Explorer Information Reports

5/6A researched some European explorers that discovered different Australian coastlines. After working though the writing process, the students produced an information report on an explorer.

Posted in the comments below are the students reports.

11 thoughts on “Explorer Information Reports

  1. Captain James Cook
    Captain James Cook was a famous explorer and navigator from England. Captain cook explored countries such as Australia and New Zealand.
    Captain cook was born in England on the 27th of October 1728. He was married in 1762 and had eight children. He had a good education and was able to read and write well. He joined the royal NAVY before he was married in 1762, and was involved in the Seven Years War.
    Captain Cook was on an early explorer and navigator. Explorers tried to discover unknown land and navigator’s mapped it. Captain cook explored to discover unknown lands in the southern part of the world.
    Captain cook had three long voyages in the Pacific Ocean and during that time he discovered New Zealand, the east coast of Australia and New Guinea. He claimed Australia for Britain and called it New South Whales.
    During a voyage in 1779 Captain Cook was involved in a fight on a island near Hawaii. He was stabbed and killed. The reason why he went to Hawaii was because he just needed some supplies.
    Captain cook is remembered for discovering the east coast of Australia.

  2. Abel Tasman was an explorer who discovered the eastern side of Australia and Tasmania. His date of birth was August 2nd 1602.

    Abel Tasman had a wife and 3 girls. Once his wife died he was a widower before he re-married. Abel Tasman was married Jannet Tjaers in 1631 and then married Joanna Tierey in 1642.

    Abel Tasman’s occupation was an explorer and a navigator. An explorer means a person who discovered/explored a new or unfamiliar place/area. A navigator is a person who navigates a ship, aircraft etc.

    Early Life
    Abel Tasman worked at a company called Verenigde Oostindische Compangine. There he was promoted to skipper of a ship called Mocha. Before his fame he was a fisherman, and a free university student who studied engineering in Brussels.

    Abel Tasman discovered Tasmania, New Zealand, Tonga and the Fiji islands.

    Abel Tasman died in October 10th 1659 of an unknown illness in Batavia, Jakarta, Indonesia. He will be remembered for discovering Tasmania.

  3. Abel Tasman was a Dutch explorer and navigator. He was born on August the 2nd 1603 in Lutgestast, Netherlands.

    Abel Tasman had two lovely wives. He married Claesgie Meyndrix and after she died he was a widower. Abel Tasman got re-married to Jannet Tiercx. He had three children.

    Before Abel Tasman was a famous explorer and navigator he worked at Verenigde Oostindische Compaine. Abel Tasman also worked as a fisherman. In 1642, he first sighted a beautiful land which is now known as Tasmania. He also discovered New Zealand, Tonga, and Fiji Island. Abel Tasman got to name Tasmania because he discovered it.

    Abel Tasman retired from being an explorer/navigator in 1653. He died on the 10th of October 1659. Abel Tasman was fifty six when he sadly died of an unknown illness.

    Abel Tasman is famous for discovering the eastern side of Australia. The places he found were Tasmania, New Zealand, Tonga, and Fiji Island.

    Author: Alana

  4. Willem Janszoon:
    Willem Janszoon was a famous explorer and his hometown was Amsterdam in the Netherlands. The Netherlands is in Europe.
    Willem Janszoon was born in 1570 and sadly died at the age of sixty in 1630. Willem grew up as an orphan. This means he didn’t live with his real parents. He had an excellent education and he was great with his reading and writing. This is one of the reasons why he was a magnificent explorer and navigator.
    Willem was an explorer and navigator. An explorer was someone who tried to discover their own land for their country. A navigator was someone who mapped the land they had discovered. Willem Janszoon explored because he wanted to find the mystery land within the southern part of the world. We also know this as the southern hemisphere.
    In 1606, Willem Janszoon discovered the far north part of Queensland. The top part which he discovered is now known as Cape York. He navigated 250km of Australia’s Northern coastlines. He did not live in Cape York because he and his men found the land swampy and not welcoming. Ten of his soldiers and men died because the land was so horrible. He decided to call Australia, ‘Nieu Zeland’ but no one recognised it so the name wasn’t used. The ship he used to discover his land was known as ‘Duyfken’.
    Willem Janszoon died a sad death in 1630 at the age of sixty. It is believed that he died of a heart attack but it has not been confirmed by any family or friends.
    Willem Janszoon will always be remembered for discovering far north Queensland, which we know as Cape York. He will also be known as one of the early explorers of Australia.

