Science- Electricity and Circuits

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Today we are going to look at how electricity is made and transferred through a circuit.

To start off with, in your science section write down everything that you already know about electricity as well as any questions that you may have.

Watch the youtube clips below.

Add new learning to your page. What do you know now? (AT LEAST 3 things)

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31 thoughts on “Science- Electricity and Circuits

  1. I know that electricity helps power the lights and without it we wouldnt be alble to use anything that uses a cord.
    I know that a patato can help power Electricity and circutes are the things you plug the cord into.

    1. I know that with a battery the electricity travels from the negative side to the positive side. That series circutes when one turns off the other one will also turn off and with a Presell circut when one turns off the other one will stay on. A Transformer can become into a massive power eletric thing and it can be but back to a small eletric circut with only 110 volts like real Transformers the can go into big monster car things to tiny automobiles.

  2. What I know about electricity?
    1. Electricity always had to run in a circuit.
    2. If you break the circuit of electricity the item will deactivate.
    3. I also know that there is two types of electricity and they are positive and negative electricities.

  3. I know that electricity can be extremely dangerous to any living thing because it can electrocute you and possibly kill you. I think that electricity is used to make power to make things work. I think that electricity runs through chords.

  4. I think electricity is used for plugging in cables. Some times electricity is dangers because you can gets shocked by it.

  5. I think electricity is used for power and helps people when they need light or electronic stuff. I think electricity is very dangerous. What is electricity used for? How is electricity made? How does electricity work? Where does it come from? I also think electricity is power.

  6. I think electricity is used for powering people’s houses by giving them light to see during the dark. I think electricity is dangerous because you can get electrocuted.

    1. What I’ve Learnt About Electricity

      I now think electricity is run by coal. Water can turn into steam and can be re-used. In a AA battery it has 1.5 volt. If you put plastic over a copper wire and turn the power on the plastic won’t get hot. Electricity can work parallel. If one part of the whole light doesn’t work then the whole thing fails. Electrons travel from the negative side of a battery to the positive side.

  7. Electricity is something that powers electronics, light bulbs, TV, etc. What I want to know is can you make electricity by yourself without using proper electric circuits?

  8. I now that electricity is used for t-v and all of the electricity and if we didn’t have electricity nothing will be working and we wouldn’t be able to use things that we will need.
    Q- I have a Question how do you make electricity and haw would you play with it.
    I wonder haw can you get it working.

  9. Electricity is where we use to run our lights, TV, internet and many more things. Electricity is dangerous but it depends how many volts there are in a power pole or something. Electricity can come from batteries and other things.

    1. Electricity can be run on coal, food and gases. Electricity use grids to move electricity to other places. Electricity can travel through the – side to the + side of the battery.

  10. I think that electricity helps you in the world because you need electricity to wacth T.V and to do other stulff. I help you get light as well .

    I wonder how electricity works?

    I wonder what they need to make it?

  11. Add new learning to your page. What do you know now? (AT LEAST 3 things): I think electricity can be a very dangerous device. Electricity can be very useful for turning on a light or some think else that needs electricity. I think lots of people would like electricity in lots of different ways. Electricity can be fun to.

    1. Add new learning to your page. What do you know now? (AT LEAST 3 things): I now know that electricity can be parallel and it will still work but if there were two lights together and it went in a cercal and you took one light out it would not work. If you have two lights that are parallel and you take one out it would still work. Because if it is parallel one on top of the other and you took one out it would go through the other light.

  12. I now know water can go to liquid to gas so it can be used again. I learnt that a battery has a positive and a negative side. I also learnt it is good to put plastic around wire when you are doing an experiment so you don’t get electrocuted.

  13. I learnt that a battery has positive and negative in the battery what helps it to work.
    When water gets hot it turns into gas then you use that for wind mills and things like that.
    Australia normally use’s coal but America use’s natural gas not coal like the power stations in Australia.

  14. I learnt that the batterys have a + and a – and that means neagtive and positive. I also learnt that they have grides to get electricity for one place to another and even if its very far away.
    I learnt if you unplag a electricity thing and if there is two it wont turn off depending what type it is.

  15. Now I know that electricity can only power a lightbulb if there is a closed circuit. You can make electricity by melting coal which turns into steam. I also learnt that electricity goes through transformers to up the voltage by about 1,000 volts. Sub stations are to put the electricity down to about 110 volts.

  16. What I learnt?
    1. I learnt that the electrons travel from the negative side of a battery all the way to the positive side of it.
    2. Another thing I learnt is that they use things called transformers, to make the electricity contain a higher voltage or a lower voltage.
    3. I also learnt that there are multiple types of circuits and they all consume different powers.

  17. I leaned that the energy in a batter travels from the negative side to the positive side. I know that electricity is made out of coal.

  18. They use gris to trensfoter the electricity to house so people can see.They use chol to make electricity. On a battre they is a positve and negative the electricity gose out of the negative and they it gose in the positve and it gose on.

  19. I now know if you have a light switch and you flick it will work but there is way more to it because there is a light and you have a battery and you have a peace of wire and you hook it up and were the blob is there is a peace of wire and when you turn it on their it is. When there is a gap between anywhere you will get now where and you don’t get any power and you will now get anything done.

  20. Electricity can be made by a battery what has a light blob. If you have a battery what has a light blob on it and if you talk one of the light blob the other light blob will go out as well. If you rub electricity on something like a balloon you can rub on things it will be electricity in the balloon.

  21. -Electricity is mainly made from coal, wind, and solar power.
    -Electricity is transferred by power lines.
    -Electricity and water don’t mix very well!

  22. I now know electricity has to work by coal, gas, solar and wind.
    I know that in the power switch on the wall goes up to 120-240 volts.

  23. I think it was good for us to learn about electricity because so we can learn about the dangers and the safe stuff about it. It will help us when we are older to show examples to be safe. For an example- when you are doing a experiment with medal and electricity the best thing to do is, out politic over it for safe reasons.

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