sky was black and it was really freezing cold. Me and my family where running as fast as we can to the gateway as we were running I saw my friend shivering cold and her mum was hugging her so she can keep warm. We drove our car to a warmer place to stay over the night. The place that we stayed looked freaky but it was warmer than our house. I saw a black thing going past me but I think it’s just my head. So I went to bed well. When I was in bed I heard voices in my head.

  9. It was a pitch black night and it was freezing COLD I was looking through a dark mysterious GATEWAY I started walking towards it carefully I wasn’t sure what was in there it just seemed so different to other houses when all the sudden my FRIEND started sprinting towards me and I started RUNNING towards her, I can’t run that fast and I tripped over a log my FRIEND screamed and turned back I got up fast and looked behind me I ran much faster than before and caught up to my FRIEND, I asked her what the things following us were she said they were vampires, I don’t believe her anymore.

  10. It was a freezing COLD pitch BLACK night I had entered a GATEWAY to a stadium. I thought that it would be sunny and warm but it was freezing COLD and it was pitch BLACK, I couldn’t see anything in front of me. I heard a voice in the distance and it was my FRIEND calling out to me as she was lost and COLD too. I stated RUNNING toward her voice until I found my FRIEND, and we left the stadium RUNNING together and we were so happy to have found each other.

  11. It was a cold day and I was outside feeding my 2 horses. One was black and the other was grey. As I fed the horses I heard loud barking. The baking got louder and louder. Then I saw a huge German Sheppard and that look on his face was an angry look. He charged straight towards me and my horses. We all panicked and we crowded into one corner. Every corner was surrounded by barb wire. I was at the front and I noticed that one of my horses was trapped because its leg was tied up in barb wire. The dog was now standing in front of us. I saw my best friend who was racing over the hill. She entered through the gateway which was the opening of the fence. I slowly reached for my whip and the dog looked at me. So I whipped the dog on the hind. He whined and cried. He was in so much pain he started running away.

  12. … Gateway, Cold, Running, Black, Friend…

    There I was, it was a freezing COLD night and I was standing at the GATEWAY of my ginormous BLACK mansion. I was scared! I was waiting for my FRIEND after she went out for dinner with her parents. She said she wouldn’t be long at all. She said she would roughly be about half an hour. I went inside after she left for about twenty five minutes watching television, and for five minutes I have been sitting out here. Suddenly, I heard a horrifying noise. I began RUNNING! It was a car. Was it her. Someone got out the car. It was a man! A tall lanky skinny man!!!

  13. It was a cold and wet day. My friend Jamera was running but something happen. She disappeared though the thin dark black house. I was running though the gateway when I walked though the house someone came out. I said it is a boggler. I was screaming when I was petrified. I sore Jamera laying there. I was try to wake Jamera up. But she said ” where I’m I” I wondered Jamera. Where going home SOON because I have my phone on me so I will CALL mum. What happen next?

  14. One cold raining day, by the gateway I was waiting for my friend who was on the other side of town coming to get me because there was no one else near to contact, I was wanting to get out of this bad weather before I get a miserable cough and so I start running on the black road to the nearest station to meet my friend they she wouldn’t have to drive more to waste her petrol, so I met her at the station to get more petrol and they I can get a ride home with my friend.

  15. There was a friend at the gate way at the front of my house and I was running along a black road. I stop to say hello and he just ruined away from me and I just was looking at him and as he just runs away. So I walk to my home, I went to my bed and wet to sleep but I couldn’t go to sleep. So I went down to the dinner table. Mum cook me and dad noodles. It was the best dinner ever.

  16. It was pitch BLACK I was COLD me and my FRIEND where RUNING towards my house and then we could see the GATWAY.

  17. I was all alone in a dark, COLD cave when the rock to the GATEWAY closed in. I was RUNNING around everywhere looking for an opening but I could not find one anywhere. I did not know what to do because I felt like I was going to die. I heard a noise somewhere in the cave. It turned out to be my FRIEND and he was carrying a big shovel to dig us out. At first it was BLACK, but when we dug ourselves out it went light and we could see.

  18. I am thinking that the character likes to be a Mallory in the Spotlight and Mallory McDonald and she as a BIG problem , B.F.F.B.B problem and she have a best friend behaving what as a badly problems. I think that Mallory McDonald have NO friends what are not NICE to Mallory McDonald. She might have NO friends to talk to. She’s always unhappy for her-self. I know that she is excited that I don’t let it because she has more nicer friends to talk to and play with Mallory McDonald. I believe that Danielle and Arielle are might having a surprise for Mallory McDonald or it’s for the grade and Danielle and Arielle often heard from the teacher and now they know about it. Though my reading I think that Mallory McDonald has a secret and she is very excited because she nicer girls to talk.

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