100 Word Challenge 14/10/2014

This week you will follow the writing process to complete a 100 word challenge.

The prompt this week is:

…as I looked around…

Make sure you use the prompt as it is written. Take care to make sure it is your best work with lots of creative vocabulary. Use powerful language such as:

  • Synonyms
  • Adjectives
  • Complex sentences
  • Emotive language
  • Tier 2 words
  • Snaphots > senses

Always read through your writing so that it says what you want it to. You have 104 words altogether so make sure you use them!


One thought on “100 Word Challenge 14/10/2014

  1. It was a scorching hot summer’s day, when the beautiful yellow sun beams shone through the fluffy clouds, making it look as though we were in heaven. The bus suddenly stopped in the middle of nowhere and the arrogant bus driver kicked me out for no particular reason. Annoyed I stood in the middle of the gold sandy desert. It had felt like I was a boiling hot potato that had been baked in the oven at 300 degrees. As I looked around, the ginormous black vulture’s squawked as if they had eaten rats infested with rabies. I wondered to myself, what could I do to escape this burning desert?

    Author: Tristan Platt

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