100 Word Challenge

Today you are going to complete a 100 Word Challenge.

Your writing must be as descriptive as possible. You may like to include some of the following:

  • Adjectives
  • Similes
  • Emotive words
  • Synonyms
  • Snapshot

You will need to follow the writing process:

  • Unpack a seed
  • Draft
  • Edit and revise
  • Publish

Think about what you would feel, see, hear, wonder, smell and taste.

Use the prompt below to help you plan your writing.

 but where could I go …

11 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge

  1. 🔫 HELL HOLE!!! 💣

    It was a cold gloomy day, where all the smelly prisoners only got one hour of boring outside time, and had no choice but to go to the tiring gym. There I stood, in my freezing cold cell, surrounded by chilly solid concrete walls, listening to the miserable prisoners crying in the corners of the cramped area with their bald heads in their warm laps. The room felt like I was stuck in Antarctica playing with the penguins. All I could smell was the horrible stench coming from last week’s lunch, rotten fish and muddy water. It smelt like I was back in England in the 17th century with giant clouds of horrible air blowing at me. I couldn’t use the grotty toilet because there was bright yellow urine on the disgusting seat and the prison didn’t supply us with fresh soft toilet paper. If you looked down the horrifying toilet, brown skid marks were on the side of the bowl. The devastating miasma of the prisoners gas was making me want to throw up all over the place. I just wanted to scream out, “HELP ME HELP ME!!!” I felt incredibly worried and trapped. Worried, because I couldn’t see my family anymore. Trapped, because they were locking us in here like chickens inside a miniature dome. I wanted to stealthily escape this hell hole, but where could I go? How will I escape?

    Author: Tristan Platt

  2. 🏃Runaway Rhÿś🏠

    It was a dark gloomy night at and I swaggered away from my home, I strode into the park one flickering street light and loud voices were up ahead, I was being followed by someone from home so I had no choice but to keep walking. The voices up ahead were Jazz, Liam and Ebony they had hot chips in they’re hands and they offered some chips. By this time it was already 11:00pm and Ebony had gone home Jazz Liam and I walked into the alleyway. As that was happened they started to call me Lucas so people don’t know who I am. We were sitting wifi spot and I uploaded a painful status “But where could I go” the status read but at that very moment 2 police cars drove past “HELLO OFFICERS” I said just to annoy them “LUCAS” Jazz and Liam bellowed “You’ve really don’t it this time.”

  3. As I heard the annoying siren go I got more excited and pumped by the second. I was going to play my first game of the AFL. I jogged on the field with the rest of the epic guys, I looked around and seen my teams crazy supporters.The game started wonderful the exciting game went on from goal to goal until it was third quarter it went as fast as a out of control fire.The first quarter started and the amazing jobe Watson got the ball he kicked it to the wing then it bounce to me I got it but where could I go we were winning by 1 point I was about to get tackled but then the siren went I thought not so annoying any more

  4. …I was terrified and confused…
    I slowly woke up on an extremely wet, squishy ground. I reluctantly rose from the soft spot that I was comfortably laying down on, then gradually stood up, and observed my dark surroundings. I quickly looked back at where I was laying, and noticed that my small body imprint was deeply carved into the wet ground. I stood there as soaked as a drowned rat, but I barely noticed it. All I could see was long trees as tall as massive sky scrapers, a dark wood, and a VERY squishy ground. With each wide step I took, I bounced a little. The strong scent of the soil soaked in rainwater filled the thick air. I looked around, confused. I kept thinking; Where am I? How did I get here? The environment around me was so GARGANTUAN, that it looked like I was surrounded by a HUGE dome! I was a lot more terrified than I was confused. But where could I go?

