Life Ed – It’s Your Call

Yesterday 5/6A visited the Life Ed Van. We learnt about making good decisions, different types of drugs (harmful drugs, medicine drugs, illegal drugs and legal drugs) and appropriate ways of using social media. We also heard some jokes from Harold.

Explain what you learnt from your visit to the Life Ed Van.


14 thoughts on “Life Ed – It’s Your Call

  1. I learnt on Facebook never ever ever, accept someone’s friend request if you do not know then, it does not matter if there cute because they could of stole someone else’s pic.

    I also learnt that when you drink alcohol your nerves get slower and slower and the message coming threw your body is going slower than it should be.

  2. I learnt that on websites like Face book Twitter and others there could be a kid that said he is twelve but he could actually be 50 years old so don’t trust anyone only the ones that you have already meat face to face. And I learnt that alcohol could kill you and it slows down the message in your head like if you were going to turn the corner and you have had alcohol it would go really slow to your head and just when it is half way you probably missed the corner and crashed in to a fence or some think. That’s why you have to be under a limit if you drive in the car. I also learnt that if some one tells you to do some think mean or naughty like if some one told you to jump of a cliff would you do it no so why do some think mean like bullying some one. I learnt that there were a lot of bad drugs that people use like bear, steroids, cocaine, heroin, ice (but not as the cold ice) and lots more.

  3. I leant in life ed that there are illegal drugs and legal durs. Stuff like weed and cokaine are illeagal drugs in Australia if you got caught with it smoking you would proble get a fine or go to jail. There are also leagal leagal drugs in Australia. I think choclate is a drug because it has lots of caffine also energy drinks.

  4. I learnt that if you take drugs your heart can get slower and slower and I learnt that chocolate is a drug becase it has caffine and I learnt that we here in australia we dont have illegle drugs like they do in america like weed bong because in america they can just grow it in there backyard and cook it and then just smoke it and I learnt that medicean was a drug.

  5. I learnt that drugs can be a good thing because medicines’ are drugs and that’s what people take. but theirs bad drugs as well that can be addicted I also learnt that find out information before you pick a choice.

  6. I have learnt that most of the food we eat in everyday life has some type of drug in it or are a drug. Not all drugs are harmful but some are some can be used for medication and other things in life. Drugs can change your heart and nervous system by slowing it down or making it go faster. Ask people information before you accept it in the first place. People online can lie about everything and you want know who they are that is the bad thing about social media and online accounts they don’t always tell the truth. I have learnt that there are many choices in life you could choose.

  7. I learnt that make the right choice before u do something bad. If some one on Facebook want to be your friend don’t say yes unless u now them.

  8. I learnt that don’t take any drugs because you can get very sick or die from taking any drugs. Using websites what kid should not be on can be very dangers and some people might stork you and you might not no that.

  9. I learnt that chocolate has a lot of Caffeine and I never ever knew that. I learnt if you take drugs it makes your heart beats slower and slower and if you smoke Cigarettes than they make your heart beat much, much faster. I learnt if you have way too much Alcohol and then get behind the wheel your messages from the brain which tell you how much to turn the wheel to get the car around a corner is very slow and before you know it you wouldn’t have made it. You would’ve crashed. I learnt that on Facebook, Twitter etc. never ever accept a stranger’s friend request. If you do not know them it does not matter if they look young and cute to you. How do you know if they’re a dangerous person? YOU HAVE TO BE SAFE ON SOCIAL MEDIA!!!!

  10. I learn that you never take illegal drugs etc; Cocain ice speed escaty and you should make the right choice before you do something bad like ask if your going to the beach or Party you should ask because the beach would have sewage everywhere and the party is your 100 year olds aunt Mary’s so you should have asked to go to the Library.

    Never accept someone on Facebook if you don’t know them
    Never text somebody you don’t know
    Don’t cyber bully or bully people because you could end up in jail.

  11. I learnt that you should allways pick your choice and i lernt that there are three kinder types of drugs and some drugs arnt illegal what i think they should be illegal because it could heart you alot.

  12. I learnt that drugs are illegal to people and marjuana can be a Medicean for people that are seek. Drugs can destroy you life’s and give you dezezes to you.

  13. At the Life Education Van, I learned that chocolate is a drug because it has caffeine in it.
    I learned that there are different types of drugs, (illegal, legal, and medicine) and they have different purposes or none at all.
    I learned that the reason why you cannot drive on drugs is because some drugs make your nervous system go a lot slower and you can have a severe accident.

  14. I have learnt that drugs are bad for you because there could be side affects within the drug anybody takes. I have also learnt that drugs can slow down your heart beat. I have learnt that alcohol can slow down your system messages.

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