Homework Week 8 – 100 Word Challenge

For homework this week you will need to write a descriptive 100 word challenge.

The prompt is:

… as it shivered, they…

Think about what shivered… and who are they?

You need to think carefully about this prompt and write it in the right person and tense! Ensure your writing is very descriptive and use lots of adjectives, synonyms, tier 2 words, emotive words, similes and maybe a complex sentence.

14 thoughts on “Homework Week 8 – 100 Word Challenge

  1. During though the pich bark gray clouds, as it shaked the trees by moving strongly around that looks like a terrible furous storm. As it shivered, they run inside like an elephant getting chased by an lion to try and get ascape. As the sky starts to clear up and brief out the bright sunny sun as we an go out and play before and cross weather. I feel zealous because I want to go and have a fantastic time to play but the treachery tricked me and my friends that the was no bad weather but it is. I wondered how cold it would be?

  2. In the death of winter it was a bitterly cold night. The wild ones howled up at the full midnight moon, all creatures except for 3 little naughty minions. Tonight, every living thing on earth was supposed to howl to the moon so that the moon wouldn’t explode! But the minions didn’t know that so they didn’t. As they shivered they noticed there was a horrible noise, BANG!! POW!! Doing bad things was their occupation so they sang: These are the days we’ve been waiting for,
    And days like these who couldn’t ask for more,
    Keep them coming
    Cause we’re not done yet,
    These are the days we won’t regret,
    These are the days we won’t forget!!!

  3. In the cold gollemy night when the full moon was out. The vishes wolf gather around to and the leader of the wolf pack got some goarges food to eat for diner. They left some left overs fro when they nexus gollemy full moon cums. Latter that night the gather arounde the Berning Fire to disaid who getting the food and who’s and who going to distract the pray so they person could Atack an the pray would be gobsmacked and we would have are glodes food to are selfs. In the dark they can’t see a ugly wolf faces but in the day they can.

  4. I was with my best friends today and then, we were jogging threw the soft wind then as it shivered, they ran (my best friends) we could he weird noises, we were so petrified. We stepped and my friend got stuck in a trap, her foot was pouring out with blood, we called an ambulance, she was brutally injured, then the ambulance said we are sorry but your friend has to get a surgery and get her foot removed to a silver one because she had a disease, then after that we never walked threw that part ever again.

  5. It was a bright beautiful day, when the aqua sky glides horizontally across untill the moon ends it’s job. I found a bird which seemed dead to me but it twitched. Me and my friends were creeped out. As it shivered, they stepped back and sighed. It stood up but it eyes weren’t open.

  6. The pitch black sky made the stars shine bright as I walk home I can see something in the distance as it shivered they could see me I turn the other way and make a run for it the brown and black dogs keep on following me I don’t know what to do I can hear them breathing they must be right behind me. They bark at me but I still keep on running I end up in an ally where I’m trapped I try to get over the wall but I can’t the dogs close in on me HELP.

  7. It was the middle of the night and we were walking back from a friend’s house in the pitch black darkness. We had a torch to see the way so we wouldn’t fall on the bumpy gravel road that led back to my house. On the way, we saw a little rabbit on the side of the road. He was all fluffy and plump. We tried to pick it up but it bit us and hopped away. We watched as it shivered profusely. Then it ran and faded away in the misty dark night that was the last time I would be holding a bunny .

  8. as it shivered, they all started to make a big circle around me and then I have a look around and all I see is pitch black and then I notice a big tree and say how did I end up in the forest and said I must be dreaming so I pinch my self and wake up and say that was a big nightmare and go bake to sleep.

  9. … as it shivered, they circled around the mysterious creature it was tiny, a tiny lizard, it seemed like a big deal though my little brother he’s only 1 and his first word was run, as soon as he saw that micro lizard it’s probably nothing, as I step away to go for a Maccas run, the lizard pokes its slimy twinge out and pets out a terrorising Hiss I pick up my brother and tell my sister to follow me to Maccas, we should be safe there, the lizard follows us and let’s out another hiss, we walk faster and as soon as we know it were running to the plaza to get to Maccas the lizard seemed to transform into a boy about the same age as my little brother, he was running though really fast…

  10. … as it shivered, they…

    In the dark cold night i heard something coming from the kitchen when I got out of my blanket I saw something at that time I was really scared because I started hearing strange noses as I look it was only my sister getting a midnight snack. The I started hearing something like cat noise coming from outside I went to investigate I saw at cat. When I was in my room I heard something shivering and as it shivered, they.

  11. As I start walking down this amazing long cave it was starting to get darker by the seconded I turned my tiny torch on to see if it might help me it didn’t really help until I got to this two way parth one way was to a spooky party and the other way well nobody now what’s down there I took a guess and went down the right parth and it went into this some tips cave I wanted to check it out so I stade and then seen a lot of fluffy animal as it shivered, they turned around…

  12. … As it shivered, they… I was walking along the park as I saw a long skinny thing I looked at It and it was shivering everyone looked at it I looked at it with fear and sadness I wonder will it be okay. I have nothing to give it I have nothing all I have is a blanket I rip it up and I make it into a nice long warm blanket once I put it on the animal the animal stops I look at its face and it looks back at me with happiness.

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