    Author: Candace

  5. Where will I go?
    I am baking an amazing chocolate cake. It smells so beautiful in the boiling oven. As I look out the shining window I see magnificent trees outside in my ginormous yard. I start to smell sickening smoke so I look out the gargantuan window to try and find where the smell is coming from. I start to hear a crackling fire. I begin to get extremely hot, as if the sun was right next to me. I just remembered I left my wonderful cake in the hot oven. IT’S ON FIRE! I feel devastated as I sprint to the kitchen but it’s too hot to touch because of the flickering flames in my face. I feel terribly worried. I jump out the window so I don’t get burnt. I hear shattering glass as the soft comfortable grass breaks my fall. I call 000 and wonder where will I go now?
    Author: Max Simpson

  6. During the bight beautiful morning, I was packing my massive heavy suitcase ready to go on my dream holiday. I have been saying extremely hard for years for this gorgeous holiday. When I finally arrived, I could see crowded shops, people exercising, humongous hotels and ecstatic animals all over the place. I got out of my boiling car and went to a fancy restaurant and I could smell the delicious food I was about to eat. I could hear the cars, buses and trains zooming Nast like a furious hungry beast chasing its prey. I am wondering where I am going to peacefully sleep tonight, and thinking.

  7. 🚬Burning house💣
    🏡The blazing house was like the bright Sun burning the surface of the cold Earth. I start banging on the wooden door yelling,”Is any one in there?” The weak door falls to the boiling hot ground. The smell of the deadly smoke was like I’m at Hell’s door. I noticed that the fire is above me and that the wooden floor was not going to hold. I search for people inside. The floor above me collapses and blocks the front door. I try and look for another exit, but where can I go? I hope there was nobody upstairs, I’m trapped in a corner. I’m starting to breath the smoke. The fire was closing in on me. I’m up against the wall. The wall behind me hits the hard ground like a bulldozer charging through cars. I’m knocked out by the impact.♨️

    By Doyle

    It was a bright, white, sunny day. I was slowly walking and I saw snow. I walked a little closer and there was a huge amount of snow in the middle of now where. I could see the shinning white snow. I can taste the nature. I continue to walk further into the snow. Each step I take I get further and further away from home. I am lost. I am wondering but where could I go. Am I going to make it? Am I going to survive? I keep asking myself these questions. I feel horrified and I am shaking all over my body. I feel nervous that I am out in the woods. I hear the wonderful birds chirping away.
    Author: Abby-lee

    On a dark windy night I was locked in my expensive car. I could taste fear as I thought I saw a ghost walking past me. I was shaking while looking at the air freshener I was sweating. I was trying to think about happy thoughts but it did not work. All I could hear was a static sound from the radio. I was looking for my keys in the storage compartment so I could drive away. AS I was looking I found something extremely unusual. It looked like half clown half doll. It had green vicious eyes. I was wondering why it was there. It made me even more worried so I threw it at the back seat. Now I could not see that scary, furious thing. I started to look dipper I could only find my head phones.

  10. But where could I go
    On a foggy morning I took money from dad’s wallet to get to Melbourne to see family and go to the Friday night footy. I also took dads membership to meet the Port Adelaide players in the grand final. Dad and Mum were at Pakenham so I’m waiting for the train to come so I can get to Melbourne. I can see the train. It’s here! Let’s go! I say it’s leaving Pakenham it will arrive about midday. I’m in Melbourne. Mum and Dad are leaving now. There are a lot of the Port Adelaide players. Over one million fans. They won’t make it though I head not all of them! After the game I heed home. Before they left they waited for the 9:00pm train. I went on the 6:00pm train. Then I was home at 8:00pm, then Mum and Dad came home it was a great day! Port Adelaide beat Brisbane Lions by one point!

    By Ethan Hubbard Wicking

  11. But it is yellow
    During the afternoon, when the sky is black, there is something grisly outside. I am in my house scared and worried. I get my torch and look out my creepy old window. I go outside. It is really dark. I find out my torch is flat. I keep walking and it starts getting light until it’s as light as day. I look up hoping it is all over, when I see the sky. But it is yellow. I thought to myself what happened to the sky.

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