SQ3R – Usain Bolt

Today with some assistance you will begin an SQ3R based on a Usain Bolt text.

The purpose of an SQ3R is to be able to successfully comprehend non-fiction texts. SQ3R stands for :

– Survey the text (write 3-5 key words or ideas after you have scanned the text)

– Question (use your key words or ideas to ask thick questions)

– Read (read all of the text and write down 2 or 3 important parts of the text)

– Recite (use the text and your own inferences to answer your questions with evidence)

– Review (summarise the text in your own words and include your own opinions with evidence)


5 thoughts on “SQ3R – Usain Bolt

  1. 🏆Usain Bolt🏃

    Title; Usain Bolt
    SLIS; Usain bolt is the fastest man in the world.

    Survey; 3-4 Key words;
    Usain Bolt Olympics Records First.

    Questions (4-5);
    How does he run so fast?
    What are his world records?
    Who is Usain Bolt?
    When is he retiring?

    Read; Usain Bolt is Jamaican . He is a fast man and has 6 gold records. He is the most natural gifted athlete the world has ever seen. Bolt became the only man in history to to win 100m & 200m.

    Recite; He runs really fast because he has trained a long time. He has 3 gold records in 100m, 200m, 4x100m and 6 other gold medals all up he has 18 medals in total 16 gold and 2 silver. Usain Bolt is a Jamaican short distance runner and the fastest in the world he may retire in 2018 at the age of 32 or in his 30s.

    Review; I think this text helps me understand who Usain Bolt is and that he trains hard to be the best male runner in the world.

  2. Title Usain Bolt

    Author Usain Bolt.com

    SLIS it’s about Usain Bolt all his records and all the important things about Usain bolt.


    Gold medals
    World records
    Usain bolt


    What did he do to make him that good to win all them gold medals?

    How long did he beat the world records by?

    Is he a successful athlete?

    Who is Usain bolt


    He is Jamaican.

    The most gifted athlete the world has ever seen.

    He was the first person in the world to win the 100 and 200m in world record time.


    He must of trained along time to be able to be this good and to win world records.

    He bet the relay with a storming time 36.84 seconds.

    I would say he is a successful athlete because he wins heaps if gold medals.


    I think that Usain bolt is really talented athlete because he won the 200 and 100m is record time also the text said he was the most gifted athlete the worlds ever seen


    Title: Asian Bolt
    Author: Usainbolt.com
    SL1S: USAIN Bolt is the fastest runner in he world by breaking 3 world records.

    Key Words
    Usain Bolt
    Tremendous talents
    3 gold medals
    Breaking 3 world records at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing
    8 championship gold medals

    1. Who is Usain Bolt?
    2. Why does he have tremendous talents?
    3. How did he break 3 world records?
    4. How did he win 8 world championship gold medals?
    5. Where in Beijing were the games?

    -Gifted athlete the world has ever seen
    -He lowered his 100 meter time to a staggering 9.58 seconds
    -Winning 8 world championship gold medals
    -Winning a phenomenal 3 gold medals

    Usain Bolt is a 28 year old runner who competes in world championships.
    Usain Bolt has tremendous talents because he’s small and very fast. He also has tremendous talents because he ran in the 100 meters and finished with a time of 9.69 seconds in Beijing, 100 meters in London and finished with 9.63 seconds, 200 meters in Beijing and finished with 19.30 seconds, 4×100 meters and finished with 37.32 seconds in Beijing.
    He broke 3 world records by training hard, increasing the weight of his weights and trying hard when it comes to racing.
    He won 8 world championship gold medals by training nearly everyday for about 3-5 hours. He also won 8 world championship gold medals by trying hard during his long races.

    Usain Bolt is a talented runner. I think he’s a talented runner because he’s won 8 world championship gold medals. I learnt Usain Bolt is the fastest runner in the world. I think he’s the fastest runner because he ran in the 100 meter race and finished with a time of 9.69 seconds by training very hard and putting a lot of effort into the things that he does.

  4. Survey
    Athlete, World record, Olympic, and Usain Bolt.
    Usain Bolt: Who is Usain Bolt?
    Athlete: How did Usain Bolt become an athlete?
    Olympic: Has Usain Bolt been in the Olympics?
    World record: What world record did he win?

    The most naturally gifted athlete the world has ever seen.
    Bolt was the first man in the Olympic history to win both of the 100 and 200m.
    Usain is known as one of the biggest names in the world of sport.

    Usain Bolt is the most naturally gifted athlete the world has ever seen.
    He became an athlete when he confirmed his tremendous talent.
    Usain has been in the Olympics because he won 6 gold medals from the Olympic.
    He won the 100m-9.58 seconds in Berlin 2009. 200m-19.19 seconds Berlin 2009.
    4X100m-36.84 seconds London 2012.

    I think Usain Bolt is an amazing Olympic person. I think this because he has won 3 world records and 6 Olympic gold medals.’
    I think Usain Bolt is the fastest short distance runner in the world because he has won a lot of stuff.

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