100 Word Challenge

This week you will have the opportunity to work on your independent writing pieces. Everybody must have completed the four 100 word challenges that we have worked on this term. They are:

  • The hot dog eating contest
  • …finally we can make a start…
  • …but where could I go…
  • …but it is yellow…

Your 100 word challenges must be be descriptive and should include the following:

  • A complex sentence
  • similes
  • snapshots
  • emotive words
  • adjectives & adverbs
  • synonyms

Once you have completed your 100 word challenges they need to be checked by an adult, posted to the blog (on the correct post) and printed out for your writers’ gift folder.

If all four of your 100 word challenges have been completed, you may choose to work on your own independent writing (your own topic & genre) or complete this week’s 100 word challenge. The link to the 100 word challenge is below.


Please ensure you are following the writing process, structure your writing properly and include powerful language.

3 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge


    On a beautiful sunny evening, when the tall trees sway carefully from side to side, hoping for a magnificently vivid robin to calmly land on its thick brown branches, I stand poised in the middle of an ancient French bridge, smelling the amazing aroma of the salty water. I look around in every direction, observing French people and expensive houses everywhere.

    “AHH!” Innocent citizens scream! There was a boy hanging for his life off of the bridge. “I CAN’T HOLD ON FOR MUCH LONGER,” the poor boy exclaims hoping he will survive. How can I save his precious life?

    AUTHOR: Tristan Platt

  2. During the beautiful afternoon, as the sky was as blue as a Sapphire, I effortlessly ran through the bustling crowd who came from everywhere to admire the lovely lake. I was feeling exultant as I ran. There were lots of publics that were slowly walking along the bridge, taking photos of the exquisite view. I was unaware of the end of the bridge because I was too busy listening to my favourite song and ran right off and into the water. I tried to swim strenuously but it was no use no one was going to save me.

  3. 100WC

    During the bright steamy fresh morning, as we finally arrived to France, I could see the bridge. It is wonderful like an ecstatic butterfly that is landing on a beautiful flower; I quickly walk on the massive bridge. Why does the bridge have only one entry? I’m walking back to go to a massive delicious restaurant that has wonderful food. The sun makes the bridge look bright and stand out with all the colours around. But where could I go in France? I’m so lost. Which direction can I go in? I was wondering if I should go back.

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