16 thoughts on “Homework Week 4- Descriptive Writing

  1. I am standing in front of lots of people and the hole was covered in water and so was around the hole. The people where jeering me on and I was thinking, what would be down there and the people the people where saying to me how deep it was down under the water. I was feeling nervous and excited what was going to happen in the future when I dive into the water. I dive into the water and the water was freezing like I was in the snow. I dive down to the bottom of the this unusual hole.

  2. I stood their as the crewed was cheering me on saying DO IT DO IT. I did not have a Chiose so I jumped in it was as cold as a ice block but I had to suck it up as I jumped in every body cheering like a roaring lion.

  3. I was standing on the platform ready to dive in this massive pool. I was feeling over freighting and I shoved like a person what was on a ice land being cold. I didn’t want to get in but the mean people made me do it. Now I take a massive breath and I JUMP with nervours in my stomach. I feel like I was going down so fast that I felt sick. After diving in the pool I was wet and a hole hip of people coming very speedy and asked to many question. The fantastic crowed was giving me a huge cheer and claping like a massive pack of lions roaring at me. I said thank god this is over and I am never going to do this again. If I do this again I will me very sick.

    My question
    Why would people like to do this:
    I think that people would like to try out doing things what are dangers.

  4. The map was clear; this is where I would find it. i just hadn’t expected that i’d have to get wet. Reluctantly, I swam out to the giant concrete circle. I looked down into it but couldn’t see the bottom. I sighed, took a deep breath, and dove in, It was icy cold and It was hard to see I touched the bottom and looked around for the Danish Jewel it was nowhere to be seen I looked up sluggishly and saw somebody diving in towords me, suddenly in the distance there was a shimmer I swam towords it and then something grabbed my leg.

  5. As I dive into the water it was as easy as looking at the time that’s how easy it was to see the bottom of the circle, there was nothing but a normal size rock so I swam up to the top of the circle and got a rope I took another deep breath and dive back into the circle I tie a double knot around it and started to pull the rock hit the side of the circle and put a little crack in there once I got the rock to the surface and saw a really bright light out of the rock it start smashing the rock against the circle, it smashes and there was lots of gold I started to yell “I’m rich” and I hope that this is real gold not fake!

  6. 🏊I ran to the top of mountain because a massive k9 dog was chasing me. I had two choices get my flesh torn up by a dog or to jump into a ice freezing water. I jumped and started scramming because I just remembered that i could not swim when I was dying I said I love u god and some other people. 🏊

  7. I am standing on a white hard diving bored. So petrified. I look to the right then the left. I don’t want to let these people down. I am so scared I don’t want to be slaughted not now not never. I am very curious because I am wondering what is in the pool, is there any sharks or crocodiles, I am so nervous. As I am about to jump, I am thinking will I slip and land on the ground and die. I was not focus every time I was about o jump in I would go back. Then I jump, I am overwhelm. It feels like all my feelings are just jumping out. Then I land I look up, I see a bright whit light, am I dead. I swim up and I notice I am not dead I made it. I have done. I am so proud of my self.

  8. As I dived into the dark blue pool, fear was coming towards me and I had no choice to dive in or i would’ve lost the dare and while still in lots and lots of fear I felt like I was in a dark room with silence no noises no footsteps not even a word, I had to prove I was brave to reach the bottom of the pool……

  9. I was going on my vacation and on my way I saw a mini pool and so their was things in it and I did not want to go in but I had to because I was on a mission and if I didn’t I would of been dead but I did go in it so I didn’t get killed.
    At night I was at the bottom and on the bottom of the pool was this neclass so I got it and when I got out I their was a crowd and they all screamed because that was the longest that someone had gone at the bottom of the pool.

  10. “AAAAAGGGGG!!!” “Dave, TURN you HOON! Were about to crash into a tree!!” Dave and Jerry were speeding down a bush track, in the aussie bushlands. Dave I said, “TURN!!” But Dave said, “No way, we will make it. Just you watch this.” Dave pushed a button on the dash and 3 seconds befor impact on the wall, 10 massive metal spikes shot out from the front of the car. but it was no use, they just went right into the wall and Dave and Jerry both went crashing through the roof of their stolen 4×4. they went flying untill they plunged in to a freezing pool of minereal water. then Dave said, ” what is that shiny thing at the bottom of the pool?” Jerry said “I dont know, but do you want to find out?” So they dived deep down into the mysterious pool to see what the shiny thing was…

  11. I was on a spooky road going on a trip when a circle water place court my eye. I stopped as fast as I could and went over to look what it was I seen something glow in the dark blue water so I jumped in,I couldn’t see anything in the dark blue water it was as dark as the night sky when I seen the thing again I go deeper and then I seen what it was it was the most distracting animal in the world it was a….

  12. I didn’t feel like jumping because I was really scared that I was going to heart my self. But I couldn’t let the crowed down because they were so desperate like a pack of lions waiting for there food. So I just hade to jump. As I jump it feels like I am going like a rocket. I feel like I am going to be sick but I don’t. a few seconds later SPLASH water goes up every where. The water is so cold like an ice cube in a freezer.

  13. Is that pond deep I don’t think so I said to myself should I jump into that head first nah I will probably die so I said its worth it my life is horrible so I did it head first so I gonna die ah as I scream while I’m jumping but I did not die I am so lucky so from now on that my favourite place to swim in.

  14. I went to the bottom I didn’t like it because the water was cold but I had to do it I felt nervous but then I realized I am the one who wanted to do this so I must. I kept swimming it was dark in side like pitch balk night. I thought if I didn’t do it I wouldn’t get the gold so I swam as hard as I could I finally reached the treasure I grabbed it as quick as I could because I was running out of breath I was nearly to the top and just took my breath before it was to late.

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