Week 4 Homework – measurement

Mr Price's Classroom

Good Morning or Evening Everyone (depending upon when you’re reading the blog)!!!

It’s time to go hunting….

For this hunt you’ll need to be equipped with something to measure with and you may need some help with things you are hunting for.

During this measurment hunt you need to find the length of:

1. Yourself

2. A parent

3. A Sibling (brother or sister) if you have one.

4. A friend

5. Your bed

6. Your Television


7. Your dinner table

You need to find the length of each item and write it in cms and then CONVERT IT to metres.

Good luck on your hunt!!!

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7 thoughts on “Week 4 Homework – measurement

  1. 1.Myself:157.48cm=1.57m

    2.Dad:167.64 centimetres=1.67m

    3:Brother:182.88 centimetres=1.82m

    4:Ben T: 165cm centimetres=1.65m

    5:Bed:187.96 centimetres=1.87 Length
    96.52 centimetres=0.96m Width

    6:Tv:127 centimetres=1.27m Length
    63.5 centimetres=0.63m Width

    7:Dining Table:208.28 centimetres=2.08m Length
    101.6 centimetres=1.01m Width

  2. 1. Me- 5 foot 1, 155cm, 1 metre 55cm- width

    2. Shani- 5 foot 3 1/2, 161 and a 1/2cm, I metre 59cm-width

    3. Mum- 5 foot 6, 168cm, I metre 68cm- width

    4. Olivia.S- 5 foot 1, 150cm, I metre 50cm- width

    5- TV- 2 foot, 30cm, 0 metres- width

    6- Bed- 6 foot 8, 75cm, 0 metres- width

    7- Dinner table- 7 foot, 85cm, 0 metres- width

  3. 1. Myself:. 157cm 1.57m
    2. A parent 198cm 1.97m
    3. A Sibling 197cm 1.97m
    4. A Friend 165cm 1.65m
    5 Your Bed 2m L 1m W
    6 Your Television 15inch
    7. Your dinner table 2m L 1.50 W

  4. 1. Yourself 161.5cm: 1.65m
    2. A parent 173.5cm: 1.73m
    3. A Sibling-brother 159.5cm: 1.59m
    4. A friend 145cm: 1.45m
    5. Your bed 205.5cm: 2.05m
    6. Your Television 99cm: 0.99m
    7. Your dinner table 125cm: 1.25m

  5. 1. Yourself
    4 foot 9

    2. A parent
    Thiongs dad 6 foot 2

    3. A Sibling (brother or sister) if you have one.
    Anyieth 3 foot 6

    4. A friend
    Manyang 4 foot 11

    5. Your bed
    2 meters

  6. myself- 149cm
    sister- Londi-117cm
    friend- Michael 100cm
    bed- 190cm
    t.v height 49cm width 79cm
    table length 180 width105cm

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