23 thoughts on “Week 8 homework!

  1. O: Young man, Arrows and lights.
    W: Where is the man going? What do the arrows mean? What are the lights doing with the man’s hat?
    I: I think the man is going some were better because he is looking at multiply signs that would go to more then places. I think the arrows mean some place because that’s what signs do in real life they some place or some street. I think the man’s hat is being taken away so it lands on some signs and that’s where he is meant to go and what he should do.

  2. I observe that Shaun tan is lost in the rain and his new to the town and trying to find his way home.

    W: I wonder in the end he finds his way home because of the arrows in the picture that’s how finds his way home.

    I: I infer that his looking around the town at night time and the wind blows his hat off and he look all after it and when he tries to find it it keeps blowing away and soon as the wind stop he finds it on arrows of the town and the arrows where to and he takes it and goes back home.

  3. I see a man who looks very curious about the bright shining light towords him and he seems very intrested in the map that is on the floor.I wonder why he is so intrested in the objects and why he came upon the light showing him to the map. I Infer that it is a windy day and the mans hat fell off, when he put it back on a ball of light unexpectaly came out of nowhere and led him to the map.

  4. I see a man looking very sad. I just see black and white in the back ground. I see a bright light heading towards the man. I see white arrows everywhere. I see lights everywhere. I wonder what is the man doing. I wonder what are those mysterious lights. I wonder what do those arrows stand for. I wonder if he is lost. I infer what is happening is the arrows are telling him where to go then he just gets sucked up. I infer that the man is homeless and then he gets sucked up a magical mashin that changes his life. I think the light mean a symble of some sort.

  5. I see a young man who’s questioning about the bright shining lights which are floating all around him and he seems fascinated in the map which is lying down on the floor. I wonder what makes him so fascinated about the things. I infer that it’s a blustery day because he’s hat fell off, when he put his hat back on a big ball of light mysteriously appeared out of nowhere and lead him to the map. The map has lots of arrows which are pointing in every direction.

  6. In the first picture, the man is looking around. I wonder why he is looking around? I infer that the man is looking around because he is befuddled about those weird glowing things.
    In the third picture, the mans hat has blew off of his head. I wonder why his hat blew off? Maybe one of those weird glowing things flew past and knocked it off.
    In the last picture there is a ”map.” Where does the map lead to? I think it is a map of the city because that city( from reading the arrival last year) seems like a very confusing city!

  7. What do you observe (see) in the picture?
    I can see bright lights like stars.
    I can see that the man has dropped his hat.
    I can see some sort of picture or something like instructions.

    What do you wonder (questions) about the picture?
    I wonder why the pictures are there?
    What is so fascinating about the lights?
    What is the man feeling?

    What do you infer is happening in the picture (can you guess what is happening based on what you see)?
    I think the pictures are there because they can show him his destiny.
    The picture made me think that the lights are fascinating because they can show him the way to better live.
    I think the man is feeling lucky.

  8. Observe:
    Snow is falling.
    He is looking around.

    Why is snow falling?
    Why is he looking around?

    It might be a really cold winter. I think this because in winter, it is known to snow.

    I think he is looking wondering why it is snowing because it might be the wrong time of the year.

  9. O
    A young man is looking around. You can see snow fulling down. His hat has blown off his head. His picking up the hat from the ground. There’s all writing all over the ground.

    Why is he looking around? Why is there snow fulling? Why did his hat blown off? Why did he pick up the hat? Why is there writing on the ground?

    His looking around because he might be wondering where people are. Snow is fulling because it might be Christmas or it’s in winter. His hat blown away because it might be a storm coming or it’s a wing Would of came to blown his hat away. He pick up the hat because he doesn’t want his hat left on the ground for someone to take it. The writing on the ground might be there because he might need to go somewhere and he can’t find where his going.

  10. I see a old man . Why is he
    Looking up . I infer that he he is looking at the glowing things in the sky.
    I observer that the old men wants to now what the glowing things are.
    Why is the man so interested in the glowing lights. I infer that he wants to no what they are. I see the mans Hat is fowling off. Are the glowing things blowing it off. I infer that they are blowing them off because they pushing ti

  11. I see lights and it looks like a old person in the picture. It looks like there is a men there and he looks like he is lost and he’s hat gets blown of and he looks sad because he might of got it from he’s uncle or he’s mum and dad that have passed away and he looks like he really wants to find it.

    I think he found a he hat on a map or something. It looks like there is some one else

    in the picture because he looks different because when he has no beard and when his hat flys off it looks like he dose not have
    any beard. Why would he want the hat so bad?
    It looks like someone else because he has no
    mass ash. It looks like it is night
    in there because I see a moon.

  12. I can see this old man and his hat fell of I wonder how it fell of?
    I think it might have fallen of by those things glowing up in the air. Why is that man looking at the arrows on the floor and lots of other kinds of places in the street.
    I wonder what the little lights are doing to the old mans hat. I think they are trying to tell him something with the arrows. The guy looks surprised when the wind gets his hat and blows away I think the man will be sad that his hat has blown away and he might not find it again if he was me I would not be happy about the wind because of what it done to my hat if that was you what would you do. The white things made the hat fall of that is what I think happened to the old man I would be up seat that that happens I think anyone would be sad if that happens.

    I see lights, glowing things, a black hat that has been blown away in to the middle of no where, and I see lots of arrows all arrowhead he place on the flore and on the buildings.

  13. What do you observe (see) in the picture?
    I see a men who lost his hat because of this horrible storm.
    I see the men who is looking curious about a thing on the floor.
    I see the men who dropped his hat because of the storm.

    What do you wonder (questions) about the picture?
    I wonder why the men is so into the thing on the floor?
    I wonder if something made the storm happen?
    I wonder if the arrows mean anything.

    What do you infer is happening in the picture (can you guess what is happening based on what you see)?
    I think that he is a since sand he found something out so now he’s trying go home but a eval thing is trying to kill him

    1. Great job Josh I see you have put a lot of effete in to your work I recon you should be proud of your self.

  14. In the first pitcher their is this man looking around.
    In the last photo their is a man and he is looking at a arrow and he is looking at a particular thing.
    I wonder if he I trying to look for someone.
    I infer that their are 2 people trying to take him away.

  15. O:there really strong wind.
    W:I wander how the the man feels.
    I: I think the man feels up set because his hat fell off.

  16. What do you observe (see) in the picture?
    I see that a man might be in a storm, and I think this because of the hat flying off his head.
    What do you wonder (questions) about the picture?
    My wondering is what is the man looking at with the sunned shape, I think this because he is looking at the shiny ball.

    What do you infer is happening in the picture (can you guess what is happening based on what you see)?
    I infer that the man is maybe in a an Alien place, I think this because of the different objects around the air.

  17. Fantastic job doil I love everything a bout it I think you should be on the top because you dune a tarific job at it we’ll dune

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