For those students in 5/6A who need an extra writing challenge, below is a new 100 Word Challenge. You will need to make this piece of writing your most descriptive piece of the year. Use lots of adjectives, snapshots, emotive words, synonyms, complex sentences and tier two words.

This week we have a photograph for the prompt. It was taken by Pam O’Brien on Inis Oirr on the Aran Islands off the west coast of Ireland.

Really be as creative as you can and try to use all 100 words.

2 thoughts on “100 WORD CHALLENGE

  1. Tristan Platt Rusty Boat Thing

    It was a cold winters morning, where the waves crashed against the rocks, as if they were having their own little war. I stumbled upon a little map in in bin of a take away store. It seemed as if the signature,in the top left hand corner said Blackbeard. I gasped with excitement. The map had a little Red Cross on it. I remembered that X marks the spot. It appeared to be on a beach nearby by no one ever dared to step foot on that beach. Apparently there were walking skeletons that woke from their graves as soon as the big hand on a clock struck midnight. I rapidly put the delicate map in my bag and rushed home on my brand new bike. After dinner I went to bed early, even though I actually wasn’t going to bed, and put some warm clothes on. I snuck out the window and bolted to the beach. I forgot to check the time when I left but hopefully it isn’t near midnight. I arrived at the beach, I had never been there before, but there sat a 1,000 tonne ship. I ran not the ship and there was a pirates treasure chest in front of a coffin. There was a clock in the corner of the boat and I could just see it. I quickly smashed the lock on the chest and there was 100 bars of gold. I looked at the clock and it had just hit midnight. DING DONG, went a random bell. I heard a slight creak of the coffin in front of me.

  2. The Damn Best thing

    I was walking along the 9 mile beach when I noticed it a big tall scary antiqueish ship, the shadow of the rusty ship cast along a long perimeter along the branches of trees in the car park, as I walk along I hear the sad crunch against my feet I scream and run onto the eerie ship as I get to the top there is a man with a microphone yelling “THIS IS THE NEXT BEST DAMN THING” I dont even know how I didnt hear him from the ground, Its a play ship.

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