Inquiry: Australian History

Today you will post a comment detailing what parts you still need to complete. This will help you to remember what you have to work on next week.

12 thoughts on “Inquiry: Australian History

  1. Before expo i need to
    get diarama done.
    Fniish headings.
    check checklist to see if its in order
    See if i have printed all of my stuff out and stuck in.

  2. We need to finish our front cover and paste things in our Books. We need to put heading on.
    Steph B & Brielle

  3. I need to finish my front cover for my inquiry book. I also need to finish my numbers and statistics for how many people were on the gold fields.

  4. Jayden- I need to finish my diorama and add more pictures to my inquiry gift and do the expo.

    Earnie- I need to finish my results and conclusion and my diorama.

    Noah- I need to finish diorama and my results and conclusion.

  5. Both: Nedd to finish diarama. Nyalim: Need to finish mind map and front cover. Natasha: Need to finish diarama

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