Information Report – The World Cup

Today you will begin to research an Australian soccer player on preparation for an information report.

When researching, locate the following information:

– Who is the person? – basic information

– What is their occupation/profession? – (Who do they play for? What position to they play? What are their strengths?)

– Achievements

– History – Before playing professional soccer

Choose one of the players below for your information report. Some of players below will be participating in this year’s world cup.

4 thoughts on “Information Report – The World Cup

  1. Look
    I looked at people working together.
    I looked at really talented people’s skill.
    I think soccer is most popular sport is because more then 1000 people play soccer.
    I learned that soccer is the most popular.
    I learned that they are more then 1000 people play.
    I learned soccer has more people playing then baseball.

  2. All of these players are in a team and they stick together and help each other.
    There is no ‘I’ in team because you are not the only person in your team, there are other people to. But if you are a mean person, all you want to do is win and make yourself popular, so there is an ‘I’ in win.

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