Reading – OWI 6/10/2014

Today you will be working on an OWI.

O = Key Observations

W = Wondering > thick questions

I – Inferences with evidence

Use the link below to complete an OWI. Ensure you track your thinking by writing down the key observations that you’ll use to ask your questions and infer from.


One thought on “Reading – OWI 6/10/2014

  1. Describe your favourite activity at camp.
    My favourite activity would have to be the giant swing because when you go up most people say it is scary. It isn’t scary if you aren’t scared of heights. It is really fun when you have to pull the string because you belly drops so much and you are like wow when you fall. Some people in my group said they weren’t going to go up there at all but when they did they went to the top twice.

    Explain and describe the most challenging task at camp.
    The most challenging task for me would have to be the archery because i miss all of my shots except for 2 which was a red and a white but they weren’t that good of a shot ether that is why I think archery is hard for me.

    Explain the importance of safety at the Coonawarra Camp.
    They really like the people and kids that come to coonawarra because if something goes wrong it is there fault because the people who get hurt are on thee property.

    Describe your favourite meal at the camp.
    My favourite meal would be the fish and chips and salad because it is one of my favourite meals to eat.

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