This week you will have the opportunity to work on your independent writing pieces. Everybody must have completed the four 100 word challenges that we have worked on this term. They are:

  • The hot dog eating contest
  • …finally we can make a start…
  • …but where could I go…
  • …but it is yellow…

Your 100 word challenges must be be descriptive and should include the following:

  • A complex sentence
  • similes
  • snapshots
  • emotive words
  • adjectives & adverbs
  • synonyms

Once you have completed your 100 word challenges they need to be checked by an adult, posted to the blog (on the correct post) and printed out for your writers’ gift folder.

If all four of your 100 word challenges have been completed, you may choose to work on your own independent writing (your own topic & genre) or complete this week’s 100 word challenge. The link to the 100 word challenge is below.

Please ensure you are following the writing process, structure your writing properly and include powerful language.