The Viewer – Author’s Message

We have read Shaun Tan’s book ‘The Viewer’ and discussed its traits. Today we will read the book again, focusing on the author’s messages throughout the text.

After we read the text, you will each write down an authors message as a post and provide evidence to support your opinion. You will need to think carefully about the hidden messages within the text.

Remember your title, author and SL1S.


21 thoughts on “The Viewer – Author’s Message

  1. 📷The Viewer📹
    By Shaun Tan

    SL1S: Tristan is a curious boy and goes to the city dump and finds a viewer ( an object of which you insert pictures and look through them like a camera.

    Authors message:
    1. Don’t touch things that don’t belong to you and don’t take them home because it might kill you.
    2. We should learn throughout our mistakes in history so we don’t continue it.

    1. Chelsea you have done a very great job! You’ve had put a lot of effort into “The Viewer” and have put detailed and descriptive words into your work!.😊

  2. Tittle: The viewer
    Author:Shaun tan
    Sl1s: A kid that goes to the junk year and find a thing that he puts he’s eye in. In the thing that he put he’s eye in there is a lot of scare picture.

    I think the authors messages is don’t touch something that’s not your or something bad mite happen to you. I think that because in the book the kid touch something and something happen to him.

  3. Title: the viewer
    Author(s):Shaun tan and Gary Crew
    SL1S: Tristan finds a mysterious box.

    I think the authors message is that if you find something unusual leave it alone!
    I think this because if you find something that is just laying on the ground or at the dump or some where, you never know what has been touching it or where it has been. Or it might still belong to someone and they have dropped it and didn’t notice.


      Title: The Viewer

      Author/s: Shaun Tan and Gary Crew

      S.L.1.S: A little boy named Tristan went out to the junkyard and found a viewer master, he then looked into it and he got sucked in forever where his mother could not ever find him.

      Authors message:
      I think the authors message could possibly be, although there could be something bad that has happened in the past, it is always better to remember it so you can learn from you bad mistakes. You could learn from the bad things that happened in past so more bad things will not happen again. Things that might happen in the past are sometimes natural disasters and man made disasters. If it was a natural disaster you can’t really do anything to help yourself to be prepared for the future. As for man made disasters, you can help each other learn so you don’t do the exact same bad thing again. As my mum says, “ALWAYS LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES”!

      Written by, Tristan Platt.

    2. Good Feedback:
      I like how you have used very descriptive language an d that how you have told me what the authors message is correctly. You told me clearly what the message was and it worked.

      Constructive feedback:
      I think that you could expand on your SLIS a tiny little bit. If you do it will be a lot better. This is how I can get ginormous bits of writing. If you do this it will improve you writing skills.

  4. Tittle: The viewer
    Author: Shawn tan
    Sl1S: their as this young boy called Tristan and he went to the dump and he found a toy.

    Don’t touch something that is not yours and is from the dump because you don’t know if someone has done any thing to it or has put a bomb so it can blow it up because in the book their was lots of disasters in the images that where in the thing that the little boy was looking into. I think that this is the authors message because of what it said in the book.

  5. Tittle: The Viewer
    Author: Shaun Tan and Gary Crew
    SLIS: In the book Tristan finds a time viewer.

    In the book Tristan finds a viewer in the city dump. He takes it and looks in to the viewer. I think the authors message is to never touch any thing that is not yours because on day someone might come to you and try to get it back because they could of left it at the place you found it from and it could be really important to them because they might of got it from their parents or gramma or grandpa that might of died. At the end Tristan disappeared.

    Mr $$ DENG

  6. Shaun Tan Authors message

    Tittle: The viewer
    Author: Shaun Tan
    S.L.1.S: It was about a young curious boy who found a mysterious box at a dump yard.

    I think the author is trying to tell us to learn from our mistakes. I think that because so we don’t make the same mistakes again.

  7. Title: The Viewer
    Author: Shaun Tan
    SL1S: A boy is curios and he goes out and finds a little box and it is full of pictures of man made natural disasters, and at the end, he disappears.

    I believe the author’s message is;
    If you have made a mistake and you know you have made it, try and learn from and not do it again. I believe this because, in the book, their were lots of pictures of man made disasters in a little chest so that other people who saw the pictures, would know they did it.

