15 thoughts on “FRACTIONS

  1. I now know that the top of the fration is called a numerator and the bottum of the fraction is called a denominator.

  2. I know that the Denominators are the bigger number and they stay the same and that numerators are diffrent because they change if i had 5/5ths and Josh took one i’d have 4/5 because the denominator never changes.

  3. I think that a fraction is two number, the top is a numerator and the bottom is the denominator and the denominator is the fraction and the numerator is how many of the whole that has been taken from the whole.

  4. I learnt today that the numerator is not just the top number it is also known as how much you took away from the object/denominator. All fractions need to have equal parts or than it is not a fraction.

  5. i learnt that a fraction is one whole and it can be any thing it can keep going for along time it can help with a lot of things we learnt that a denominator and nominator is some words for higher and lower

  6. The denominator is the of the whole of the number. The nominator is the fraction of the whole. If a had a cake and I cut it int quarters and ate 2 peaces i would have 2/4 remaining.

  7. A fraction is a shape cut into equal parts.
    The nominator is the top number on the fraction it is mostly smaller than the denominator.
    The denominator is the bottom number it is how big the number is.

  8. I learnt how to partner up fractions to make it a whole
    A numerator is the parts of an object that has been shaded in.
    A denominator is the parts of the object divided in to equal parts and it tells us how much the whole is.

  9. Explain what you know about fractions, numerators and denominators.
    I know that with fractions there’s always a whole so if there was a pizza there’s eight pieces so that’s the whole. A numerators is the smaller piece of the fraction. A denominator is the whole pice.

  10. Fractions
    The Numerator is the top number and it has to be smaller than the denominator. The denominator is the bottom number that show you what a fraction.
    A fraction is something like a shape or an object that you can divide in to equal parts.

  11. A numerator is a number that is smaller than the denominator and if the top number is bigger than the bottom number than it is over a whole.
    The denominator is the biggest number out of the fraction unless you want it you want the fraction to be over 1 whole.

  12. Numerator is the small number on top unless it is an improper fraction then it’s bigger.
    Denominator is bigger and it on the bottom. It would be smaller if it was a improper fraction.

  13. Fractions

    A fraction is something like an object or a shape which you divide into equal parts. The Numerator is the number on top and it shows how many is taken away from the fraction. The Denominator is the number on the bottom which shows the whole fraction.


  14. I learnt that the denominator is the biggest part of the fraction. It is also the whole of a fraction. The numerator is the small bit and suggests how many parts in that fraction.

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