This term we will be having a big focus on completing SQ3R responses. The purpose of an SQ3R is to be able to successfully comprehend non-fiction texts. SQ3R stands for :

Survey the text (write 3-5 key words or ideas after you have scanned the text)

Question (use your key words or ideas to ask thick questions)

Read (read all of the text and write down 2 or 3 important parts of the text)

Recite (use the text and your own inferences to answer your questions with evidence)

– Review (summarise the text in your own words and include your own opinions with evidence)

This week I will be using the following link to model to the grade how an SQ3R can be completed.


In your independent time, you will need to work on independently reading your text, tracking your thinking, using comprehension strategies and responding to your book by structuring a reading response. Remember you can use the Reading Response Expectations post on the blog to revise different types of reading responses.

One thought on “SQ3R – READING RESPONSE

  1. TITLE:

    – Joey Chestnut
    – Hot dog eating competition
    – Eighth consecutive year
    – Devouring

    1. Who is Joey Chestnut?
    2. Why do people compete in a hot dog eating competition?
    3. How could one person win eight years in a row?
    4. How many hot dogs did the competitors eat?

    – Is a New York tradition that started in 1972… Watched by millions of people every year.
    – Competitors have to qualify for the event through the Major League Eating Association.
    – Joey Chestnut won the competition by eating 61 hot dogs in ten minutes.

    1. Joey Chestnut is a man who devours hot dogs. He competes in hot dog eating competitions and has won the major hot dog eating award for eight consecutive years.
    2. People might compete in the competition because they know they are really goof eaters who can eat lots and lots. Some of the competitors might like the challenge and others might compete for the chance to win money.
    3. One person could win eight years in a row because they may have had lots of practise and know the best way to eat a heap of hot dogs.
    4.The winner (Joey Chesnut) devoured an amazing 61 hot dogs. His personal best is 69 hot dogs.


    After reading this text, I think the hot dog eating competitors are crazy. They are crazy because they are able to eat so many hot dogs (61) in such a short time. I also believe this could harm their bodies because eating so many hot dogs cannot be good for people. This event is very popular. It’s popular because people enjoy seeing others stuff their faces with hot dogs. I know it is popular because the event is watched by millions of people.

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