Reading: Using Comprehension Strategies – Reflection

Today we are going to reflect independently on our reading.

In a post reflect on what comprehension strategies you used in your independent reading and how these strategies helped you as a reader.

13 thoughts on “Reading: Using Comprehension Strategies – Reflection

  1. What strategies did I use today?
    Today during reading I had finished a Synthesising Wheel. The strategies’ I used were Questioning, Inferring, Determining Importance and Synthesising. I thought I was successful.

  2. Today, while I was reading, I used a strategy called synthesising. This helped me because I was able to change and add to my thinking while I was reading. I also used a strategy called inferring so I was able to understand the characters feelings alot better.

  3. I’m doing an open minded portrait I use connections with my book because this book is about football and I play football and I did something that he did and I know how it feels. I also use inferring because I’ve never miss a goal right in front of the goal square so I don’t know how it feel but some of my team mates have and they felt pretty bed missing the goal for us but I but my team mates weren’t mad I wasn’t ever when it happened and I think it might be the same thing with is team mates.

  4. Today in reading I used was inferring because it help me me to understand what the character is feeling.

  5. Today I used synthesising because it helped me with my reading. I think it helped me because I was able to add to my reading.

  6. Today I used the comprehension stratergy called determining importance to help me with my authors message because it was extreemly hard to find one.

  7. My stragidy was making connecions. that helped me because I didn’t have to re read. It helped me a lot and it made me think a lot harder.

  8. for my comperhention i use talk to the author i understanded what it was and i got a few teir two word and i did infering and his feeling

  9. The comprehension strategies I used were questioning and infering and they helped me by making me understand the characeters in the book.

  10. I asked discriptive questions about the hunger games and dertermined the importance it helped me understand the book.

  11. What strategies did I use today?
    Today during reading I had all mostly finish my Synthesising wheel. My strategies’ I have used Determining Importance for my reading today.

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