    AUTHOR: Tristan Platt

  5. Captain James Cook was a famous explorer and navigator from England. Captain Cook explored countries such as Australia and New Zealand.

    Captain James Cook was born on the 7th of November, 1728 in the UK (United Kingdom). He was slaughtered on the 14th of February, 1779. His wife was named Elizabeth Batts and they had 6 children.

    Captain cook grew up in Marton, England. His father was a farmer, but as Cook grew older he began to feel
    6the lure of the sea. When he was 18, he took up an apprentiship as a merchant seaman. He decided to enlist in the royal navy at the start of the 7 years’ war. It was then that he became a master at map tracking.
    James was a British explorer, navigator, cartographer and a captain in the royal navy. His strength was his self confidence. A navigator is an explorer that sails around the globe, mapping things that might not have been on the original map.

    On his voyages, Cook discovered the east coast of Australia, later naming it New South Wales claiming it for Britain. He also discovered New Zealand, New Guinea and was the first English to discover Hawaii.

    Captain Cook attempted to take a Hawaiian local leader hostage, because the locals had stolen supplies from his ships, but was stabbed and killed.

    Captain James Cook is remembered for discovering the east coast of Australia and his service in the royal navy.

  6. Dirk Hartog

    Dirk Hartog was a famous 16th century explorer, he discovered Western Australia near Bunbury on the 25th October, 1616. He was the first man to take a wrong turn and end up at an island nobody knew existed, which is now known as shark bay.

    Personal Information
    Dirk Krynen Hartog was the only child of Hartych Krynen (father) and Griet Jans (mother) He was born the 25th of October 1580 In 1611 he married Meynsgen Ables before he was appointed the captain of the Eadgrvach in 1616

    Dirk Hartog was a 16th century Dutch sailor and explorer. Dirk Hartog was in the second European group to land. We know this because he left behind the valuable Hartog Plate which was found in 1630 by Willem Ve Vlamingn.

    At the age of 30 he received his first ships command and spent several years engaged in successful trading ventures in the Baltic & Mediterranean seas. Dirk Hartog discovered shark bay (WA) and surroundings.

    Dirk Hartog died in 1621 at the age of 40. We will remember him for his determination and his discovery or Shark Bay & surroundings.

    By Chelsea

  7. Willem Janszoon was a famous navigator and explorer from the Netherlands. He was born in the year of 1570 and died in the year of 1630.

    Prehistory & History
    Willem Janszoon sailed from the Netherlands from the East Indies for the third time on the 18th of December 1603, as captain of the Duyfken meaning (Little Dove), one of the twelve ships of the great fleet of Steven van der Hagen. When the other ships left Java, Janszoon was sent to search for other outlets of trades, particular in the great land of New Guinea and other East and South lands.

    He was a famous explorer that found the land of Australia and did the outline of Australia as a navigator. A navigator is where someone outlines a country and puts it on the map. An explorer is a person that wants to find new land or something that no one knows about it.

    Willem was the first European explorer to hit Australian waters and his crew were the first Europeans to set foot on Australia. He has been on three voyages around the world trying to find land.

    He was aboard the Hollandia part of The Second Fleet. Sometimes his name is Willem Jansz. Willem Janszoon is remembered for discovering Australian waters and being the first person on the land.

