Homework: Week 9

Describe in a short report your experiences at the Traralgon Primary School Winter Sports. You might be able to include information about your teams performance, what you learnt from the day and any challenges that you had.

9 thoughts on “Homework: Week 9

  1. The 5/6’s were welcomed down near the netball courts to have a fun day and compete with other school. You had to choose from Hockey, T ball, Netball or soccer. I was in the hockey team and we did not win any games unfortunately. The challange were to try to dribble the ball to the end. But I think we done good we only had an hour of practice any way. It was a really fun day to meet other school and just play games and have fun.

  2. At this year’s winter sports I was doing football. It was AWESOME!! We lost 4 games and won 1 against Saint Michal’s. We should have won all of them but some people didn’t bother trying with their tackling. A highlight of the day was when Brandon snapped a goal from 50 and it only just rolled through! Our teams performance was excellent (especially against grey street but we still lost 24 nil). The umpires were sort of bad because they didn’t play free kicks against the other teams when they did something they shouldn’t of. Especially when a saint Gabriel s player booted a goal from over the line and it still included as a goal. 😦 But they hadn’t umpired a footy Mach before so I don’t blame them for making a couple of errors. The challenges I had was trying to take down players from other teams right in front of their goals. Especially when someone from Stockdale road grabbed me around the head and tripped me!!!(That hurt!) In the end Brandon ended up winning our best and fairest and our Brownlow medal! (Good job Brandon!!)

  3. For Winter sports I was doing T-ball. We won 2 games drew 1nce and lost 3 times, I also made a bet with Ben that if he could get 3 people out in the first turn I would give him $50, our best players were, Liam and Ben. It was a Challenge to Hit the ball far enough without the other team getting it to first base, if you had loaded based you would need to hit atleast 1 home run, and you need to find a gap to hit it through so that the 3rd base person could run to home, Liam hit the biggest hit,, I learnt How to play T-ball.

  4. for winter sports i was playing netball. we won 3 games and lost 2 games. we lost to grey street and st gabils. it was a nice sunny day. the net balers were going to walk to school but mr mulin siad wecould not. in netball i was a goal difens.

  5. For winter sports I did hocky- We had lost all games but thanks to Tyson we had got 1 gaol. I think that we could of done better but we could only do what we could do. I think that if we had heaps more practise I think that we could of one at least 1 game. In hocky, I was playing in any part.

  6. The winter sports was amazing Branden got the best and ferst in the footy I had a great time we had a great coch mr Andrew

  7. I had great fun playing soccer and all of the team work that went in to it. The only thing I didn’t like was that we only got one goal for the hole day in like 5 games. And all the performers where going great. Are team didn’t even win one game but I’m still happy that we all tried are best to beat the other teams.

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