5/6A Concert 100 Word Challenge

Today you are going to complete a 100 word challenge based on last nights concert. You will be able to write about how you felt, what you heard, what you could see and smell.

Ensure you use lots of powerful language in your writing. Use the anchor charts around the room to help you.

Your prompt is … and then the music started….

5 thoughts on “5/6A Concert 100 Word Challenge

  1. CONCERT 100WC

    In the middle of a cold, wet, springs night, when the small, beautiful birds fly back to their nests to look after their miniature chicks, I slowly start to get frostbite as the temperature drops rapidly by the minute. It was our time to shine, I walked up onto the stage, and making sure the curtains are completely closed, trying not to show the crowd my embarrassing costume. The curtains opened, and then the music started. I smell the fresh buttery scent of the popcorn and the amazing bacon aroma of the pizza. Oh No, I think I have forgot the dance moves! Phew, lucky we have Steph and Carly who are helping us.

    Author: Tristan Platt

    When the bright concert lights shine in my glistening eyes I feel petrified as I look out for my parents in the dark crowd. I’m hoping there might be a chance I will find them amongst the hundreds of people. Their eyes are all looking at me. I immediately stop dancing because I am so embarrassed that the spot light is just on my face and no one else’s. I run off the massive stage and bolt back to the class room to hide. I stay there until the dance is over. When the teacher comes back I think I will be in big trouble.
    By Max Simpson.

  3. Concert 100 Word Challenge

    As the massive curtains open, I am feeling so nervous like I am about to perform in front of thousands of people. Lots of people in the crowd just stare at me and my class mates, and then the loud music starts. I was so scared, I thought I was going to fail big time. I can smell the delicious food such as donuts, pizza and popcorn. It smells like as though I am in very fancy and nice restaurant and then the music ends. The crowd starts clapping, and I smile and laugh. The curtains suddenly close.

    Author: Alana

  4. It’s silent and then the music starts we start to do our dance moves, I feel nervous like someone watched. All of the seats are full of people the lights shine like a sun in each one that is able to change colours instead of staying yellow they can change to purple, blue and red. We keep on dancing I wonder if anyone has mucked up their moves I start to her the crowd laugh but I’m guessing that’s because we have to do some silly dance moves, we have finished our dance and hope we haven’t done anyone of the dance moves wrong YES!!

    During the pitch black dark, as the shining stars are twinkling in the midnight sky, we are patiently waiting to dance on the massive stage. Our grade finally get called up to go and get ready behind the huge curtain. We are up on stage ready and then the music started. I was petrified. I didn’t know what to do. There were thousands of people staring so we began our dance in front of the huge crowd. The amazing smell of the delicious pizza is floating through the air. I wonder if they enjoyed it?
    By Hayley

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