Ordering Negative & Positive Numbers – Number Balls 8/10/2014

Click on the link below to play number balls. During this game you will need order the negative and positive numbers from smallest to lowest. Once you have completed the game you will get a score.


15 thoughts on “Ordering Negative & Positive Numbers – Number Balls 8/10/2014

      1. I know that positive and negative numbers mean that the postive is higher than 0 and the negative is bellow 0 when you get to the negatives -90 would be smaller than -23

  1. I really liked this game… really logical but the buzzer can get annoying.
    Scores: 9200, 6618, 4876

  2. 1-4800

    I know now that if it is a positive number its smallest to largest and if it is a negitive number is largest to smallest when I am ordering them.

  3. It was sort of difficult, when you are looking, desperately trying to find the largest negative number. And the spinning of the numbers don’t help!
    Negative numbers have as minus sign before the numerals.
    Positive numbers don’t have a minus sign.

  4. 1.45667
    5.12 987

    I know now that if it is a positive number its smallest to largest and if it is a negitive number is largest to smallest

    1: 12,428
    2: 13,634
    3: 14,958
    4: 11,243
    5: 14,826

    Reflection: Before learning about this task with the grade, I was already very confident on ordering Negative and Positive numbers, so this game was easy for me. I still thought the Number Balls game was very fun though.

  6. 1st- 800
    2nd- -100
    3rd- 8200
    4th- 9880
    5th- 10360
    I really like this game, I started to get dizzy with all the balls going round and round. I learnt the biggest negititve number is the smallest number example: -98 is smaller than -12.

  7. game 1 5,200
    game 2 3,200
    game 3 11,250
    game 4 8.800
    game 5 12,200

    It was a good game to learn your negitives and positives and you had to put in from highjest to smallest in negitives and in positives smallest to highest.

  8. Game 1 = -6,800 level 8
    Game 2 = 11,200 level 8
    Game 3 = -3,800 level 8
    Game 4 = 9,200 level 8
    Game 5 = 5,200 level 8

    What I know is that negetive numbers start with a one and it works its way to get bigger.
    Positive numbers dont have to have a plus sign in front of it but negetive numbers do need a minus sign, so we can tell it apart from positive numbers.
    Negetive numbers are behind the zero and positive numbers are in front of the zero.
    When we are ordering the numbers we have to look at which is the biggest negetive number.

  9. When I played this game my score for game 1 was 1300, game 2 was 11,991 which was my highest score, game 3 was 7200, game 4 was 4300 and game 5 was 8200.

    I learned that a Negative number is below 0 and a Positive number is above 15. I already know how to order Negative and Positive numbers. I learned that ordering numbers start from the largest negative number to the largest positive number.

  10. 1st. -1104
    3rd.- 1452
    4th. -11312
    6th.- 7920
    7th.- 9374
    I loved this game, It was a little bit hard.
    I learnt that the high negitive numbers go from higher to lower and positive go from lower to higher

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