  8. Abel Tasman
    Abel Tasman was a famous explore who explored many things he also discovered Tasmania. Abel Tasman’s full name was Abel Janzen Tasman.
    Personal information
    Abel Tasman was Dutch. He was born in 1603 and he died in 1659. Abel Tasman was married to Claesgie Meyhdries and they had a daughter but when Claesgie died he was married again to Joanna Tiecx He came from the fantastic Netherlands in Europe.
    Early History
    Abel Tasman was a skipper whop got employed by the great military and trading voyages. He got appointed to second in command. He had two ships to explore with. He escaped death on the sea from pirates.
    Abel Tasman was an explorer who went and explored undiscovered land. He wanted to go to sea hoping to find more land for his country. Abel Tasman liked going out to the feisty sea to try to make his country pound.
    Abel Tasman discovered Tasmania and a little bit of the west coast of Australia he was really happy when he found Tasmania. Abel Tasman named Tasmania after his self.
    Abel Taman’s Cause of death is unknown but it is believed that he died from a horrible illness in 1659.
    Abel Tasman is remembered as a great explore who explored Tasmania and the west coast of Australia.
    Author: Josh

    Captain Cook was a famous explorer and a navigator but he died while he was exploring.
    He had 3 voyages to the Pacific Ocean. During his voyages he discovered Australia, claimed it for Spain and called it New South Wales. Captain Cook also discovered the eastern side of Australia. During his voyages he discovered New Zealand the east coast of Australia and New Guinea.
    As a young boy he lived with his dad and he worked as a farmer. Captain Cook had had an early education and was able to read and write. He went to school in Great Ayton.
    Captain Cook had 8 children and 4 of them died during childhood. He was married in 1762. Captain Cook went to Michal private school. His dad’s name is James cook. He is British. He came home in 1771.
    He was in the Royal English Navy and became an explorer and navigator. Explorers tried to discover unknown lands. Captain James Cook explored for the unknown lands in the southern part of the world
    Captain cook was remembered for discovering the east part of Australia.
    He was killed by natives in Hawaii in 1779.
    Author: Abby-lee

  10. Willem Abel Janszoon Information Report

    Willem Abel Janszoon was a famous explorer/navigator who was born in the Netherlands. Willem Janszoon explored countries such as Australia.

    Personal Information:
    Willem Janszoon was born in 1570, and lived to the age of 60. He had a wife but no children. He spoke a language called Dutch because he was born in the Holland, Netherlands. It is believed that Willem Janszoon died of a severe heart attack which could not be treated, because they had no resources.

    Occupation: Not much is known about Willem Janszoon’s early life, apart from sailing to the East Indies a number of times. Willem Janszoon was mainly known for being a Dutch navigator and an explorer. A navigator was a person who mapped out the places what someone else had discovered. An explorer was a person who explored new or unfamiliar land. Willem Janszoon was both of these things, because he explored new land and then mapped it out.

    Achievements: Willem Janszoon is commonly known for being the first European to discover Australia. He was actually meant to sail to Papua New Guinea, when he landed on the shores of Australia in 1606, on the Gulf of Carpentaria. While Willem Janszoon was exploring Australia, he and his crew battled with the Aborigines, due to the fact that the Aborigines were already living there when Willem Janszoon and his crew arrived in Australia.

    Willem Janszoon died in 1630. He was a fantastic explorer and navigator and deserves to be well remembered.

    By Candace

  11. Captain cook

    Captain cook was a famous explorer and navy. He was also a navigator.
    Personal information
    Captain cook was born in October 7, 1728. He had 8 children but 4 of them died during child birth. Captain cook had a wife.
    Early History
    Captain cook had an education and was able to read and witter. Captain cook was the boss of the Royal Navy and was an explorer. He tried to find a new land. Captain cook discovered Australia and called it New South Wales.

    Captain cook sadly stabbed and killed in Hawaii on the 14th of February 1779. He is remembered for discovered Australia.

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