Biography Examples

A biography is an information report based on a person. This week you will begin a biography by working through the writing process. Everyone will choose a famous Australian to unpack a seed. When unpacking a seed think of the following:

– Who is the person?
– History (early life)
– Occupation (what they do and their strengths)
– Achievements
– Future (what the person might want to achieve in the future) or death (when & how they died and what they will be remembered for).

Below are two examples of biographies that were written in 5/6A last year. Read them and look at their structure.

KATY PERRY biography example

Ned Kelly biography example

3 thoughts on “Biography Examples

  1. Mark Schwarzer is Australia’s most famous goal keeper who came from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

    Mark Schwarzer is a fit 42 year old man who was born on the 6th/10th/1972. He weighs roughly 95kg and is approximately 1.94 metres tall. Every year Mark earns a whopping amount of 2.34 million dollars for playing good games of soccer. Mark has two children and a wife. His wife’s name is Paloma Schwarzer and his kid’s names are Amaya and Julian Schwarzer. He is a right foot kick and his team current kit number is 23. The current teams he is playing for are Chelsea FC and the Australian Socceroos.

    Like many other sport stars, Mark has a migrant background. The Schwarzer family are originally from Germany. As a kid, Mark’s first soccer team he played for were Colo under sevens. At the age of fifteen, Mark joined the Macaroni-Fairfield club and four years later played for the seniors.

    Mark Schwarzer is a professional goalkeeper who plays for Chelsea FC in the EPL. He has also played for Fulham, Middlesbro, Bradford, Kaiserslautern and Dyn Dresden. A goalkeeper is a player in hockey or soccer whose special role is to stop the ball from entering the goals.

    An incredible achievement for Mark Schwarzer is being Australian and getting drafted to an English team. Also, in 1992-1993, Mark won goalkeeper of the year and won the national soccer league championship. Mark has played in a ginormous amount of 508 premier league games. He has appeared in the world cup 109 times and is soon going to retire.

    Mark Schwarzer is very good at penalty saving and excellent with his concentration. But, he is not the best at long passing to his team mates.
    In the future Mark Schwarzer wants to be the best goalkeeper ever known to soccer. He will be remembered as Australia’s best ever goalkeeper and is close to retirement.

    Author: Tristan


    Bianca Lee Chatfiled is a netball Australian player. Bianca Lee Chatfiled started netball down on the Mornington Peninsula when she was 11 years old. Since then she has become one of the best netballers and leaders to represent her state and country. She was born 2 of April 1992 and plays in the positions of GK and GD. In 2001, Bianca was selected for the Australian team as an 18 years old and was one of the youngest ever netballers to play for her team.

    “When Bianca look forward to the 2015 Netball World Cup I realised that a lot of hard work has happen and I just don’t think that Bianca can give any more to the Diamonds. “Bianca loved every moment, there have been so many challenges and amazing time along the way, but the team comes first and Bianca want the Diamonds to head into the World Cup with the best prepared players, “she said.

    In 2008 Bianca was appointed vice-captain of the Melbourne Vixens and was made co-captain the following year, with the Melbourne Vixens winning theANZ Championship in 2009. See was a member of the silver medal-winning team at the 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne. Her first international duties were for the Australian U21 Team against Jamaica in the Caribbean. She made her Australian Diamonds debut as an 18 years old in 2001, one of the youngest ever players to represent her country. Her elite career became evident when she was part of the Commonwealth Bank Trophy premiership-winning team, the Melbourne Phoenix in 2000 at the age of 18. She also won premierships with the Melbourne Phoenix in 2002, 2003 and 2005; she was co-captain of the club. She currently captains and plays with the Melbourne Vixens in the ANZ Championship. Director/ Owner Pivot.

    Bianca Lee Chatfields dream has always been to be a fantastic athlete. She has tried to be a highlight player and also lead by example, to educate and instil in the young ones the virtues and behaviour that will do credit to themselves and the sport for years to come and was a member of the silver medal-winning team at the 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne. Also is a current world champion, revere assenting Australia at the 2007 netball world championship in New Zealand. She is co-captain of the Melbourne Vixens, who won the ANZA championship. Bianca was selected for the Australian team to play in the three-nation test series against England and New Zealand in England. Bianca pay sin the positions of GK and GD. She was the youngest ever netballer to play more then 100 games in the Commonwealth Bank Trophy. Bianca chatfield started playing netball at the age of 11, and since the has represented Victoria at the National Netball Championships. Bianca Lee chatfield wanted to be a famous netballer when she was young. Her dream was to be a champion netballer and represent her country. Though hard work she made her dream come true.


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