Tristan’s 100 Word Challenge – …but it is yellow…

It is a freezing, cold winter’s day, when the beautiful robins glide swiftly and thoroughly through the giant and tall pointy trees, dodging the slow falling snowflakes as they rain like stars from heaven. I turn my old rusty car off so I don’t alarm the birds, and they continue their business. I can hear the immense trees rustle as their snow covered leaves fall effortlessly to the soft white snow. I imagined the snow looked like a massive fluffy blanket covering the green grass with winter love. I start to open my car door to look at the snow… but it is yellow… Why?
Author: Tristan Platt

One thought on “Tristan’s 100 Word Challenge – …but it is yellow…

  1. Hi Tristan, I loved your beautifully descriptive writing, what a poetic story you shared with us! I could picture the narrator as a very sensitive person as he thoughtfully turned off his car so as to not frighten the birds… lovely detail, well done! I hope you continue entering the 100 word challenge. Keep up the fantastic work!
    Mrs Pratt (Team 100WC)

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