  8. Tittle: The viewer
    Author: Shaun Tan
    SL1S A boy find this mystery box in the trash because his curious and the town dump was his favourite place.

    The authors message is to learn form your mistake through out history.

    Why do I think that is the message. When you don’t learn from your mistake you make the same mistake that you did in the pass. You can make a better decision and yeah learn from them.

  9. Title viewer.
    Author Shaun tan.
    Sl1s about a boy who finds viewer machine toy.

    The author message is we all learn from our mistake I think that because he didn’t leave the viewer machine alone.

  10. Title the viewer

    Author ShaunTan

    SL1S it’s about a boy that was called Tristan and he all ways goes to the dump

    I think that the author message was that if you find something different, do not touch it because you could be steeling from the person that owned and they could be devastated that they have lost their precious thing that they have lost.

  11. Title:the viewer.
    Author(s):Shaun tan and Gary crew.
    Sl1s:Tristan finds a mysterious box.

    I think the authors message is you can find lots of amazing stuff in the tip.
    I think this because their are a lot of cool stuff in the 70’s and the 80’s like old bikes and games and Tristan must like old stuff

  12. Tittle: The viewer

    Author: Shaun Tan and Garry Crew

    SL1S: A young boy finds a chest that has a mask in it and he has a look at it.

    I think the authors message is don’t touch things that you don’t know what it’s going to do because it could do anything like it turns on then starts doing things or you don’t know what to do and you get into trouble for doing nothing. It also could hurt you or it ends up broken.

  13. Title: the viewer.
    Author: Shaun Tan.
    SILS: The Viewer is about the history and though the pasted.

    Authors message:
    If you find thing what don’t belong to you shouldn’t touch thing because how ever it might belong might be looking for it and they might feel so upset that they can’t find there fantastic toys.

  14. 📹 The Viewer 📷
    Author~ Shan Tan
    S.L.I.S~ It’s about a boy who was curious when he was first born about things around him and when he goes older he is still curious so he goes out and goes to this dump and looking for lost things and he found a little toy viewer and he can see
    different kinds of pictures and the next morning before breakfast he looks through the little toy viewer and gets sucks through.

    ✒️ Author’s Message ✏️
    I think the Author’s message is telling us if you are curious about something it may not a good idea to check it out, unless you know it’s safe enough to check it out and don’t touch anything what is not yours just in case something might happen.

    ~Abby 5/6A

  15. Tittle: The viewer
    Author: Shaun Tan
    Sl1s: It is a book about a little boy named Tristan and when he he was boon the first time he opened his eyes he was curious. Tristan always wondered of the place that Tristan loved going to was the junk yard.

    The authors message: I think the authors message was don’t touch something that is not yours just leave it alone like Tristan he touched a camera thing and I think he is stuck in there for ever just because Tristan touched it. I think Tristan might be gone or something because they author never said that Tristan was stuck in the camera thing and if you do touch it and something bad happens you will learn from your mistakes that you made. If you touch something that is not yours you could be happy or you could be sad but in this case Tristan is sad.

    I think this because The author never said that Tristan was stuck in there Tristan might have gone to the park or something like that. But if I was Tristan and I was stuck in the camera thing I would feel so sad that all of my life is now gone.

  16. Josh

    Title The Viewer

    Author Shaun Tan Gary Crew

    SLIS It’s about this kid who goes and explores the dump for knew things then he finds this photo thing then gets sucked on and nobody remembers him he wasn’t born.

    Authors Message
    I think the authors message was that the viewer tells you to learn from your mistakes that why the viewer was made. I think this because the kid found it in the dump because someone dumped it there maybe because they knew that it sucks you in so they dumped it there.We need to not make them mistakes again. The authors message might be that we always need to remember the past even if it was something bad we need to remember. I think this because the viewer is a eval thing what sucks people in so that must mean its eval so it don’t care but the won thing that the viewer wants is that everyone remembers the past and what happens in the past or maybe it was something in the past and someone did something bad now his trying to tell everyone to not to make the same mistakes as the over guy Maybe that guy was him and they put him there so he can tell everyone us not to do the same thing but if they don’t listen he sucks them in, Tristan thought they were just pictures and they didn’t mean anything but Maybe they did

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