7 thoughts on “Inquiry Checklist – Australian History

  1. CONVICTS LIFE / FIRST FLEET- I know that in the First Fleet, the boats were infested with rats or mice, cockroaches and other pests. The convicts on the boats would have been sea sick, this means the hull of the boats were covered and filled with vomit. There were no toilets at all back then, so they had to use buckets. And ships rock all of the time. So all of their faeces would be everywhere over the floor. The convicts were not allowed to go up to of the ship so that meant that they never got to get any fresh air. It could possibly damage their breathing. The convicts went because they committed serious crimes. You would get the death penalty if these crimes were committed: Theft, Murder, Rape and Impersonating an Egyptian. By- Tristan Platt and Deng Garang.

  2. In England life was very rough because if you were old and you did something you would still go to jail and even if you were about seven or even 4 you would still go to jail. In London/England nobody cared about you whether you young or old. The streets were infested of rats, cockroaches and poo. After you finished doing you biasness they would just simply chuck it down the drain and it will head out to the ocean and if you were lucky enough to have a tap the water would be dirty because why people poo and wee it goes to the ocean and that where the water comes from.

  3. Before researching, I think that there were 11 ships in the First Fleet. I also think that convicts travelled on the ships of the First Fleet. I have learned that there were 6 ships that carried the convicts, 3 store ships that had weapons and other resources, and 2 ships that carried the police force and the guards.While I was researching, I found out that 40 convicts did not survive the horrendous trip. There were 778 convicts on all of the 6 convict ships in the First Fleet. All of the ships involved in the First Fleet were captained by a man called Arthur Phillip.

  4. Before researching, I think the Australian Federation happened in 1901. I think, prior to the Federation, that each of the states and territories in Australia were all against each other because they had different governments and laws, so they ruled differently. While I was researching, I found out that when the white people arrived, many of the aborigines were killed by the white people, because they were fighting over the land. I think that the aborigines were furious with the white people because they had taken over their land.

  5. 1770~Captain Cook discovered Australia and placed his flag on Botany Bay.

    1787~(May the 13th) the First Fleet left Ports Mouth, England bound for Australia.

    1788~First Fleet first arrived in Botany Bay on January 18th.

    1790~ Women convicts arrived in Australia.

    1817~ Australia first named “Australia”.

    1837~ Melbourne officially named.

    1851~ Hargraves discovered gold in Bathurst, N.S.W later that year in Ballarat.
    -Start of Australian Gold rush.

    1858~ Start of White population, 1 million people in total.

    1861~ first Melbourne Cup was held.

    1880~ Ned Kelly got hanged in Melbourne.

    1882~ Ashes cricket test vs England begin.

    1901~Australian Federation, where Australia becomes one nation.

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