Thursday 31st July

Today you will need to work on the following:

1. Draft and then publish your information report on an explorer.
2. Once your published piece has been checked by an adult, print out two copies. One copy for your writers’ gift and one for Mr Andrew.
3. Post a copy to the blog.
4. Continue with your own independent writing.
a. Follow the writing process > choose your own topic and genre.
b. Use powerful language that will engage readers.

SIMILES MOVIE – Windows Live Movie Maker
Complete your similes movie. Ensure all of your spelling is correct and your similes make sense. You can then add some special effects to your movie. Remember I will choose five to go onto YouTube and the class blog.

1. Continue your independent reading. Ensure you track your thinking and follow the independent reading process.
2. If you are ready, complete a well-structured response that shows your understanding of the text and includes evidence.
3. If you complete your response, restart the independent reading process again.

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