Chelsea’s 100 Word Challenge – …but it is yellow…

During the windy, wet and cold morning, as heavy rain falls, I sit in my chair thinking of something to do. I watch two raindrops race down the window wondering which one will win. All of a sudden the earth starts to shimmer, Mr Andrew and all my friends begin to pass out. Miss Hoskin screams and tries to wake everybody up, but its no use as we quickly fall to the hard ground I see my grey chair, but it is yellow, everything is yellow.

2 thoughts on “Chelsea’s 100 Word Challenge – …but it is yellow…

  1. Wow! What a brilliant 100 word challenge. I really like how you have described the raindrops as ‘racing’ because it helps the reader picture what is happening in your story.

    You have used some fantastic adverbs and adjectives in your story; well done and I look forward to reading more of your work, Chelsea!

  2. But it is yellow
    During the afternoon, when the sky is black, there is something grisly outside. I am in my house scared and worried. I get my torch and look out my creepy old window. I go outside. It is really dark. I find out my torch is flat. I keep walking and it starts getting light until it’s as light as day. I look up hoping it is all over, when I see the sky. But it is yellow. I thought to myself what happened to the sky.

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