Science – Movement and Friction.

On Friday we had the VSSEC Team visit the Senior Unit. They conducted a number of science activities throughout the day. 5/6A learnt about movement and how weight, forces and friction can affect movement. Below are some images from the experiments that were undertaken during the science session.

What did you learn about movement?

2 thoughts on “Science – Movement and Friction.

  1. I learnt that scenes when they fine dinosaur prints they do not wreak they they use this special liquid and wait for it to dry and peel it out when it is dry then it shows the print. I also learnt on different materials when we used the hot wheels some of them stopped on different material

  2. I learnt that the more weights you add to a car, the slower it will go. I think this because when you add weight to a car, it decreases the cars speed because a car can only carry a certain weight. I also learnt that if you roll a car down a ramp and crash it into an other car, the car stops and the victim car just rolls along. 🚙🚗

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