100 Word Challenge: Week 2

Today you are going to complete a 100 Word Challenge.

Your writing must be as descriptive as possible. Remember to include the following:

  • Adjectives
  • Similes
  • Emotive words
  • Synonyms
  • Complex sentences
  • Snapshot

You will need to follow the writing process:

  • Unpack a seed
  • Draft
  • Edit and revise
  • Publish

Think about what you would feel, see, hear, wonder, smell and taste.

Use the prompt below to help you plan your writing.

 but it is yellow …

13 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge: Week 2

  1. …But it is Yellow…
    It is a freezing, cold winter’s day, when the beautiful robins glide swiftly and thoroughly through the giant and tall pointy trees, dodging the slow falling snowflakes as they rain like stars from heaven. I turn my old rusty car off so I don’t alarm the birds, and they continue their business. I can hear the immense trees rustle as their snow covered leaves fall effortlessly to the soft white snow. I imagined the snow looked like a massive fluffy blanket covering the green grass with winter love. I start to open my car door to look at the snow… but it is yellow, Why?
    Author: Tristan Platt

  2. During the pleasant afternoon, as the shoppers move in and out of the shops, Jayde, Mouse and I were desperately looking for gorgeous red dresses for Mouses hens’ night. We stumbled upon a shop called Michelle’s. There were thousands of the most beautiful dresses hanging on the racks. I’m feeling so excited. The dressing room doors were as squeaky as a small grey mouse scurrying around a house. I suddenly spotted the most wonderful red dress. “Can I try this on?” I looked at my reflection in the mirrors. It looks marvellous and it feels wonderful. But it is yellow.

  3. … But it is yellow…
    During the windy, wet and cold morning, as heavy rain falls, I sit in my chair thinking of something to do. I watch two raindrops race down the window wondering which one will win. All of a sudden the earth starts to shimmer, Mr Andrew and all my friends begin to pass out. Miss Hoskin screams and tries to wake everybody up, but its no use as we quickly fall to the hard ground I see my grey chair, but it is yellow, everything is yellow.

  4. …But it is yellow…
    I frantically open my large lunchbox to find HEAPS of snacks, but the one that stands out the most is my delicious mandarin. I’m as happy as a cricket! I grab it and rapidly start peeling it. I’m expecting a lovely, orange mandarin, but it is yellow! I gaze down at it with HORROR! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! How did it get this colour? Why? I’m feeling so distraught. My mandarin is the colour of the bright sun, shining in my face. What am I going to do? My day just got totally ruined! Now I’ll just have to gobble on an extremely unhealthy chocolate bar!

    Author: Candace Wright


    On a sunny morning, I woke up in my sparkling white bed. I looked on my calendar and it was my special friend’s birthday. I asked my mum, if we could make a beautiful red velvet cake for her. My mum did most of the work and I just watched her put it in the oven for about twenty minutes. I start to wonder is the cake going to change colour. The noisy timer went off and I took the cake out, sat it on the bench it smelt delicious. But it was yellow!!!!! I cried, “No”! It changed colour. The cake is ruined.

    Author: ABBY-LEE

  6. During the night, when the stars were shining brightly, I heard gun shots coming from outside. The gun shots woke me up from my beautiful relaxing sleep. After that, I thought it was a bad idea coming here to New York for a holiday. In the morning, I asked my cousin if we could rent a purple Lamborghini. I said purple because the gang members’ car colours are purple and if we have a different colour we could get killed. I was extremely excited to see it. I closed my eyes, and when I opened them I was stunned. But it is yellow.

  7. During the boring afternoon, as I try and get out of my bed, struggling to open my eyes but they’re shut tight like a door being slammed into a wall . The guard yells you’re getting moved my eyes open right away after he said that but why I replied you just are and ask again but it is yellow to he said. When am I getting moved? I don’t have enough time to think because someone yells you’re getting moved now, when I get out I am drugged and knocked out when I wake up I wonder how I got out?

  8. But it was yellow
    On a wonderful sunny day I was feeling hungry so I went to my lunch box in my bag. As I was walking to my bag I could smell a putrid smell that stunk out the whole room. As I looked in my lunch box I was so gobsmacked. I thought my sandwich would be white but it is yellow. I was indignant because I was hungry and my sandwich was as yellow as a lion’s fur. It was all rotten and it made the whole place have a horrible stench. There were a lot of flies around it and it had hair growing out of it.



    During the frosty and foggy morning, as I walk down the huge city of Melbourne, to wait for the right purple train. But it is yellow… I don’t get why it is yellow? I wonder where the purple train is. I feel indignant because this train is not mine and I am late for an interview at a wonderful restaurant. They yell at me like a furious lion roaring for it’s prey. I feel disappointed with happened about the yellow train. I was so confused. Now I didn’t get the job at the amazing, massive restaurant.
    Author By Hayley

  10. …But it is yellow…
    In the early morning, when the cold air was all around, we went to the car and my nose dad was yelling. I asked my nose dad what was wrong and he says” But it is yellow!” I was feeling curious because the car was yellow. The car was as yellow as the sun that was shining. I could smell some stinker spray paint and the rain. Why did they do that to my furious dad’s car? I could smell the dirt all around my dad and me. What happened to my dad’s car over night? Why is my disappointed dad’s car yellow? How did the criminal do that to my dad’s car?

  11. But it is yellow
    I bought a big red dress with lots of yellow spots. When it was delivered I had a long look at it and thought… “But it is yellow with lots of red spots on it. “It is all mixed up so I went back to the shop and bought a dress that was red with yellow spots. I paid for it then I grabbed it and hopped in my fast car and drove off. When I got home I put the dress in a very safe spot.
    Author: Max Simpson

  12. “But it is yellow”
    On a sunny day with a blue sky above, blue waves crash onto the yellow sand. Lots of people can hear lifeguard’s and waves. People and children can smell water and sunscreen. You can see sandcastles, umbrellas towels and more. The water colour is YELLOW. What’s going on here? The water was blue five minutes ago but it is yellow now. I’m angry. People won’t came to my beach and I’ll be out of business “NOOOOOOOOOO”!!!! I scream I don’t want to be out of business.

    By Ethan Hubbard Wicking

  13. On a hot and glorious afternoon, as the crowd cheers, I walk out to the stadium, feeling amazed that there are so many people at this fight. There was people cheering and booing at me and the other boxer. We enter the ring, I thought the ring was going be red, but it is yellow. THE RING WAS YELLOW!!The fight had started, we start to box. I pounce at my competitor and start throwing rapid punches at the boxer. The crowd starts cheering like they have never done before. I throw a right hook and knocked him down to the yellow floor.

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