Mrs Smythe’s Classroom

Your task this week is to work on improving your sentences. Below I have put 3 examples of better sentences, taken from the book ‘The Fox’ by Margaret Wild! Use these sentences to create one of your own following the same structure. I have included an example of my own to help!

1. “In the evenings, when the air is creamy with blossom, Dog and Magpie relax at the mouth of the cave, enjoying each others company.”

Teacher example: Just before the sun went down at night, when the air started to lower in temperature, the chickens ran around their enclosure frantically, fighting each other for the food scraps just thrown in!”

2. “Fox scorches through woodlands, through dusty plains, through salt pans, and out into the hot red desert.”

Teacher example: Mrs Smythe weaves through the players, ducks under the arm of a player, dives onto the ball, and ends…

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